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Thursday, July 30, 2009

FLASHBACK: The interview with Michael Jackson...

... that you were never meant to see. This shows other shots from the documentary that Martin Bashir did.

Very Very Interesting!

Click here to see the full documentary.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Save the World Awards Tribute to MJ Jul 24 09

Click here to get more details.

Blogger's Note: Jermaine, oh you whooo! The award belongs to Michael's children not you-uuuu.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama & Cronkite... and Jackson

It is with deep sadness to watch the news this evening and hearing the announcement the death of yet another icon, Walter Cronkite.

While many memories can be written here about Uncle Walter, this post will reference what was just read on network news. The comment from President Obama about the death of Mr. Cronkite.

WOW. To remember it was just 3 weeks about that Gibbs made the comment it was not appropriate for the president to comment publicly. No matter what happened in Michael Jackson's personal life, there should have been SOME comment immediately from the White House on his death... not a "oh, President has sent a letter to his family."

Even President Bush & Laura made a statement at the death of James Brown, who was by no means an angel.

Tacky President Obama. Very tacky.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FLASHBACK: Michael 's "Cry" Video

I think it would be awesome to see the entire world joining hands on Michael's birthday, August 29th, as in this video for Cry.

Wonder if it could be done?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Plaque at Encino Family Home, by Michael Jackson

As reported on the ABC special tonight with Joe Jackson (ok, curiousity got the best of me), they showed a picture of a plaque that has engraved words from Michael. I thought I'd put them here.

To stop time
To preserve the way we were
The way we are
They say a picture speaks a thousand words
So with these photographs
I will recreate some wonderful
Magical moments in our lives
Hopefully this journey into the past,
In picturesque form will be a stimulant
To create a brighter successful tomorrow.
----Michael Jackson

Debbie Rowe, you stand your ground girl!

Debbie Rowe has gotten a bad rap from the beginning. Here is an outline of some of the lesser known things about her coming from somewhat of an insider. The media should reconsider their stand with the assumptions about her and her relationship with Michael. Not all the details are known.

Blogger's note: I am a Debbie Rowe supporter.

Propofol/Diprivan Recall... not news to FDA/CDC

A health advisory sent by the CDC today, (8/18/2010 - link no longer valid-see below for updated) issued a recall on lot numbers 31305429B and 31305430B from Teva Pharmaceuticals.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmocologists issued this report on June 15, 2007 (confirmed 2007).

Does this explain what Michael meant when he called the nurse, Cherilyn Lee, on Father's Day saying he was "hot on one side, and very cold on the other"? Anyone know the lot numbers from Michael's home?

UPDATE: It has been reported the DEA has contacted the manufacturers of the Propofol/Diprivan lots found in Michael's home. One of them is Teva. Hospira is the other.

UPDATE:  August 18, 2010:  The first link is no longer found, so here's another link for the health advisory sent last July 14, 2009.  While we're at it, here is a quick article about TEVA's expansion of the "voluntary recall". 

Damn Los Angeles Politicians

Here is July 13, 2009 article from Los Angeles Times regarding Mayor V's comments Michael Jackson's Memorial costs. Read the article and add your comments.

Another article from LA Times today regarding the controversy over who will pay for Michael's Memorial.

According to MTV's article on the same subject, $35,000 was raised prior to the site being taken down last Friday.

Here is the link to the Mayor's official press release page, that continued to ask for money from MJ's fans after the server crashes of the day of the Memorial.

Then there's La Toya...

Here is London's Daily Mail Interview with La Toya Jackson, older sister to Michael Jackson.

It is reported she was paid for this interview, and as Larry King pointed out July 13, 2009 that most Americans do question credibility when interviews are given for a price.

FLASHBACK: Michael's 1988 Grammycast performance

Monday, July 13, 2009

When is enough, enough?

Over the last 2 weeks in the wake of Michael Jackson's death, numerous reports have covered every channel on the TV, racked up billions of internet hits and monopolized personal conversations worldwide. My curiousity is how many of us have thought what part did we ourselves play in his death. Was there something that we could have done to help him?

In a day and age where the TMZs, Access Hollywoods and Extras of the world make money on dishing scoops on celebrities, invading their privacy or claiming fair game when they walk down a public street, when do we as a society say enough? Did we not learn our lesson when we lost Princess Diana? Are we pressuring celebrities by giving them the belief they have to outdo themselves from previous performances in an effort to keep our attentions? Would we still be there when they grow old or in a fall from grace because after all, they are only human?

Sinatra was claimed to be closely tied with the "mob" for years and lived into his 80's and yet we still purchased "Duets" and went to see his live appearances. We mourned his death by watching a spontaneous weekend of back to back Sinatra films. Elvis' life and death still draws a pilgrimage to Graceland annually, with most on the anniversary of his death. I think the answer is would we still be there is yes.

Why do we, as fans, insist on keeping gossip mags like National Enquirer in business by buying their gossip? Can we not stop ourselves in knowing the gritty details of those who live, what we believe to be, a better lives than ourselves? Is it something we strive for in our lives to become so successful we have people hiding in our bushes to capture a moment that is later taken out of context, or gleaned while not in our best moment?

Use the recent example of President Obama's picture while in Italy. A freeze frame of a video plastered around the globe implying he was 'checking out' the back end of a young lady, when in fact you view the video, he was helping another lady down the stairs, as a gentleman. Nothing is said of French President Sarkozy as he actually rubber necks behind Obama's back.

So when do we say enough is enough?

Deepak Chopra should be commended for this lovely truthful tribute to his friend.

Be a part of MJ Tribute in picture

Cick here for more details.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Santa Barbara Sherriff's Office & Michael Jackson

TMZ has released some of the information & pictures from the 2003 raid on MJ's Neverland Ranch, including details of specific interviews and pictures of medication found. Further it has been reported that IV poles, bags, syringes and such were located at this time too.

My question is, while it may not have been admissible in court during the 2005 trial, why did they not start another investigation? While I am not a law major, if SB Sheriff's had found evidence of another crime while on the property, they had the responsibility to continue.

After watching more than my share of Law & Order episodes, it is common sense to say that while serving a search warrant, if an unexpected dead body or something showed up, the agency would be charged in upholding the law and have to act upon that evidence. It may be a legality in having to get another search warrant but all in all, they can't act as if they did not see another crime.

So why did Santa Barbara Sheriff's office look the other way? Were they **that** focused on convicting him of child molestation that they did not uphold their duty to ensure his safety as a resident of their county?

And, according to the confidential interviews, a former (LA or SB) county Sheriff, who was in the employ of Michael Jackson as part of his security detail, claims his job was to keep Jackson's family away from Michael since they wanted to do an intervention. Shame on that former officer of the law for standing silent while taking money as he continued to kill himself day by day.

Friday, July 10, 2009

For you artists out there...

Here is a great link to watch a video of Michael Bridges doing a sketch card of MJ. Very interesting and perfect likeness of the photo. The guy is good!

Check it out here!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial Cost LA $1.4 Million

Michael Jackson's Memorial Cost LA $1.4 Million: "In a letter to the emergency management department, Greuel criticized the nearly $49,000 expense for police officers' lunches, which were ordered from a restaurant located 80 miles from Los Angeles.

Greuel said her office called a local sandwich shop that could have provided box lunches for less than $17,500. The purchase would have had the added benefit of supporting a local business, she said."

Wow. After reading this from Huffinton Post, I for one truly believe that the LAPD & LA city officials should pay out of their own pockets the $50k lunches.

Just because they are on duty, doesn't mean that the city should have provided lunches! Were these lunches for the 1,000+ officers and staffers who were also sent home early because the fans listened to the repeatative requests of them to stay home (which would have more than paid for any services the city provided).

This just gets MORE disgraceful by the minute for LA & LAPD.

UPDATE: Here is a link to LAPD's blog post on the costs of the memorial. Interesting read.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FLASHBACK: Michael Jackson singing "Smile"

Where was Jesse Jackson during Michael Jackson's Memorial?

Well I, for one, know he was there. He was interviewed and photographed both inside and outside Staples Center. It had been noted prior to the event that Rev. Jackson was not named on the list of speakers.

Further noted after Rev. Sharpton's speech, was the cold shoulder given to Mr. Joe Jackson by Sharpton when Michael's siblings embraced Sharpton and Joe's advances were brushed aside numerous times. Rewatch the Memorial video if you don't believe me.

Bill O'Reilly said what? And I agree? *faint*

Hell has just frozen over.

Bill O'Reilly, a Fixed (Fox) News commentator, frequently (deservedly) appears on MCNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann in the Worst Persons in the World segment due to O'Reilly's outrageous comments and accusations. O'Reilly's use of six words below, in consecutive order, almost required my need of EMT services.

Blonde commentator (whatever her name is). "And we also aren't focusing on the pedophile accusations." (Referring to Michael Jackson)

Bill O'Reilly "Because we can't, he was acquitted."

Rather shocking for Fixed Noise to air those words! I wonder if O'Reilly was reprimanded after saying them?

Take **that** Rep. Pete King of New York.

MEMORIAL: Anything for Moeny

"Beware the man who shouts while standing on another man's casket," Tim Leiweke, AEG executive.

According to a LATimes article, Mr. Leiweke blasted the LA councilman for the manner in which Los Angeles officials handled the request for money to cover the city's costs of Michael Jackson's memorial service. Amen Mr. Leiweke.

Early on, as seen below, this blogger believes the manner in which LA handled themselves overall was horrifying. First to have councilwoman, and temporary mayor, Jan Berry, come out and tell the general public to stay home and not come to pay their last respects was assinine. Why? Let's take a look.

In 1997 when Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car accident, the world went into shock. An outpouring of grief just materialized. People came from all corners of the world. The front gates of Buckingham Palace were adorned with seas of flowers, messages, gifts. The crowds were peaceful, respectful and clearly mourning. Never did anyone hear "don't come."

Shops closed the day of her funeral out of respect. The media descended in masses. Likely fair to say that England saw an remarkable increase in tourist dollars spent in London in the weeks surrounding her death and funeral. And there was controversary around the Queens of Hearts, including a claim & belief that the monarchy was somehow involved in her death.

Thank you Los Angeles for showing the world that we are more worried about money than sending one of the greats off in style. What a bungled mess!

LA Times Article

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

While it's fresh...

While Michael Jackson's memorial is fresh, a few thoughts and memories was what I was looking to write as flipping through the channels looking for overviews and interviews.

On MSNBC's The Ed Show, Ed was about to interview Donny Deutsch and talk about the brand legacy of MJ's estate now and was very interested in what Mr. Deutsch would have to say so I didn't change the channel.

Instead of discussing the topics of brands from a business perspective, Mr. Deutsch ranted on and on how MJ was just a singer and dancer.

Lot of respect was just lost for Mr. Deutsch, not that my opinion matters to him.

Monday, July 6, 2009

What did I say days ago? Sheesh

Los Angeles Times news article on economic boost LA is getting from Michael Jackson fans coming in droves.

Click here to read article

Dyson, Buchanan and MSNBC talk about King's comments

Larry King Live on CNN July 06, 2009

Larry King has a wonderful list of guests tonight, all surrounding Michael Jackson. They include Howard Weitzman, former MJ attorney & represented "The Johns" today in the estate hearing, Debbie Rowe's former attorney Iris ___, Donald Trump and more.

What I admire the most is what Donald Trump came out and said, especially in light of what Rep. Pete King said over the weekend. "Michael was not a child molester."

Maybe Donald could have a little "Trump Talk" with Rep. King since he is close to District 3 in NY.

If only it were that easy.

Michael's Estate Control

While I am sure it is disappointing to the family that the control, even temporarily, has been given to "The Johns" (Branca and McClain), it was the best thing so far I've seen happen since his death.

Keeping in mind Branca & McClain's involvement in MJ's life over the years, their knowledge of the business as well as (I am sure) the inner workings of his family, will give them the ability to make smart unbiased business deals, keeping Michael's wishes in mind....and without their hand out.

When the announcement was made today that they were given immediate temporary control, I did a happy dance. Finally, someone is listening to what Michael wanted... not what THEY want.

Hope is on the horizon.

LAPD's status report on ticket distribution for Memorial

LAPD's blog gives a status update on how the distribution of the tickets for those selected to attend Michael's memorial tomorrow at LA Staples' Center.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Republican Pete King of NY owes the world an apology!

Watch this video where Republican Pete King of NY calls for people to honor our troops but not Michael Jackson, a "pervert," "pedophile".

Watch video here

Then write/call the following addresses below and register your complaint. Regardless of your personal feelings of Michael Jackson, no elected official should come out on VIDEO saying the things he did against another American who was tried and found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers. Absolutely disgraceful Congressman!

(R) Pete King, NY


Washington Office
339 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: 202-225-7896
Fax: 202-226-2279

Massapequa Park
1003 Park Boulevard
Massapequa Park, NY 11762
Phone: 516-541-4225
Fax: 516-541-6602

Suffolk County


Please REPOST and share with your friends! Write and call these offices to register complaints against the Congressman. When writing, you should include a url of the video located here. This isn't 'gossip'... this is the man speaking on tape, thus PROOF, not hearsay!

Stand up for Michael!

Los Angeles should hush and let Michael's fan arrives in the millions!

In my opinion, I don't believe the Jackson family should have to pay AT ALL for the services of LAPD. It is not the fault of the Jackson family that California is broke. California has profited dearly by Jackson's residence in their state. They will profit again in his death by the fans arriving and staying at local hotels, local eateries, gas tax for the cars they have rented to drive from LA to Neverland while they are visiting to name just a few ways.

LAPD did not raise an eyebrow during the Lakers' celebration. AEG should not have to pay the costs either. Temp Mayor Jan Berry has already stated that LAPD has a fund set aside for this type of event (meaning, they DO have the money), albeit likely not the final cost. But the fact that the city government is trying to keep fans of MJ away from his service is ridiculous.

EVERYONE is profiting from his death, and EVERYONE has their hand out--thinking just the use of his name will line their empty pockets. Airlines are seeing an increase in travel, not just from UK, but US as well. Newspaper sales saw a spike in the days after his death for people wanting a tangible memory of his shocking death. Every magazine is splashing his picture while many of the stories inside are a minor part of their total coverage. The record companies who hold the rights to his music are probably hiring people to start counting the money rolling in hand over fist.

Bottom line, LA could probably use the spike in tourism and would probably run the risk of losing tourism by his fans should they continue to try to keep them away. I saw an article from some time back that Sony made a statement about wanting to own outright the Beatles catalog. They have refrained from doing so because they feared that MJ's fans would boycott all Sony products seeing it as Sony taking advantage of their beloved Michael. I think LA would be smart to remember that. Can they really afford a boycott?

LA wake up. You will never again see the likes of tourism originating from your most beloved and famous resident. Show him (and his friends) respect by welcoming them with open arms. They won't riot, they are there to mourn. Let them!!!! You need money? WELCOME THE FANS... their attendance would probably put LA back in the money just from one day.

To Michael Jackson fans everywhere-- Go! Show the world and naysayers how beloved Michael is. Set records! Remember, be polite and orderly!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nancy Grace - HLN News on Michael July 02, 09

OMG! Nancy Grace you are really pushing journalism... even as a commentator.

"pushing himself to get through the rehearsal and just hours later to collapse in front of his son."

Seriously? First, you are making a personal comment on that as if it is truth. Then nowhere in reputable news, has anyone confirmed that his son actually saw him.

Oh wait, now you are repeating the rumor of a $25 payment to get in to his memorial-- even though that has not been confirmed (and others are reporting there is no cost).

There are other reports, also, that Debbie Rowe HAS had contact with her children but also was up against a mega star. Could you for a moment consider that maybe she's been threatened? For heavens sakes... don't add to the drama with your drama queen commentary.

Really, you should be ashamed.

Brothers had used Michael as a girl magnet

Michael, in a previous interview, had mentioned that one of his brothers (or more) had used him as a "cute" factor to get girls. When they were on tour and stayed in hotel rooms, the brother(s) would tell Michael to pretend he was asleep when they came in and he would hear his brothers having sex with women, sometimes in the bed next to him.

Jermaine just mentioned in an interview with Larry King tonight (July 02, 09) that their father would put them in the same room together when they were on tour as the leads of the musical group.

Did Jermaine just give us an idea what brother it was Michael was referring to? Have always been curious which brother would have done that to their brother.

Obama & Jackson... it wasn't a black thing

Last Friday when the news of Michael Jackson's death was still swirling around the cable and Internet, I sat appalled when I heard that the White House's comment came through the press secretary. Don't get me wrong-- Gibbs you rawk-- but your boss should have said something.

(Respectfully submitted:) Michael was an icon. Michael was ours. We failed him in some ways... and it wasn't a black thing to have you, as president, say something. He belonged to the United States. Send him out in style-- regardless of what you personally think about him... the world has watched how we have treated him... and are watching now.

Even though it was a carefully worded statement, and appeared in direct response to a question posed by a reporter, at least you personally said something today... on behalf of all the citizens.

Thank you.

To the Jackson Family spokespeople

This post is to remind the Jackson family & spokespersons you have been thrust into the spotlight again, not by your own talent or fame, but by the death of your brother... and to Joe (in case you have forgotten), your SON. There will be plenty of time later to promote reunion tours, possible rebirth of solo careers, Jackson Five clothing lines, and record labels. Please be assured that Michael's fans will not forget him, today, tomorrow or next year.

Michael was an incredible person to all those people who were fortunate to have been able to touch his greatness. You were his family. No family is perfect and the stress of the public way in which you have had to live your younger lives is something the average person could never understand. As Janet said, "To you, Michael was an icon. To us, Michael is family." We truly grieve along side with you.

You don't have to shove Sharpton down our throats to "make us" remember his legacy. Look at the billboard chart records he set in just three days. We will ensure his children's futures. Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket have just become royal children of our world. We will watch over the motives of those who stand to profit from Michael in these last days. We will call for investigations into his death if officials do not take proper steps. Remember in today's age, a mass rally can be put together in a matter of seconds, and in magnitudes that only Michael's fans could produce.

Take a deep breath. Focus on his children, your collective grief and leave the future of his vast empire to those of us who will continue buying his records. His legacy will be told to our children and their children of the man who wrote the soundtracks of our childhoods and adult years.

Michael never left us. We will never leave Michael.

.... just breathe.