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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kraken Opus: March 5 2010 Communication with Karl Fowler (Thread 1) re: MJ Opus orders

Since the *uber* post is taking much longer than I originally anticipated, I thought I would share some of the written communications between myself and Kraken Opus, since they speak for themselves.  The first is the entire thread re: my followup to Karl Fowler, CEO/Founder, Kraken Opus/Kraken Media Group, UK from our first phone conversation last year, March 5, 2010.

I have redacted certain information related to fans to protect their privacy.  Other than that, there are no changes to these emails, and appear in order of oldest to newest.  [sic] not corrected either.

Please note:  While this communication appears to confirm certain things such as the MJ Opus Reality, the apology prints, etc, in GOOD FAITH I took Karl at his word, knowing full-well the truth behind each of these issues.  Many of these "promises" made have never been fulfilled to this day.

As of Sunday, March 27, 2011:  There are STILL customers/fans waiting for their order from the lists sent previous to this email/conversation with Karl Fowler, as well as some after this email.  Promises Promises!

Friday, March 11, 2011

ALERT: re: Japan's earthquake, tsunami information, news, and assistance

UPDATED:  March 12, 2011 (Many new links below)

PLEASE share this information on your FB and Twitter pages in the hopes it will help at least one person get information, or help them to safety. 
Official news outlets
       CNN Impact Your World  (Facebook here)  Article here
       The Japan Times newspaper
        NHK World (English Streaming news)
        Kyodo News (English)
       Al-Jazeera (English)
        Reuters World News
        MSNBC World News

People Finders
       Google Crisis information:  Crisis contact information *Recommended!*
       Google People Finder:  In English
       Google People Finder: In Japanese
       US Citizens in Japan email US State Dept:

Disaster Message Boards (from Google Crisis page)
      •NTT Docomo disaster message board
     •KDDI/au disaster message board
     •SoftBank disaster message board
     •EMOBILE disaster message board
     •WILLCOM disaster message board

For US Citizens living or traveling in Japan
US State Department
       (US State Dept) Emergencies and Crises page
US Embassy in Tokyo
       (Embassy) Disaster Preparedness Checklist and information
       (Embassy) Consular Posts in Japan List of locations with map
Red Cross
       (Red Cross) Japanese Red Cross Society In English
       (Red Cross) Japanese Red Cross Society In Japanese

Official information re: Earthquakes, Tsunamis and, Blackouts and Nuclear Power
Japan Meteorological Agency Tsunami page
US Geological Survey (USGS) main site
NOAA's Pacific Tsunami Warning Center main site
FEMA Blog Home (Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Update #1)
Tokyo Power Electric Company (TEPCO) (Japanese)
Tohoku Power Electric (Japanese)
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
GOOGLE Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis Response

Charities via CNN's Impact Your World
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
Save The Children
Doctors Without Borders
Convoy of Hope

Charities via MSNBC's How to Help page
American Red Cross Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 OR website
International Medical Corps  Text MED to 80888 to donate $10 to their efforts
Save The Children Text JAPAN or TSUNAMI to 20222 to donate $10 OR website
Global Giving Text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10
World Vision (focuses on children)

Charities via Microsoft's webpage:
NetHope (32 leading international humanitarian organizations)
Mercy Corps (partnered with Chairty Peace Winds Japan)

Most of us have woke to the devistating news out of Japan. Our first concerns are of the people in Japan and areas affected by the earthquake. As a result of the earthquake, a tsunami has also hit Japan and there are 20 countries under tsunami warning.

I have sent messages to the MJ Fans I have email addresses for, hoping they will have access to email to check in. I will let everyone know when I hear from them. Please check in with me as soon as you can if you are in Japan or in a country under Tsunami warnings. (I am like a worried parent right now until I know you all are okay). Second, many of us have friends or family in Japan, as well as coastal areas who are under the tsunami warnings. I will try to put emergency contact information here in case you are seeking information on your friends or family. If you have any official sites not posted here, that you can share, please either leave them in the comments or email me at and I will post ASAP.

Update 1  (3/12/11)
I have heard from Cozy in Japan. (YAY!)  She was safe (thank goodness).    There are still 2 more people I am waiting to hear from in Japan.  Please keep them, and all the people in Japan, in your thoughts.  I will update the moment I hear anything from either of them.  I heard from my cousin in Hawaii (whew).  They were evacuated and all are safe.  Many on my FB page heard yesterday of the 6 animal activists who were last known to be in the Iwate prefecture area, and had not been heard from since the quake and tsunami.  They have contacted their families.  All are safe.

Please take a moment for the people who lost theirs lives, have not yet been discovered, those families who are likely beside themselves in worry, and for the entire nation of Japan.  Their world has turned upside down in a second.  After seeing first views yesterday of a town completely wiped out down to the foundations, one can only imagine the devistation that is yet to be uncovered.

Please reach your hand to help while they are shaken.  Remember, we are a planet of humans first and foremost.

Stay tuned for additional updates!

Much L.O.V.E, white light and positive energy to Japan.  You are in my thoughts.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

VIDEO: Hollywood Tonight

If you haven't seen it yet, here is the new video for Michael's Hollywood Tonight


"Hollywood Tonight" is currently trending on Twitter.  Make sure to post a few comments with Hollywood Tonight in your Tweets.... Let's keep it trending!

Much L.O.V.E.,

Friday, March 4, 2011