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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aphrodite Jones TV Alert Tonight

Well at least tonight there will be something fair and balanced on Michael.  Aphrodite Jones will appear tonight on her show True Crime with Aphrodite Jones with a one-hour segment about Michael.

Here is a Larry King Live Blog interview with Aphrodite and her website & blog.

The listing shows 10 pm EDT/9 pm CDT on ID channel (Investigative Discovery).  Make sure the description shows "Michael Jackson" as there is another one just before it titled "Scott Peterson".

Let's show her our support by watching live if we can, if not make sure your DVR is set to record her show!

Update: May 2, 2010:  An outtake from Aphrodite's show.

Here is Aphrodite's show part 1 of 6 *YouTube user MJDHI*.  Please follow this link to watch the other 5 parts.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ALERT: Extra TV having new "report" Thursday

Update (May 02, 2010):  Here is the Extra TV thread about Thursday's segment with video (see below).  TMZ has 2 interesting things about this Extra TV segment.  The first is Harvey Levin's thoughts Friday about the timing and motives of Arnie Klein's statement.  Watch the video clip below.  The second is a new post after TMZ talked to Arnie, where Arnie says he "did not betray Michael Jackson" with his comments AND that he and Jason both are receiving death threats. *eyeroll*  There are also 2 polls on that thread:  1 if you believe Jason's story.  2 if you think Arnie betrayed Michael.  Make your voice heard!

MJ fans:  Never is it acceptable to threaten to take the life of another, whether it be someone accused of killing another nor when they go on rag-television and make accusations (true or false). 

*end update*

Just watched Extra TV and they had a clip upcoming for Thursday about Michael.  The topic? 

Was Michael gay? 


They interview someone who says Michael kissed him. 

Here is web info for Extra TV
Main website
Michael's stories cued

Not sure what angle they are taking, but isn't it time to let Michael rest in peace?

Speak out on their Facebook page.  Here are all the Twitter pages they list. Please remember to be professional and courteous with your responses.  No matter what they say, we must always stand tall and proud for Michael, without hate and trash.

DAMN ARNIE KLEIN! I can't believe that Arnie Klein VALIDATED the story.  The person works for Klein...Jason somebody.


Trijntje Oosterhuis covers MJ

Thank you Raymond for sending these beautiful songs from a wonderful Dutch artist. 

I think everyone will really enjoy listening to them. 

On the album ''Never Can say Goodbye'' you will find the following tracks :

1. Never can say goodbye
2. Baby be mine
3. Music & Me
4. Lady in my life
5. I want you back
6. One day in your life
7. I just can't stop loving you
8. Don't stop till you get enough/working day & night/ wanna be startin' somethin'
9. Can't help it
10. Rock with you
11. Human Nature
12. Gone too soon
13. I'll be there 
14. You were there

Up next... beautiful Russian singer covers Earth Song.  Are there artists in your country who cover any of MJ's songs that you'd like to share?  Tributes others have done with MJ's music?  Please share the links here or email me at

Much L.O.V.E. and I hope you enjoy these.  Again, thank you for sharing these with me and everyone, Raymond!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Encino compound news

According to TMZ this morning, Alejandra and her children (with Randy and Jermaine) are reported to be moving a few miles away into a condo owned by the Estate.  Read about it here

I think it is admirable that Katherine continues to care for all of her grandchildren and her former daughter-in-law.  She has always been there for her whole family.  What a pillar of strength she is.  It must be breaking her heart that this has to happen but I'm sure they will continue to remain a strong presence and family unit.

After searching some of the other reports on this topic, I am disappointed with the spin they title their articles with, implying that Katherine is kicking them out.  C'mon people.  Seriously.  MJ3 have been through enough, and so has the Jackson family.  Show some respect!

What do you think of this?

EDIT (Add)...
And in other news...

Team Branca has returned Heal The World name back to the control of the Estate.  Read about it here.

As a side note, please always double check and confirm any charities or foundations that claim to be acting on behalf of MJ.  If they are fan driven, make sure they are through a reputable fan club or person.  If they are claiming to be legitimately through the Estate, make sure that the Estate has announced their involvement or approval.  If they are Jackson family driven, make sure there is an official statement from one of the family members. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kraken Opus a tax investment?

Interesting read on the premise of what Kraken Opus started out to be back in 2002.

This article dated 2005, is titled Fowler's magnum opus and can be found on the UK's Telegraph website here

This is my favorite line: 
As the majority shareholder in Kraken, Fowler's stake will be worth more than $50m if, according to plan, KSM floats in the second quarter of 2006.
Whoops.  I guess by 2009, something went a bit off course.  There's the London Gazette's article about Kraken Opus insolvency June 26, 2009 (also seen in other articles elsewhere as a management buyout). 

In case anyone wonders why Goldman Sachs rings a bell in recent memory, well, the SEC (US government agency) just filed fraud charges against Goldman Sachs.  SFGate:  The Goldman Sachs Fraud Explained

NOTE:  Current events about Goldman Sachs is mentioned only because this is a current event in the US.  Karl Fowler left Goldman Sachs back in 2002 and it is not implied he is/was involved in the current US story. 

World Cry - June 25, 2010

Yesterday was a sad day.  Maybe that's why I just moped around the house.  It marked the 10 month anniversary of the death of our Michael.  A sad sad day indeed. 

As many of you have seen from the link under upcoming events here (to the right of this post), and elsewhere on the net, on June 25th there will be many worldwide events to remember the passing of our beloved Michael.  One of them is called World Cry.  Here is one sentence that wraps up what this event is about from their Information Page "MJWORLDCRY isn't a one year event that will fade, this is an annual yearly event to help charities and perform deeds in Michael's honor."
 I am pleased to share not only the Official main page with you, but also announce that one of our IACOP members, Chantal, is the ambassador for the event in the Netherlands.  Here is her blog page so you can go friend her there and for those of you, like NYTram who are in the Netherlands, make sure you contact her so you can participate.

Is anyone else hosting an event in your country?  If so, please email me with the details so I can post it here.

Some interesting links on the Official World Cry page:
T-shirts  (proceeds to purchase mosquito nets for children in Africa, which helps prevent Malaria)
Find if an event is scheduled in your city.  Register to be the ambassador if there isn't one.

Much L.O.V.E.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Laugh for the day

This is a line from a fan's email to Kraken Opus UK back in January about the OR passcodes that were sent via email.  Problem is, the fan still didn't (then or doesn't now) have her Opus. 


"Please send it soon otherwise I pray that MJ's spirit will moonwalk nonstop in your premises, closest to Andrew Clay's desk. No password needed."


In other news, many of you have recently located a website showing Karl Fowler as a "Wanted Man".  The site references a business dealing with a company in the US who was asked by Karl Fowler himself to make custom bookstands for another Kraken Opus project.  Karl asked for them to be a rush order, and then Karl STIFFED Mr. Parker out of over $18,000.

Here's the website for those who haven't yet seen it.  You will also see my blog referenced in the latter part of Mr. Parker's. 

..........the list goes on!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Opus issues and my return... sorta-ish

Well hello my dear ones!  Like I posted in one of the threads... how much I have missed each of you!  Thank you for all of your notes and messages of love.  They really made me smile and cry just a little (good way). 

Ok, I've promised to take it easy.  So I'll be replying slowly and still not on much (famous last words) but will try to make the best use of my time.  I want to try and get caught up first on delivery updates.  I think I saw a post here that Russia's Opi have been delivered... is that right?  What about Ukraine?  Still a re-do?  (curse word) 

Still waiting for Opi
Who is still waiting for their Opus to be delivered?  Please email me  Make sure you write something like Still waiting for Opus in the subject line, so I can weed through emails faster. 

Nate's Apology prints
Even though I haven't heard from Karl or Andy in some time (and I've seen PattiAnn's update on Andy in the comments) I want to follow up on everything.  One of the other big issues outside delivery is Nate's prints.  When I talked to them in March, they had different countries than I did who were supposed to get the prints.  (I had some they didn't and they had some I didn't.) 

So to make sure, I need one copy of the physical email forwarded to me for the following countries.  (I need to have the actual email -- not a copy/paste, so I can prove it came from their email along with time/date stamp).  Most of these, if I remember right were sent between December 18th and maybe around December 24th.  Don't worry, I wont reveal where the email came from.  (That's always a promise).

So if you're from one of the following countries, please email me at with subject line Apology print Country (list the one you're from):
Australia, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Taiwan, France, Germany.  Any one else get this email? 

Opus Reality-Augmented Reality--

What sales information did each of you see when you purchased MJ's Opus?  I'm thinking more of the ones outside USA.  Did you see it on MJ's Sony site?  (If so, I have the screenshots from every country it was advertised on).  Was it somewhere else? Can you send me the information if you still have it or can find it?  Please email me at with the subject line Opus Reality Country (list the one you're from).

Damaged Opus & Replacements -

Who is still waiting for their replacement Opus?  If you haven't gotten one yet, have you actually contacted Kraken Opus UK and if so, have they replied?  If they did, when?  Please email me at with the subject line Damaged Opus Replacement Country (list the one you're from).

What other issues are there still? 

Ok, that's all on the Opus front for the moment till I get through some mail. 

PS.  Thanks to PattiAnn, I want to make my first rule for the blog-- this is a Justin Bieber-free zone.  LMAO  (Sorry, I'm sure he's cute and all but ... ugh.)  I'm pulling PattiAnn's leg.  That just cracked me up seeing his name on a blog for MJ!  still LMAO!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Latest communications with Karl Fowler, Kraken Opus UK

From: Cali MJ Fan
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 11:23:00 -0700 (PDT)
To:  Andy Clay
Cc: Karl Fowler OPUS UK
Subject: Re: Missing Opuses Updated 2

Thursday, April 8, 2010

NO OPUS REALITY! If you want to file a complaint

Looks like the OR card will be just a souvenier. There is NO MJ agumented reality.  The technology exists.  The MJ content does not.  Kraken's website was down for 2 days this week.  When it re-emerged, this page (regarding the Opus Reality) no longer exists:  Here is a cached comparison showing the changes.  All lined-through items means the words are deleted. 

Home now, trying to catch up-- S L O W L Y

Hello my dear friends.  I am so sorry to have worried everyone and am trying to quickly make at least one round through emails.  I was in the hospital and won't be on as much for the next few days, but I am going to try and see what's happening with the Opuses.  I do see there are still some people who haven't received them.  *bleep*

Thank you so much for caring and worrying and I'm sorry I wasn't able to send messages till now.  I was really *out of it* and should be sleeping but I have really missed you all-- you have no idea. 

Please catch me up on how each of you are.  Forgive me if I don't write back right away-- promise to do what I can.  Ok?