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Monday, November 30, 2009

NEWS: TII DVD/Blu Ray Release Date

According to Michael's official site through Sony, This is It's debut on DVD & Blu Ray will be January 26, 2010.


Sunday, November 29, 2009


I like the headline: the article was so-so. Here's the article behind the headline and another here with more details.

According to these reports, in just five short months, Michael's fans have purchased so many items that it has wiped out his debt. This of course doesn't include the pending creditor claims that were filed in Los Angeles Courts recently, which according to a statement from Team Branca's spokesperson, said those should be resolved early in the new year.

Don't know about you, but this is great news. GO TEAM BRANCA!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

NEWS: Gallery announcement

There is a new art exhibit which is offering seven prints of artwork by Patrick Whelen. These are representative of pieces Michael acquired in the spring of 2009. The collection is titled The Jackson Seven. For more details, please see this article.

NEWS: Michael's Facebook has most fans

According to the Washington Post today, Michael's official Facebook page has the most fans. Of course that's no surprise to his fans.

NEWS: Former bodyguard tries to sell MJ's facial mask

... and is busted by a reporter from the UK paper, News of the World.

Now, I normally don't put much stock in the information from this paper however this one comes with video of the undercover deal. Thanks to this reporter, another close confidant of Michael's is exposed. Eric Muhammad, a 6'8" bodyguard, took the black silk mask from Michael's limo after transporting his children to UCLA the day of Michael's passing. Here he is on record trying to sell it.

Of note, there is a picture of this same person with (of all people) Jermaine the day of the premier of This is It.

WARNING: There is a small thumbnail of the ambulance picture of Michael on this story.

Friday, November 27, 2009

NEWS: TX Medical Board President makes commentary

According to the Houston Chronicle, this was posted in their Op-Ed page yesterday regarding Conrad Murray.

"Conrad Murray cases monitored

Regarding “Jackson doc returns to clinic here” (Page A1, Monday), some people wonder why Dr. Conrad Murray is free to practice medicine in Texas and have asked the Texas Medical Board if he is currently under investigation. State law prohibits the Texas Medical Board from disclosing whether a doctor is under investigation; only final disciplinary actions taken by the board are made public. Murray, like all Texas doctors, is subject to scrutiny as well as entitled to due process as outlined in the law which the board must follow. Developments and final actions in California and Nevada on both a medical-board and criminal-action basis will be monitored as is the current practice of the board.

Irvin E. Zeitler Jr., D.O., Texas Medical Board president"

Well, you can't get any more direct than the president of the Medical Board. The actual post is about 1/2 way down the Houston Chronicle page.

Murray's medical license info as of the date of this post:
TX Medical Board go here Link doesn't retain search so enter Murray's name here
NV Medical Board go here Link doesn't retain search so enter Murray's name here
CA Medical Board go here

All posts on this blog on Dr. Murray can be found here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FANS: A call to action

Here is a contact campaign set for tomorrow, November 25th. It asks for everyone to call and write asking for answers into the investigation of Michael's Death. At the end of the video has the contact information.


NEWS: Conrad Murray and his first day

Forgive me while this post will be brief. There are no words suitable for print of what I think after reading this article. This post may change if thoughts can be printed.

ABC News discusses Conrad Murray's return to work. A must read.

Monday, November 23, 2009

NEWS: Michael's Opus

The AP has an indepth interview and look into one aspect of the upcoming release of Michael's Opus book. Here is the article.

UPDATE 12/23/09 09:38am PT: I just checked the link for this AP article and it is now "no longer available". Here is the same article through

The 400-page, 26 pound book is due for release on December 7th. It is a must have for any serious collector of Michael. If you did not pre-order when the news first broke, you are going to kick yourself.

Now, if you purchase from Kracken Opus direct, the price is $249, with a This is It movie discount. Or from Ticketmaster, for $225 with no movie discount.

You can only order the Official MJ Opus through Kranken Opus or Ticketmaster. Considering they originally priced this book for over $300 USD, you might want to get it before Decembr 7th. To compare the price, Prince has a limited edition Opus (limited to only 950 copies) for $2,100.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

AMA's: POP/Rock & Soul/R&B Album award goes to.........




He won 4 out of the 5 categories he was nominated. He also made history by setting another record with his second win, a total of 23 according to PopEater. Congratulations Michael.

The 2 album awards were announced earlier so we didn't have to listen to Jermaine talk about himself. Michael has a total of 26 AMAs. Please see this list for details.

Here's ABC's report of the AMAs tonight in print.

In case you were wondering where Michael's glove from the 25th Anniversary of Motown special went: it was recently auctioned off for $350,000 (total price was $420,000 after 25% fee added) to someone in China and here is where it will be displayed.

AMAs: Pop/Rock Male Artist goes to............


Melissa Etheridge presented the award and what nice words she had to say about Michael. A legend presenting for a legend. How appropriate!

That's 2 of the 5... more to come!
Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/

Jermaine accepted and went on and on about himself. (sigh) Why didn't Janet accept the awards? That would have been so much better! Has Jermaine annointed, I mean appointed, himself as the Award Acceptor?
Photo credit: Getty Images

AMAs: Soul/R&B Male goes to..........


Orianthi was so adorable. She clapped when she read the name.

Four more to go!

Jermaine accepted the award with 3 of his children: Jafar, Jeremy, Jermastie.

AMAs: Janet's opening

The anticipation is over. Janet ripped up the stage and showed she's back, not that she ever really left. The choreography was fantastic and it really showed Janet. Love-Love-Loved it!


Here will be some of the reports around the web.

First up is MTV, with a video snippet.

Here is Zap 2 It's report, which is nicer than the grading from from LA Time's Pop and Hiss.
Photo credit: Getty Images

VIDEO: Conrad Murray cries in church

There is something amiss with Dr. Conrad Murray. Earlier it was announced by (one of) his attorney that Murray will be returning to his practice in Houston beginning tomorrow. Then shortly after, a video hit the net of Murray in a Houston church, surrounded by perishiners and a few (crocodile) tears rolled down his cheeks. According to this, apparently the congregation was teary eyed as well.

Why would Murray spend all this time since MJ's death in hiding, go to court in Las Vegas last week, and then SUDDENLY decide he can still practice medicine in Texas. His hospital privildges have been tarnished for overprescribing a patient prior to Michael's death. Now, unless the city of Houston has been living under a rock, they know Murray has CONFESSED to ADMINISTERING and obtaining Propofol that resulted in Michael's death which has been ruled a homicide.

Here's what the Houston Chronicle has to say, but what will the Texas Medical Board have to say?

As a reminder, here are a few of the words Janet had to say about Murray recently. The picture is worth the vist alone.

In the meantime, here are the crocodile tears. Thanks TMZ! Source

Saturday, November 21, 2009

VIDEO: Janet's "Make Me"

Video was disabled so here's the link to UMG's YouTube Channel, cued up for Janet's Make Me video.

Here is a behind the scenes of the making of Make Me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

NEWS: AEG v. LA City Attorney over Memorial

Go back to early July. Michael's fans were welcomed with open arms by the millions to come publicly mourn the death of a beloved world-wide icon that sadly lost his life in their city-- the City of Angels. Right? smacks head Sorry, that was a dream not reality. Well, the saga continues with Los Angeles city government, AEG and Michael's memorial.

It was recently noted that the mourners who did go (and were welcomed outside Staples and Nokia by the boys in blue) brought with them over $4 million in an economic gift to LA. Michael's memorial costs were less than this figure (and would have been less had LA realized Michael's fans were in shock and not capable of damage, thus saving the city at least a million if not more).

Well, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has decided to recoup monies the city spent and they are going after AEG. Read the latest from AEG top dog Tim Leiweke and tomorrow there will be more links and background into this story.

BREAKING NEWS: NV Warrant to be unsealed

Here we go with a playground tussel between Nevada and California legal systems. A LAPD detective contacted the Nevada judge requesting the August search warrants for Applied Pharmacy remain sealed until January 18, 2010 citing it imperative to the investigation into Dr. Conrad Murray.

The judge in Nevada sees it differently and has agreed with the attorneys for AP, LA Times, TMZ and other news orgs that have filed suit, saying the public has a right to know. While anyone would agree, most would also agree NO if there is any chance this would jeopardize the investigation.

The record will be available some time Friday (November 20).

"Murray, through a spokeswoman, maintains he neither prescribed nor administered anything to Jackson that should have killed him."

UPDATE: Here is the link to the actual warrant and a quick background story from TMZ here.

NEWS: TII on MTV/BET in 2011

According to this article in the LA Times, Viacom has obtained the rights to air Michael's TII in 2011. The timing might be a good thing. We will have worn out our DVDs by then.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NEWS: Orianthi on Lopez November 19th

If you didn't know, Michael's music director, Michael Beardon, now directs the band on the new TBS comedy/late night show titled Lopez Tonight. The show appears to be a hit, very funny and many comments so far about Michael Jackson, including a tribute last week.

Tomorrow, November 19th, Orianthi will be appearing. It is not clear if she will be performing or interviewed. Her new album Believe was released last week.

With the ties to Michael Jackson through Beardon, it would be safe to assume there will be more tributes and special guest appearances directly on Lopez Tonight.

Check out Lopez Tonight on TBS Monday thru Thursday at 11:00pm ET.

Photo Credit:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

INTERVIEW: Janet on ABC with Robin Roberts

Tomorrow evening, Janet Jackson will give her first interview since her brother's passing in June. Be sure to set your recorders.

Wednesday, 10pm ET November 18th on ABC.

Here is an early glance at the interview.

Also this week for Janet:
Her Number Ones is released today.
She opens the AMA's Sunday with an 8 minute performance.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

FLASHBACK: Michael can't stop laughing

What a cute video!


VIDEO: Janet's Number Ones Flash Mob

First off, you have to see this adorable little girl named Angelina practicing for the FlashMob-- and her little brother Joseph watching her... well, sort of. LOL GREAT JOB ANGELINA!


Video Promo for the FlashMob. WOW

Some behind the scenes with the organizers:

Here are pictures of Janet watching the FlashMob.

Video of the first FlashMob

Video of the second (of three) FlashMob, with Janet watching from the balcony.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

NEWS: Janet to open the AMAs

Michael's fans will be closely watching this year's American Music Awards (AMA) after it was announced last month he was nominated in 5 categories, including Artist of the Year. Here's another reason to tune in promptly: Janet is opening the AMAs according to this from LA Times.

In case you have not yet voted for Michael, the 5 categories he is in are: Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album for both Pop & Rock and Soul/Rhythm & Blues, and Artist of the Year. You can vote for him by going to ABC's AMA vote page. Not sure when voting closes, but the video below says voting is open a month, which means through November 13/14th.

The announcements were made on October 13, 2009.

VOTE! Make HIStory!

TRIBUTE: George Lopez and Michael Beardon

Last night, on the 3rd episode of the new George Lopez' Lopez Tonight, Michael's Music Director, Michael Beardon and some of the members of Michael's TII band reunited for a Tribute. Judith Hill, the young lady who was one who sang at Michael's Memorial in July, sang Man in the Mirror.

Here George briefly interviews Beardon.


Here is the Tribute.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NEWS: Billboard Charts change rules for 200

Billboard is changing the way they list catalog records for the Billboard 200. Previously, only albums released in the last 18 months were eligible, and after that date, regardless of sales, the album could be the #1 seller, but not reported on Billboard 200.

This is changing, in large part, due to two events this year: the re-release of the Beatles catalog albums and the soaring sales of Michael's music, especially Number Ones.

Here is a good explanation of the change by Reuters.

Michael is also on his way to be the top selling artist for the year, second to Taylor Swift. What can we do about that?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NEWS: Today's court hearing

In Los Angeles today, Joe Jackson, represented by Brian Oxman, attempted to contest Team Branca as administrators of Michael's estate. Judge Beckloff ruled Joe has no legal standing to contest it. Expect to see a creditor claim filed on behalf of Joe for his request of over $15,000 a month in allowance.

In other news, the cost of Michael's burial was unsealed in court documents today. Bless Janet.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Newest Item on Michael's Official Merchandise site

Bravado is officially the Estate-approved-merchandiser right now for all types of T-shirts, mugs, bags and now this newest item: a fleeced replica of Michael's jacket worn in Thriller.

Check it out here.

NEWS: Disney inspired Theme Park?

Here is an interesting article on a past project with Michael and Disney that never saw the light of day-- but could it now and where?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NEWS: Miss Janet interview on ABC

According to ET Online, here's a gold nugget.

"Janet Jackson will sit down with ABC News' Robin Roberts for an interview to air on an ABC News special.

"In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts: Janet Jackson" is set to air Wednesday, November 18 at 10:01 p.m. on ABC." Source

Set your DVR!

Get your webkit for the countdown to the release of Janet's Number Ones on her official website.

VIDEO: Travis Payne and TII Dancers-- ET

Check out the interview and the incredible dance starting 4:22

Source Secondary Source
According to this interview also, Travis Payne says Michael's children still have not seen their father's movie. Why?

NEWS: Dr. Arnie Klein sits down with TMZ

This interview segment is a 1 hour and 45 minute full interview Harvey Levin had with Dr. Klein today on TMZ Live.


Other than tuning out when Klein goes on and on about himself, there is one specific topic that is brushed over a few times during this interview. The revelation of who introduced Conrad Murray to Michael.

Wait for it.............


If nothing else is important, that alone should raise the roof on the controversy surrounding Michael and his relationship with his father, not to mention Michael's death.

If true, how in the world can Joe live with himself?

How can ANYONE in Michael's family still talk to Joe? How can the media not confirm this and report it as the most viraled story of ALL time? And, towards the end of the "how" questions is how can Joe ever earn any money off Michael's name from this point forward?

Don't know about you, but I for one am horrified... and not in the Thriller kind of way.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NEWS: Michael's CD hits #1 on Billboard 200

The companion soundtrack for Michael's TII has sold over 300,000 copies in the first week of sales, taking it to #1 on Billboard's 200 list.

Read about it here.

You can purchase it from Michael's official website by going here.

While you are there, be sure to pre-order the TII movie on DVD or Blu-Ray (not hawked by Joe Jackson's company).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NEWS: Grammys Museum

There is a new Musical Legacy exhibit for Michael at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. It only runs through the summer of 2010, so plan to see it now!

There is also Michael Jackson: The Official Exhibit, sponsored by Michael's estate, which opened last week at the London O2 Bubble.


Orianthi was Michael's lead guitarist for the This Is It concerts in London. She's as humble as she is talented. You recognize her face from clips of Michael with her in TII-- but did you know she sings too?

Check out her Official Website and look for links for a free iTunes download of her new single According to You from her new album, titled Believe.

Good luck Orianthi! We will be cheering for you!

Monday, November 2, 2009

INTERVIEW: Film editor discusses TII

LA Times interviewed Tim Patterson, who was highly involved in the editing of the raw rehearsal footage that became This is it the movie. Interesting read.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

NEWS: Behind the business of This is It

Very interesting article from The Washington Post focusing on the behind the scene business of the movie from AEG's side.

In another article, the Wall Street Journal discusses the box office impact, comparing the US returns versus those elsewhere.

Yet another article in the Los Angeles Times discusses the international box-office compared to the domestic returns.

NEWS: Oscar voter predicts TII to be nominated

According to this article, one Oscar voter predicts Michael's movie, This is It, will be nominated for Best Picture.

Here is the Academy's Rules and Eligibility page, if you're interested.

BREAKING NEWS: This Is It Extended

According to this site, Michael's movie has been extended thru Thanksgiving. Please continue to take your friends and make it the number one movie of all time.

SHATTER the records.

FANS: L.O.V.E. Wallpaper

Click Source for the link to get yours today. Whoever made this-- beautiful!