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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

INDUCTION: National Museum of Dance & Hall of Fame

Have any plans August 14, 2010?  Will you be in the New York area?  Why not reserve your tickets now to be at a Gala being held at the National Museum of Dance, where you can witness first-hand Michael Jackson ('s legacy) being inducted into the National Dance Hall of Fame.


Here is their website, cued up for the event-- (in the middle).  Please be sure to check it out and get your tickets NOW!

More on this in the coming days... be sure to stay tuned.  You won't want to miss it.  That's a guarantee!

Much L.O.V.E.

REPost: IACOP Pets with Owners!!!

Original post date June 23, 2010.  RE-posted June 27th.  With owners:  June 30th.

Ok, I have never laughed so hard in my life as I did with not only some of the pictures of your pets, but what you wrote me.  OMG!  You all are crazy funny!

Even though some of you may know the answers because I am more than a little late on posting these, shhh for those of us who don't know.

Can you guess what pets belong to what blog members here?  Ohhh, I think you might be a little surprised at some of them!

Give your answers below in comments.  Remember, to view larger- just click the picture.
Susanna's kitty Brad
Volos' Octo-Opus - ROFLMAO!

Trash news for Wednesday

As if we don't need enough trash talk, here's a new statement from someone who alleges Chris' crying was part of a plan-- See On The Red Carpet's piece here.

The Globe has a crap piece in their trash rags on stands at a grocery store near you, which says MJ's body was stolen by graverobbers.  Here's a link to a summary online, but you can only read about it in their magazine.  I think this is beyond ridiculous!  Please be sure to leave a comment on their site.  I sent one already, but it must be approved by the moderator.  Damn chickens!

Larry King's announcement


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OPUS: Update

I have a few more people to add to my list of updates to Kraken Opus UK.  I also have a few responses to email out (a little behind, sorry). 

If you still have not emailed me about not receiving your MJ Opus from Ticketmaster/Kraken Opus (Opus Media Group, Ltd, et al) please do so today!

Much L.O.V.E.

Monday, June 28, 2010

VIDEO: Chris Brown's Tribute to MJ at BET Awards 2010

Let's see how long this link stays active. It appears Viacom, Inc (who owns BET) is pulling all videos as soon as they go up.  So watch it FAST!  Chris did one of the best jobs I've seen so far of tributes.  Thank you Chris Brown.

(pulled from YouTube) Source/thru TMZ

Well fiddly dee-- Viacom already pulled this one too!  Ugh!  Here's a link to TMZ' 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

BET Awards: Cali Swag

Watching the pre-show for BET Awards, where Chris Brown is reported to be set up for a MJ Tribute (whoopsie TMZ, that wasn't for the unofficial Memorial..but for BET). 

Anyway, flipped the chanel just in time to hear everyone celebrating me-- with Cali Swag.  LMAO  Ok, I did have to rewind the live play to make sure I wasn't losing my marbles-- And thankfully, at least for this, I wasn't.  There's a group called Cali Swag District who can be found here on MySpace.  Check 'em out!

Great job guys!  You couldn't have picked a better name... Cali Swag!

Best of luck in your future career!

Much L.O.V.E.

Shaq remembers MJ

This was so awesome Shaq!  Thank you for sharing your memories about MJ.

Read the Newsweek article here.

Btw... how many does Shaq's bed hold?  OMG!

Julien's Auction results

In case you're interested in the list (no pictures) of how much things sold for Friday, June 25th at the Julien's Auction held in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood, go here and scroll down till you see a mass of MJ things.  There are some J5 items in the list beginning line #326, and MJ's begins at around line #376 through #564e (but some MJ things mixed between 326 & 376). 

Other music icon items of note were:

Prince items begin #51 thru #68
Elvis Presley begins line #200 thru #325 (nice tie-in Julien's... cough)

PRESS RELEASE: Leonard Rowe's new book

Email your questions to me at and I will present them to be answered.  If anyone is interested, I can arrange to interview Mr. Rowe or his press people.  (My preference however is to ask your questions via email and post them.)

New Michael Jackson Book by Legendary Concert Promoter Leonard Rowe Published to eBook by FastPencil

"What Really Happened to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop: The Evil Side of the Entertainment Industry" Chronicles Unseemly Circumstances Around Michael Jackson’s Death

MJ Stories not posted since Friday

First, please go to here (special page) to share your tribute first.  Regardless of what you think of Sony, they are an official mouthpiece, I mean website, for MJ.  The more we show how many MJ fans are out there, without spending a penny, the better our chances are showing them how strong our voices can be.  Don't be silent.  We need to show the world MJ's fanbase is the mightiest of them all!  For Michael, with L.O.V.E.

Also, don't forget BET Awards is tonight!  Check local listings and be sure to vote for MJ's TII here  
Awards to be presented:  Prince will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award and John Legend the Humanitarian Award. Among others, Usher will be performing.

Then read some of the articles posted on/since Friday below.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Remembering Michael around the world UPDATED June 26

This thread will contain links to the memorials being held around the world today, so please check back often for updates. If you have information, links or photos you would like posted here, please email them to me or post in the comments on this thread.

Thank you A.G. for the idea. 

Leave your memories on Sony's special Tribute page here.

(ET Online) Forest Lawn  Thanks again PattiAnn!
(TMZ) From FL and Encino locations
(TMZ) From Gary

MJ Tribute Music Slacker DJs (Thank you Anders!)
I tried to embed this but it's not recognizing this blog.. will keep trying. In the meantime, click here to listen to it from the web or smartphone.

Thank you @Russia (the angel of my heart) for sharing your pictures that you took today at the American Consolate in St. Petersburg.  I will definitely look for your bouquet of lillies and roses.

Two posters: The first from (republic of) Georgia, and the second from Argentina with many thanks to A.G.  (my little scholar and our little cutie!) 

I'm torn on publishing today--part of me wants this blog to remain silent, but there are and will be breaking stories today, such as Memorial and Anniversary live shots from Forest Lawn and other locations; TV Specials and then there is news like this, courtesy of TMZ.

So please check this thread for newsworthy stories that might not wait until tomorrow. There will be another thread above this for all Memorial/Anniversary related footage, and links to sites that will be Live Streaming from FL and other locations.

A Dedication from Lulu

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MJ's celeb friends- Will you be there... with flowers?

Words are wonderful, especially when this Friday words will be one of the few things left we have to hang on when we join together around the world to celebrate Michael Jackson's life, and continue to grieve his death, filling our empty hearts with memories of the grace he tried to change the world.

For months, MJ fans have been coordinating from every corner of the globe, one flower at a time, to show our love of Michael and condolences to his family this Friday. 

Celeb friends-- could you please help us?  Please call your florists and arrange bouquets-- as large as you can-- to be sent to Holly Terrace at Forrest Lawn this Friday.  The world's cameras will be upon this site to see what a year gone by has done to our collective memories.

Please show the world, the nay-sayers, that Michael IS special.  Is Loved.  Is Remembered by more than just his legions of fans, but by his peers and people who called him friend. 

Thank you!

One Rose for Michael- June 25th

There are many people coordinating flowers being sent to Michael on Friday, but two this blog has primarily focused on.  One is and the other has been One Rose for MichaelYou can still purchase flowers from the Sunflower site in order to have them delivered Friday.  Here is the latest donor list from One Rose for Michael-- and after taking a quick pass through, I see many

TMZ LIVE on Friday-- All Michael talk

Haven't caught a TMZ Live in several weeks and managed to catch it today. Harvey mentioned at the end of the feed, Friday will be dedicated to questions all about Michael, including how TMZ was the first to report Michael had died--long before all the other networks did.

TMZ Live airs online at at 1:30 PM PDT (this isn't their TV show). They usually also post each of the day's TMZ Live online videos on their site hours after it has run. So you should be able to see it if you're not awake when it airs in the US.  Here is today's video

About an hour before (12:30pm PDT), they put up a thread where you can submit all your questions-- so be sure to write them.

If you know you won't be able to write at 12:30pm PDT or catch the live talk-fest, I'd be happy to submit your questions for you. Write TMZ LIVE QUESTIONS in the subject line and email me at .  Then you could watch the video at the link above to see if they answered your question.

Buy 2 for 1 Sunflowers for Michael

According to, the florist that delivered thousands of sunflowers to Michael last month after LMP asked fans to send them, has an offer especially for MJ fans.

Purchase 1 Sunflower for $5, and they will make it two and deliver them with a personal message.

Hurry- not sure how long this offer will last.  Buy yours here

Thank you Angel for the heads up on Twitter!

Document to Murray from Joe's attorney UPDATED June 25

UPDATE June 25th:  Joe/Oxman filed the Wrongful death suit (to be posted tomorrow-- today's not the day).  Then at 2:10pm PDT, TMZ posted this update to their story-- ROFLMAO!  Oxman should have looked at the tweet I sent him the other day.  DUH!

UPDATE 2:10 PM PT: The federal court clerk says they just kicked the lawsuit back to Joe's attorney Brian Oxman because there's a "mistake" in the paperwork. So it will have to be refiled. Oops.
TMZ posted a document yesterday of the notice sent to Murray, supposedly back on March 27th.  As cited in their article here, the defendant must be given 90 days notice prior to filing-- which ironically (or deliberately) ends on June 25, 2010-- the one year anniversary of Michael's death.

Trying to stay away from my personal views specifically of Oxman (UGH), there are some interesting blatant mistakes in the NOTICE OF INTENT TO INITIATE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS as posted here.  I am no legal-begal (eagle or any other animal), but on the first go-round and not intending to actually proofread this document, I found these errors to slap me upside the head.  First class Oxman.  First class.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WALLPAPERS: New from Lulu

More from the heart...

Free to use as long as you give credit to Miss Lulu when posting on the web.  (My rule, not hers).  Thank you.

Previous series **1** **2** **3** **4** **5**

SNEAK PREVIEW CNN: Michael Jackson (June 25th) Video

Below is a sneak preview of Don Lemon's special that will air this Friday.  Thank you CNN for sending this.  More tomorrow!


Premier: Fri. June 25 at 8 p.m., 11 p.m., 2 a.m., (one hour; all times Eastern)

One year after the death of music legend Michael Jackson, CNN’s Don Lemon speaks with friends and family members about his last days. Lemon interviews the performer’s brothers, Jermaine and Tito Jackson, as well as close friend Dr. Deepak Chopra,

Rules to plan by... UPDATED June 23rd

According to TMZ, the special requests for Friday at Forest Lawn have been denied...

...." the news ain't so good for these special requests:
- Releasing doves (DENIED)
- Releasing balloons (DENIED)
- Performing Jackson songs and dance routines (DENIED)

Sgt. Tom Lorenz says the Glendale PD has its own no-no list: no camping out the night before, no parking around Forest Lawn 24 hours prior, and no street vendor sales of anything ... including MJ merchandise."
Just an afterthought-- releasing doves and balloons at the same time?  Eeek.  Not nature friendly, not to mention scary if near an airport.  LOL

WHOA!  RadarOnline is saying fans will actually have access to the mausoleum, as in Holly Terrace-- not just Forest Lawn grounds !?!?!?

Details are to be announced tomorrow according to this article.  Someone else please read it-- I can't believe my eyes!

UPDATE June 23:  Well, thanks PattiAnn for mentioning the article is no longer there.  What an interesting turn of events.  Wish now I had taken a screen shot of the article.  What I can tell you (for those who didn't see it), was it mentioned going IN Holly Terrace, not just up to, and that the plans would be announced today.  As for the title of the article-- it had the word confirmed in it and made mention of someone from the local PD.  Perhaps after some fans saw it-- and started reposting it (like here) they removed it, I dunno but I will confirm that it was viewable and not 'access denied' as it is now.

Let's wait and see what else comes out.  Hmmm.  Very odd.  Well, off to search for other updates about Friday. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vote MJ's TII for best movie - BET Awards

Go here and place your vote.  If MJ wasn't in the mix, I'd vote for Avatar (first movie I saw twice in a theatre!) 

Watch the BET Awards Live this weekend.  (Check listings).  I just hope Jamie Foxx isn't drunk this year if he's hosting and Mr. Jackson stays home with all his assistants and Blu-Ray partners.




Special Tribute Exhibit, Featuring Jackson’s Figure, Original Hand Cast and Signature Songs, Will be FREE to the Public

Just in time for the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s tragic death, Madame Tussauds New York invites fans to celebrate the “King of Pop” with its new Michael Jackson Tribute Exhibit, which will feature Jackson’s wax figure and the original plaster cast of his hand. The special exhibit is FREE and open to the public in the attraction’s lobby from Wednesday, June 23 until Wednesday July 7 at Madame Tussauds New York, 234 West 42nd St. (b/w 7th and 8th Aves.), Manhattan.

Press Releases....

Everyone hold on to your hats.  LOL  I'm getting press releases up the tailpipe re: MJ related events and information (such as the one below for the OC Fair).  I have a few that will be posted in a moment-- and some info from CNN re: a special running this Friday. 

With all the lengthy posts, I am introducing post jumps *Read More* links in each of the posts.  Please make sure you click it so you can read the whole thing.
It's getting busy around these

Much L.O.V.E.

Katherine says thank you ..... LaToya visits Bubbles


OC Fair - MJ Laser Show July 21st

MJ Fans:  Here's a special reason to head to the OC Fair on July 21st at 8:30pm - the Michael Jackson Laser Show at The Hangar.  Please share this with all your forums if you'll be in the LA/So Cal area in July.  It would be awesome to see the show PACKED with MJ Fans!  PS.  The Laser Show tickets are being sold through our good friends at Ticketmaster.  (giggles)

Here's some information about the OC Fair. 

The Beat Goes On with Orange County’s Beloved Tradition
July 16 – August 15, 2010

Costa Mesa, Calif. (April 16, 2010) – The OC Fair invites guests to a deep-fried summer on a stick as it celebrate its 120th anniversary July 16-August 15, 2010. The 2010 OC Fair, open Wednesday-Sunday, will feature the premiere of a

NY POST is the Freak of the Week!

Just when we thought the world would finally give Michael some peace.  Take a look at this article posted today via NY Post's Amanda Peyser entitled The Freak of The Week.  I have already seen some MJ FC's taking action demaning a retraction and plans for a boycott should that not happen.

Recent MJ News - UPDATED June 22nd

Little behind on actual MJ news... and in some cases, I use the term loosely.  So here are links to some recent stories (by category).

MJ's 1 year anniversary related:
(Billboard) MJ:  The Cover Story (thanks VOLOS!)
(TMZ) Justice4MJ (aka MJFSC) hope chest to Forest Lawn (FL)
(MTV)  1 year:  A look back
( Networks announce MJ Tributes
(Entertainment Daily-UK) Plaque to be unveiled June 25th
(London Theatre)  Thiller Live (Adrian Grant) to debut Speechless-Tribute

Ladybird's Trip to Los Angeles and Forest Lawn

Back in May, Ladybird made a trip to Los Angeles and promised to share pictures taken at Forest Lawn and around town.  She did send those to me while I was on my *vacation* (lol) ... All kidding aside, sit down and take a look at these.  Nothing more need be said except Merci Ladybird pour les partager avec nous tous. Je vous aime plus!

Click the pictures to enlarge.

Lulu's Wallpapers - Heart Series

Thank you again Miss Lulu for sharing these beautiful wallpapers with us! To all: Remember, Lulu has granted us permission to use these. This series (and previous sets found here) now have credit lines on them. So please just remember to give Miss Lulu credit on those without the credit lines appearing on the wallpaper when using them on the web.

Kraken Opus Update

Andy wrote first thing and is looking into the latest update I sent him with outstanding deliveries.  There were also a couple of side issues (replacements - such as the damaged spine in Russia, missing gloves, etc).  The outstanding deliveries will be dispatched by the end of the week-- and normally that means look for delivery next week.

I will keep you posted.  The most recent post on deliveries can be found here.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

MJ's Secret Vault site - UPDATED..and again UPDATED..and AGAIN!

(Please re-read as this thread has changed since it was first posted).

As TMZ reported earlier this week, there is a new MJ website endorsed by Michael's mother, Katherine-- and is the vendor of a new book of reflections of Michael in photos, with Mrs. Jackson's thoughts on pages opposite.

Check out the site (Michael Jackson's Secret Vault) and read about this new book.  There is a  picture of Mrs. Jackson holding a book (believed to be the one) entitled Never Can Say Goodbye: Katherine Jackson ArchivesHere are some of the photos to be included in the book. According to the reply I've received, MJ's Secret Vault does in fact have Mrs. Jackson's endorsement.


Almost a year without Michael.  How is it possible?   Think back over the past almost 365 days and try to reflect the world around you.  What things have you become more aware of outside your day to day life?  What new experiences have you been exposed to since Michael's death last June 25th?  What have you contributed to our world to make change, the change Michael so desperately wanted to make this world a better place to live?  What can you do today, tomorrow and the weeks/months to come to help others? 

After the whole Opus Experience, the world has become a smaller place for me personally.  When I watch the news and hear of a disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, or fire, and even good things such

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lulu's Newest Wallpapers - UPDATED

Oh Wow!  These are truly special.  My favorite is the Stars.  Very very talented and beautiful Lulu!  Thank you so much for sharing these with us all.

Remember, you are welcome to use these.  My only request is if you use them on your webpages/forums, please make sure you credit Miss Lulu for their creation.   She is so gracious for sharing them with us.

Below are links to past wallpapers she has shared with us.  You are also welcome to use these, but please credit Miss Lulu when you use them on forums and websites.  Many thanks!

UPDATE:  Here is another new one.  I heart the hearts. 

March 17th
March 13th
March 10th

Friday, June 18, 2010

Did you order Prince 21 Nights Opus ? UPDATED

Calling all Prince fans who ordered 21 Nights Opus at the cost of $2,100 a book.

EDIT:  Intro to Prince fans: Since December, I have worked on behalf of thousands of MJ fans in 47 countries who ordered MJ's Opus.  There have been multiple issues such as non-delivery of the Opus and other advertised items to have been a part of the purchase and I have worked with many of the executives of Kraken Opus to get this issues resolved before legal action (class action) was/is taken.  As I'm also a Prince fan and have been

FINALLY! New blog design

Amazing what can be done when you get up at the Break of Dawn.  LOL

There are a few things I still need to tweek a little, but in the meantime please let me know if there are any problems or things you'd like to change.

Eeek!  Need to work on the fonts and colors-- will do as quick as I can!

VOLOS... please let me know if you can't comment... ok? 

Much L.O.V.E. to you ALL!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Official MJ merch @ Bravado for $5

Bravado is the Official Merch Store for Michael Jackson (Estate and Court Approved!)  Please visit their site here

Get these shirts while you can for ONLY $5!  (race ya to the site!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kraken Opus - Damaged Opus (spine)

UPDATE (June 16th):  Customer still has NOT been contacted for replacement!
UPDATE (July 16th): Customer still has NOT been contacted for replacement!
UPDATE (FEBRUARY 16, 2011):  Customer still has NOT been contacted for replacement!
*end update*
NOTE:  This was not deliberate damage to this person's Opus.  It was more a quality control issue at the manufacturer or aftermath from delivery-- perhaps being dropped several times.  I have (as noted below the pictures) already received a response from Kraken Opus UK about replacement for this customer.  Cali

These pictures were sent to me by a customer who FINALLY got their MJ Opus -- and opened it TWICE.  To top it off, it just had to be one of the books sent to Russia.  (Cali is cussing! @#%(#(%)

I would say this one is approved for a replacement, wouldn't you? 

UPDATE (4/26/10):  Customer is being contacted TODAY to arrange replacement. 


UPDATE:  Please see this post for the most recent update on the outstanding Opi (Opuses).

There are STILL MJ fans waiting for their The Official Michael Jackson Opus from Kraken Opus / Opus Media / Karl Fowler

Singapore Received YAY!
Saudi Arabia
Australia (2)
Puerto Rico
USA - AZ (tracking 2b sent 6/18)
Thailand Received YAY!

... and I'm only through 11 of my emails! 

Singapore - Need to repurchase from another vendor

I am so damn disgusted with Karl Fowler that I could spit nails at his d*** right now! 

You can bet there will be more on this when I get back from my appointment!

KARL FOWLER YOU LIED TO ME!  The deliveries were NOT ALL completed within 10 days, let alone 30 days.  As a matter of fact-- we are now MONTHS after our initial conversation

Helllllooooooooooo Everyone!

Oh am I soooo happy to be writing again!  I have missed you all so terribly!  I only have a minute right now to write but wanted to let you know I am okay (and back home now.. yay!) My computer went on the fritz (virus) and my pup ate my phone (I swear this isn't a "my dog ate my homework thing"  I was out of town for several weeks... and finally ...FINALLY able to get online both with the technical part and time. 

Let me say I have missed each and every one of you MORE than I could ever say. 

Much L.O.V.E. to you all, my dears angels!!!!  Will get through emails starting tonight (have to run to an appointment).  I am sooooo sorry to have worried you all.  Please please, tell me everything that has been happening!!  I feel so out of touch!