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Thursday, October 29, 2009

NEWS: Thrill The World Breaks Record


Thrill The World, which was started in 2006 by a Canadian dance instructor, Ines Markeljevic, has an accomplishment to be proud of-- and likely the beginning of a new annual event. People performing Michael's dance to Thriller at the same time around the world!

In 2008, 4,179 people attempted the record.

In 2009, 22,923 in 32 countries at 278 events. The event also serves as a fundraiser for charities. This year they raised $85,000 for 80 charities.


Get ready for next year. Mark your calendars now! You will want to be a part of breaking this year's record. Get the info here.

NEWS: Flash Mob Janet in LA

Do you live in Los Angeles or Will You Be There on November 14th? Plan to attend a Flash Mob to celebrate Janet Jackson's Number Ones. Get details from her site here.

VIDEO: Ellen has TII dancers

Exclusive video from Ellen DeGeneres' show today. Incredible!

Love to Tavis Payne and all the TII dancers!

Yesterday, Oprah interviewed Jackie and Tito Jackson. She also gave a glowing review of TII.

BREAKING NEWS: NO DVD for Christmas!

This story is not new, since the rules were discussed some weeks back.

What IS new is Sony's public report of it. What is "it"?

NO This is it DVD before Christmas! The movie theatres are raising a fit and refuse to allow an exception! This is it is scheduled for 2 weeks only.
Pic Source

MJ Fans-- How many times are you seeing the movie in theatres to support Michael? Post below.

Then write how many DVDs you are going to purchase as gifts.

Update: According to this report, the DVD is scheduled for release on January 20th-- which is still after Christmas.

FANS: White Glove Watch

This is a very sentimental and creative piece. Read the article to understand the creator's vision.

Two snaps.

For your viewing pleasure

Way to capitalize!

A chain of movie theatres in Texas have made up new (alcoholic) drinks you can enjoy while spectating a movie... and just in time to coincide with the release of This is it. Wonder what they taste like?

NEWS: Movie on way to break records

According to this Rolling Stones article, This is it might just set records.

And Michael fans will prove them right!

Keep seeing the movie everyone!

If you need a reminder of what Michael has provided our universe, here is TIME magazine's tribute to Michael.

NEWS: 3rd on Forbes' Delebs' list

Only 4 months since his death, and before the release of his documentary, Michael has soared to #3 on a list we'd never wish him on: The top grossing deceased celebrities.

Fans, keep it up and make him #1 for next year!

NEWS: Oscar Worthy?

Not only has This is It grossed 20.1 million in the first full day of release, but there's talk of possible Hollywood awards.

Oh please please, yes please!

NEWS: Autopsy picture leaked?

Has Jackson's Autopsy Photo Been Leaked?

Read this article by the Daily Beast's Gerald Posner. Very interesting read.

This is it Merchandise

Here is the official site to purchase T-shirts and movie programs from Michael's This is It movie.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is It Red Carpet Streamed LIVE

Click here to watch the Red Carpet LIVE on Ustream.

Click here to watch it streamed Live from Michael's official website with Sony.

Hope this works.

Miko Brando and Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Two of Michael's dearest friends, Miko Brnado, the son of late Marlon Brando, and uber actress Dame Elizabeth Taylor, have shared some of their thoughts after seeing Michael's movie, This is it.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor on Twitter

Miko Brando on Larry King Live's blog


PS. Be sure to see "This is it" with everyone you know. See it multiple times so the attendance can break records! ... For Michael.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Update: Thrill The World 2009

In 2008, 4,179 people attempted the Guinness Book Record for the most people simutaneously doing Michael's Thriller Dance. Here's a clip of all the locations in one video from 2008. Last year, Michael watched the Los Angeles event from a heliocopter.

2009--the first year without Michael. Will the record be broken? There are 349 official locations who registered with a goal of 207,000 participants. Articles below: "Before" means articles written before the event, and "After" is to report the event itself.
**Reports vary from an estimated 20,000 to 23,000 participated!!

Another aspect of this event, is to raise money for charities. Possibly the Thrill the World officials will be able to tally a total figure donated in Michael's name.

This wlll be updated often!

DISCLAIMER: The numbers given below are based on media and video accounts. This is not an official accounting or compelation.

United States

Bay Area/Northern
Alameda Before Video
Chico Video 200
Marin Before
Oakland Before Video 162
Salinas Before Video
San Jose Before
Santa Cruz Before Another Before Picture
Sausilito Video 62
Yuba City Before After Video
Vallejo Before
Los Angeles Before Video-Nokia A&E Video 3000-6000*
South Bay Before Video
Orange County
Anaheim After 234
(?City) Video 230
San Diego After-FoxNews Video 203

Boulder After/Video
Colorado Springs After 100
Denver Video
Gunnison Video

Jacksonville Before
Miami Before Another Before
North Port Video 62
Ocala Video
Tampa Before After Abt 200**
St Petersburg After Video-Eckerd College 400** Another After
**note: will double check St. Pete/Tampa figures with more reports.

Honolulu Ala Moana Video

Chicago After 170 Video Latham
Gurnee (Six Flags)
Schamberg Video

Bloomington Before After Video 41

Whitesburg Video

Lewinston After No Info Given
Gray Video

Baltimore Before After
Frederick Before
Leonardtown Before
Mt Rainer Video 87
Oakland Video 157

Needham Video 58

Flint Before
Lansing Video
Mount Pleasant Video

Minneapolis Before

Kansas City Cancelled
St Louis Before After 622

Great Falls After Another After No count given

New Jersey
Newton-St Joesphs Video

New Mexico
Albequerque Video

New York
(Albany cancelled?)
Queens Before

North Carolina
Goldsboro Video

Yellow Springs Before Another Before

Portland Video
Salem Video

Belle Vernon Before
Bethelehem Township Before
Philedelphia Before Video 51
Pittsburg Video

Gatlinburg Video
Knoxville After 63 Video 84
Seymour After

Austin Before Video
Dallas/Ft Worth Before After Video 300
San Antonio Video-Six Flags

Bennington Moved

Mill Creek Video Video for Oprah 39
Mt Rainier After
Mount Vernon Video
Redmond Video
Seattle Before Video-careful of audio on this one. LOL

Milwaulkee Before
Baraboo After

Univ. of Wyoming Video

Outside United States

Palermo After 400

Burgenland Video

Australia Before
Brisbane After 150
Perth Video 419
Sydney-Luna Video

Calgary Before
Edmonton/Alberta Video
Kenowa After 75
Montreal Practice
Vancouver 230
Ontario Video Video-Cornwall
Toronto Before Video
Ottawa Video

Bejing Video
Guiyang-Guizhou Video (GREAT JOB!)
Nanchang Jiangxi Video
Xian Shaanxi Video
Lanzhou Video 33

Derby Video 80
Liverpool Before
Somerset, Yeovil Before

Helsinki Video 89

Gourin After Video 700
Rennes Before

Kuala Lumpur Video

Mexico Video

Leiden Video

St Catharine's After 92
Ankara Bilkent Video 27

Miscellaneous Articles:

Estimated 20,000 set record according to Fox
Six Flags across US and Mexico to join Thrill The World 2009
Blog Misc Links for video After
E! Online
AFP Report-After
Six Flags joined Thrill the World After

Friday, October 23, 2009

NEWS: Another Michael Warhol to be auctioned

Another Michael Jackson portrait done by acclaimed artist Andy Warhol, will go on the auction block in November.

Read about it here by the Associated Press.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thriller Guinness Record --You can participate THIS WEEKEND!


Thrill The World, will attempt to break a Guinness World record for the most people at the same time AROUND THE WORLD doing the dance from Michael's Thriller video.

You can read about it here.

You can find out how to participate no matter where you live here.
Main Website
World Time Chart
City Event Listing
Dance Videos

Also friend them here:
ThrillTheWorld Official Facebook
ThrillTheWorld Official MySpace
ThrillTheWorld Official Twitter

Please, this is the year to break the record. Please participate!

Previous story here



It was a nice tribute to Michael, a little out of sync but still really touching. Notice who is standing next to LaToya at the very end of the clip.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

UPDATE: Scooby-Roo

If you heard about the story of Michael's children trying to raise money for this cute little abdandoned dog, here is some heartwarming video of the little angel.

Here is a response I received after asking FuzzyRescue the status of Scooby-Roo:
CaliMJFan - Fuzzy Rescue has been able to raise money for his first set of wheels and rehab. We are actively raising money for his future carts and therapy sessions. Any excess funds will go directly to his FUND to help spay and neuter dogs and cats in need. Please help us spread the word. In saving lives every penny counts!

Click here for the original story with update.

Click here to leave a comment and rate on their YouTube page.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NEWS: Michael needs your votes at the AMA!

The American Music Awards (AMA) announced the nominees for this year's awards. Michael has been nominated in 5 categories and there is something you can do to help him win-- VOTE!

Please go to ABC's AMA vote page, VOTE, then pass this link on to everyone you know. Not sure when the voting closes so be sure to vote early!

The show will air live on November 22nd.

The categories Michael has been nominated in:

Favorite Male Artist
Favorite Album

Favorite Male Artist
Favorite Album


VOTE! Make HIStory!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

NEWS: MJ's children have his heart

This is a touching story and will be interesting to see the amount raised after this story broke yesterday. Prince and Paris are about to learn the importance of their voices to help others.

Read about it here.
Donate here if you are inclined.

Michael would be so proud.

Updated Oct 18th:

NEWS: New MJ song to be released Monday

Source: AP

Go to Michael's official site to get more details and purchase the song and the special CD.