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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A challenge to all MJ Opus Owners

Please visit this page for more details. 


In Michael's Honor.



MSNBC article re: above event. There are two incorrect items in the following paragraph. Can you find them?

"Prince, 13, donned a black shirt and oversized shades, while Paris, 9, looked mature and elegant with her long, layered hair. Nine-year-old Blanket opted for a white ensemble and pulled his dark locks neatly back."

PS Here's Today's Show Facebook page if you wish to comment. Scroll down to find the article on MJ3.

UPDATE: Prince 21 Nights Opus

This comment was received here:

"Anonymous said...
Having made a section 75 claim on my credit card against Kraken for the Prince Opus i hadn't received but paid for 2 years ago - I got it today!!! But no ipod, no edition number, no covering letter and not in the condition I would have expected. Anyone else had one?!!"

August 9, 2011 1:18 PM
I will be emailing Prince fans who are waiting for the Prince Opus to confirm if just one was sent or has "you-know-who" finally gotten off his duff (or finally made enough $$ from the Ferrari Opi to) print the Prince Opi.