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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You-hoo. Mark Skelly.

Buried back in my blog, on a post re: Fowler, I have received the following, to which I am replying to here. 
Anonymous *YOU* said... Marco, please don't mention anything about the MLB Opus. your information is inaccurate and you're speaking out of your ass. My name is Mark Skelly, and i head the MLB Opus project and have from day one. I'm also President of Opus Americas. There are no dissatisfied MLB Opus customer. if any MLB Opus customer had a concern or discrepancy it would be taken care of immediately. i would fly on a plane to my customer's residence and hand deliver their MLB Opus - and than take them to meet their favorite player. You loose all credibly when you throw the MLB Opus into the mix when you try to blast Fowler. Call me and quit hiding behind your computer. if you want to talk about morals and ethics, I'll take you on anytime. do your homework and quit being a lazy ass potato chip eating couch rat.  September 6, 2011 9:30 PM
*** For those who are confused why he is calling me Marco, well- I ended the post with "Marco....." as in Marco-Polo. Since Mr. Skelly has not done *his* homework, he should find I am far from a Marco.

Read on... it only gets better.........

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A challenge to all MJ Opus Owners

Please visit this page for more details. 


In Michael's Honor.



MSNBC article re: above event. There are two incorrect items in the following paragraph. Can you find them?

"Prince, 13, donned a black shirt and oversized shades, while Paris, 9, looked mature and elegant with her long, layered hair. Nine-year-old Blanket opted for a white ensemble and pulled his dark locks neatly back."

PS Here's Today's Show Facebook page if you wish to comment. Scroll down to find the article on MJ3.

UPDATE: Prince 21 Nights Opus

This comment was received here:

"Anonymous said...
Having made a section 75 claim on my credit card against Kraken for the Prince Opus i hadn't received but paid for 2 years ago - I got it today!!! But no ipod, no edition number, no covering letter and not in the condition I would have expected. Anyone else had one?!!"

August 9, 2011 1:18 PM
I will be emailing Prince fans who are waiting for the Prince Opus to confirm if just one was sent or has "you-know-who" finally gotten off his duff (or finally made enough $$ from the Ferrari Opi to) print the Prince Opi.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This week...

First, hello to all my beloved friends and fellow MJ Fans.  I have missed you!  (And apparently our friends in Guernsey and Covetry have missed my posts, since they have been spending a bit of time scouring my blog again recently.  Ignore those comments that appear.  I will answer them, if I think it is necessary). 

I would like to send a special note of appreciation to our new co-admin of my blog, Martijn Peskens (aka MJTKOP-NYTRAM to many of you).  During my absence, he made some fabulous changes here to the layout and kept things running smoothly.  THANK YOU MARTIJN.  I truly L.O.V.E. it!  Martijn and I started discussing some layout changes many months ago, and he has worked very hard on the new format, and it's something that may never have happened without him- I am sometimes technology challenged.  LOL 

More importantly, this is a difficult week for us all, as the second anniversary of Michael's passing quickly comes upon us.  I have started a new personal project that I will be sharing with all of you soon, but in the meantime I would like to suggest a few things you can do on Saturday to remember, and honor, Michael's memory and the committment he made to the world in his undying efforts in charity.

Consider visiting some veterans of your country's military in a veteran's home, or aged facility.  Take a few things with you that might cheer them.  They don't have to be expensive, just something to show they are remembered. You can do the same at any aged resting home.  Take some flowers for their dining facility, some nice grooming items such as soaps, body washes, perhaps after-shave or deodorants-- something that isn't 'facility issue' that will make them feel remembered.  (Suggestion:  try to find things for sensitive skin and not highly perfumed, since elder skin is much more delicate and perfumes could act as an irritant).  I would not recommend taking food items (or candies) unless you have contacted the facility administrator prior to taking such items, since the residents likely have restricted dietary guidelines.

Go door-to-door in your neighborhoods and ask for food donations and take your collection to a local charity, or food-bank, to help those who have little money or any affected by the recent world-wide disasters.  Personally, I take some of my food and tolietry collections to the local AIDS food bank since I know locally their programs were cut by more than 50% over 2 years ago.

Do not forget the animals!  While asking for food donations, ask your neighbors if they have an extra can of food, or bag of treats they could spare and take those to a local animal rescue or shelter.  It is amazing how quickly one can/bag here and there can add up!  Governments the world over are cutting programs in an effort to save money, and it is usually those who need the help the MOST who are cut FIRST.  I just took about 12 lbs of cat food, 20 lbs of dog food and bags upon bags of treats to my veternarian and asked them to distribute to rescue groups they personally work with, since many of them are clients as well).

I never ask for personal recognition- I simply say I am doing this in honor of Michael Jackson and in his memory.  They know my face, but not my name.

Remember, this is something that can be done year-round, not just every June.  If you think you don't have the time, then try to rearrange your schedule at least once a month to carve out at least 2 hours, more if you can afford it.  This type of activity is also a FANTASTIC way to get your children involved in so many ways. The life lessons are PRICELESS.

Lastly, I am a bit computer challenged right now.  My main (newest) laptop was shipped to the manufacturer's repair center since my video card died.  My older laptop, well, thanks to my security company's latest "update" has replaced an operating system file that has rendered the OS instable.  (Oh yippee!) So I am doing most of my reading/writing from my phone.  Please give me some time to get my laptop back from repair.  (Dang! It is ALWAYS something! Sigh)

Much L.O.V.E.,

PS.  For those who are able to see CNN US-- have you seen the new commercial for a special this weekend about Michael?  (His last days or something like that).  What are your thoughts of the IV drip they use as the backdrop for their special? 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Follow Cali's Blog by Email!

Dear followers of Cali's blog,

I've good news!  For those of you who enjoyed Cali's blog,  now instead of having to come here to see if there is a new posting you can receive a email letting you know.

[Your email address will be provided for this purpose only, it will not be available to any third party].

If you wish to start receiving email alerts just look to the column on the left and under ´´Follow Me by Email´´ type your email in the box and click submit.  You will then receive a email verification link to complete the process.

If you have any questions, suggestions or important bussines please visit the page "Contact'' for contact details. We'll do our best to respond promtly.

Thank you for visiting and following Cali MJ Fan.
Much L.O.V.E.
co-admin Martijn Peskens

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cali's absence

Dear blogreader's,,

Let me introduce myself,
My name is Martijn Peskens a.k.a. MJTKOP-NYTRAM an IACOP friend of Cali.
I've contact with Cali, since the whole Michael Jackson Opus fiasco started!
Thanks to Cali, I've received my Opus after a period 4 months of waiting.

I hope you all like the layout which I made.

As you've all noticed Cali has been offline for almost 2 months.
Last time I've spoken her, was on April 11th.

All we can do is wait and hope she's alright.

Much L.O.V.E.,

Co-Admin Martijn Peskens (

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kraken Opus: March 5 2010 Communication with Karl Fowler (Thread 1) re: MJ Opus orders

Since the *uber* post is taking much longer than I originally anticipated, I thought I would share some of the written communications between myself and Kraken Opus, since they speak for themselves.  The first is the entire thread re: my followup to Karl Fowler, CEO/Founder, Kraken Opus/Kraken Media Group, UK from our first phone conversation last year, March 5, 2010.

I have redacted certain information related to fans to protect their privacy.  Other than that, there are no changes to these emails, and appear in order of oldest to newest.  [sic] not corrected either.

Please note:  While this communication appears to confirm certain things such as the MJ Opus Reality, the apology prints, etc, in GOOD FAITH I took Karl at his word, knowing full-well the truth behind each of these issues.  Many of these "promises" made have never been fulfilled to this day.

As of Sunday, March 27, 2011:  There are STILL customers/fans waiting for their order from the lists sent previous to this email/conversation with Karl Fowler, as well as some after this email.  Promises Promises!

Friday, March 11, 2011

ALERT: re: Japan's earthquake, tsunami information, news, and assistance

UPDATED:  March 12, 2011 (Many new links below)

PLEASE share this information on your FB and Twitter pages in the hopes it will help at least one person get information, or help them to safety. 
Official news outlets
       CNN Impact Your World  (Facebook here)  Article here
       The Japan Times newspaper
        NHK World (English Streaming news)
        Kyodo News (English)
       Al-Jazeera (English)
        Reuters World News
        MSNBC World News

People Finders
       Google Crisis information:  Crisis contact information *Recommended!*
       Google People Finder:  In English
       Google People Finder: In Japanese
       US Citizens in Japan email US State Dept:

Disaster Message Boards (from Google Crisis page)
      •NTT Docomo disaster message board
     •KDDI/au disaster message board
     •SoftBank disaster message board
     •EMOBILE disaster message board
     •WILLCOM disaster message board

For US Citizens living or traveling in Japan
US State Department
       (US State Dept) Emergencies and Crises page
US Embassy in Tokyo
       (Embassy) Disaster Preparedness Checklist and information
       (Embassy) Consular Posts in Japan List of locations with map
Red Cross
       (Red Cross) Japanese Red Cross Society In English
       (Red Cross) Japanese Red Cross Society In Japanese

Official information re: Earthquakes, Tsunamis and, Blackouts and Nuclear Power
Japan Meteorological Agency Tsunami page
US Geological Survey (USGS) main site
NOAA's Pacific Tsunami Warning Center main site
FEMA Blog Home (Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Update #1)
Tokyo Power Electric Company (TEPCO) (Japanese)
Tohoku Power Electric (Japanese)
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
GOOGLE Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis Response

Charities via CNN's Impact Your World
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
Save The Children
Doctors Without Borders
Convoy of Hope

Charities via MSNBC's How to Help page
American Red Cross Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 OR website
International Medical Corps  Text MED to 80888 to donate $10 to their efforts
Save The Children Text JAPAN or TSUNAMI to 20222 to donate $10 OR website
Global Giving Text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10
World Vision (focuses on children)

Charities via Microsoft's webpage:
NetHope (32 leading international humanitarian organizations)
Mercy Corps (partnered with Chairty Peace Winds Japan)

Most of us have woke to the devistating news out of Japan. Our first concerns are of the people in Japan and areas affected by the earthquake. As a result of the earthquake, a tsunami has also hit Japan and there are 20 countries under tsunami warning.

I have sent messages to the MJ Fans I have email addresses for, hoping they will have access to email to check in. I will let everyone know when I hear from them. Please check in with me as soon as you can if you are in Japan or in a country under Tsunami warnings. (I am like a worried parent right now until I know you all are okay). Second, many of us have friends or family in Japan, as well as coastal areas who are under the tsunami warnings. I will try to put emergency contact information here in case you are seeking information on your friends or family. If you have any official sites not posted here, that you can share, please either leave them in the comments or email me at and I will post ASAP.

Update 1  (3/12/11)
I have heard from Cozy in Japan. (YAY!)  She was safe (thank goodness).    There are still 2 more people I am waiting to hear from in Japan.  Please keep them, and all the people in Japan, in your thoughts.  I will update the moment I hear anything from either of them.  I heard from my cousin in Hawaii (whew).  They were evacuated and all are safe.  Many on my FB page heard yesterday of the 6 animal activists who were last known to be in the Iwate prefecture area, and had not been heard from since the quake and tsunami.  They have contacted their families.  All are safe.

Please take a moment for the people who lost theirs lives, have not yet been discovered, those families who are likely beside themselves in worry, and for the entire nation of Japan.  Their world has turned upside down in a second.  After seeing first views yesterday of a town completely wiped out down to the foundations, one can only imagine the devistation that is yet to be uncovered.

Please reach your hand to help while they are shaken.  Remember, we are a planet of humans first and foremost.

Stay tuned for additional updates!

Much L.O.V.E, white light and positive energy to Japan.  You are in my thoughts.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

VIDEO: Hollywood Tonight

If you haven't seen it yet, here is the new video for Michael's Hollywood Tonight


"Hollywood Tonight" is currently trending on Twitter.  Make sure to post a few comments with Hollywood Tonight in your Tweets.... Let's keep it trending!

Much L.O.V.E.,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BREAKING: Kraken made a refund!

I think I might faint.

BREAKING: Statement from John Branca re: Mijac

Thank you MJSUNIFC for sharing this information! Wonderful news!

Begin quote:

There have been a great deal of questions regarding the Mijac catalog and reports in the press of it moving to Sony/ATV. Below is an email from Co-Executor John Branca to Jeff Jampol, GM of the MJ Online team, clarifying some of what has been publicized through various media outlets.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

*Uber* Post

Dated:  Feburary 17, 2011

I began writing an uber post on Feburary 9th and have been keeping my blog and FB followers update to date on its status. Printed on 8.5 x 11" paper, with .5 margins around, it has averaged between 10-14 pages long.  This is no short-commented post to be sure.

The morning of Feburary 16th, I was contacted by an MJ fan who is still waitiing for "their" MJ Opus, informing me of a delivery promise made by Kraken Opus (Lara) for a Friday, Febuary 18th dispatch.  I immediately sent an email to Lara Allen, with a cc: to Karl Fowler (CEO) and Andy Clay (Publishing Director) requesting the others still waiting whom I have communicated to Kraken Opus previously be included in this dispatch.  In the meantime I scrambled to get an updated list ready for immediate release.

MJ's Opus... is the time drawing near?

Many of you who have been involved in, or following the Kraken Opus/MJ Opus story since the beginning, especially those who are members of, will remember many of us vowing to not read our delivered MJ Opus until all of the others were delivered.

In the wake of the shocking (and quite stunning) developments over the course of the last 24 hours, it leaves me wondering if the time for joy and celebration is drawing near?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Update on post, Happy Valentine's Day and spam fun

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.  May L.O.V.E. always surround you, your heart and your spirit.

This "uber post everyone is waiting for:  When it first started, well-- it would be a 2-3 day project.  Sorry, it is taking me much longer than I once thought.  So, to quell expectations, do not expect it before at least Thursday.... at best.  Besides, it gives me some comfort in making a few people who will be the topic of it some expectation of worry.  (Again, NOT the people I have promised to keep their information to myself.  That commitment remains as the day I first promised it.)

In the meantime, for a long time I have laughed at some of the topics within the Spam mail I get.  So here's just a few from today's mailbox, in no particular order.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kraken Opus: Prince's 21 Nights Opus

For the past few days, I've been working on an uber post re: Kraken Opus, Karl Fowler, specifically re: a comment recently received here on my blog.  (Also have been entrenched in watching the international news re: Egypt.... CONGRATULATIONS EGYPT !!!)

A moment ago, I just took a quick glance at some incoming emails over the last few days, (I have not paid any time/attention to my email inbox because of the above) and am shocked at what I'm seeing.

A sudden surge of emails with specific details and correspondence with Kraken Opus employees re: Prince's 21 Nights Opus titles from around the world.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

KRAKEN OPUS: re: Prince 21 Nights Opus Refund

The following is an actual email between a Prince Opus customer and Lara Allen, of Kraken Opus.  The issue is the customer is trying to get a refund for the not (read: never) printed Prince 21 Nights Opus.  The price posted online is $2,100.  I have obtained permission from this person to post this online, with personal information redacted, as you will see below.  However, I do have the entire email.  This is yet another customer who has written me re: the Prince Opus. 

I have also confirmed with the customer that there has been no further contact, and definitely no refund, to this customer as promised below. 

So, Karl Fowler... where are these people's money?  How much of it did you use for other titles?  Do I need to contact Prince or his attorneys to get them to remove the Prince Opus adverts from your website, and demand that these customers who paid you beginning in April 2009, get their Two-thousand-one-hundred dollars back?  After all, Prince is a stickler for his images being used.  Normally, he doesn't even like the fans to use them.  I wonder what he'd think of you using them to continue to sell a book that is almost 2 years overdue.... and it appears, will never be made.  Did you get authorization to put Prince's music on that special iPod as advertised or is it another blunder like MJ's intellectial property rights with the Opus Augmented Reality? 

Well, at least this time they didn't promise the customer a free MJ Opus as an apology.  (Of course, that customer never got that either!)  Whoopsie.

Make everything right for these people Karl.  That's the only thing that will make us all go away.  The only.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hi everyone...

Yesterday (Saturday) I decided to run some scans on my computers... and discovered there are some type of potential virus files (ewww).  So after defrag'ging, virus scans and cleanup scans/fixes, I was wiped-out tired.

Today is a new day.  I am going to re-run all those scans and make sure there is nothing more to do and then will get to emails and such.  I am sorry to those I said yesterday I would reply later... but I promise I will later today.

In the meantime, a quote jumped out at me this morning, from of all places, a little tissue carrier I keep for my purse.

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift.
                                                                 ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Today and always, remember how precious life is.  Do not take it for granted, nor the lives of those around you.  And always, always remember, each of my "todays", I consider each of you precious gifts in my life. 

Much L.O.V.E. to you all,

Friday, January 7, 2011

GRAMMYS: Vote for MJ!

This was posted on Facebook earlier, however realized it is not posted here.

Please be sure to vote for MJ as the Best Pop Vocal Performance for TII.


Go here and follow the instructions to vote as a Human (silly, but that's what it says). 

You can vote every 20 minutes, for the next 37 days.  So set a timer.  Refresh the page. 

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hey hey... I found an awesome new toy for everyone! 

Over to the right here, is a new Translation widget where you can select your language, press the arrow and watch my blog turn into your language!

Please let me know if it does a decent job at translating for you!  I hope it does.  I've been looking a long time for something like this for all of you.  You have been so wonderful to me, patient, and kind when the Google translations were not, well, so correct.

Much L.O.V.E. to each and every one of you! 

WATW- In the spirit of charity

Going through some of the comments that I have missed, I found one that had a link to a charity.  The person wrote they sent a letter to Kraken Opus requesting that their $20 donation to charity be sent here, Chernobyl Children International.  That got me to thinking, everyone has a favorite cause(s).

What are yours? 

If you will put a link below to either ones that touch your heart, or would like to highlight, I will put a list together and also link them to the right here for all to see.  Feel free to add as many as you want.  At any time. 

It is a new year.  A new year of hope.  A new year of change.  A new year of inspiration. 

.............. and a new year of L.O.V.E.

Much L.O.V.E.,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KRAKEN OPUS: Welcome back Karl Fowler

It's a new year and I want to take this opportunity to welcome back an old (cough) friend to my blog....

Karl Fowler.

Yep.  The one and only.

Seems he had some time yesterday to pay us a visit.  Perhaps his time would be better utilized by ensuring his customers receive the items in which they paid for instead of taking time to read my blog.

Here's a few projects that should be on his "To Do" list:

The following are in date order by project:

1.  Reimburse Frank Parker the outstanding monies owed him for the order you placed for custom made Opus Bookstands.  If this went to court, I suspect you would be in breach of contract and also subject to penalties or damages.

2.  Reimburse approximately 100 customers (or more) the $2,100.oo each they paid for the Prince 21 Nights Opus which begain April 2009.  I suspect if this went to court, Karl would also owe these customers interest on their money back to April 2009.  Perhaps even penalties or damages.

3.  Arrange with Sony or MJ's Estate the delivery of the outstanding The Official Michael Jackson Opus that were purchased beginning in August 2009 since your site is showing "Sold Out" stock.  Your committment to me was in March 2010 to have all deliveries resolved in 10-14 days.  Clearly, that committment (while reduced from outstanding Opus numbers in March) has not been met.

3b.  Facilitate the precendence your company set for all MJ Opus customers who purchased the MJ Opus through Ticketmaster or Kraken Opus and will never receive the falsely advertised Opus Augmented Reality technology, by making a $20 donation for EACH customer to either a charity of their chosing OR to the same original organization, Using pre-order figures of 20,000 sold by early December 2009, this would be a minimum of $400,000.oo USD.  Both issues of 3 and 3b, if they were to proceed in court, would leave the customer possibly due interest, damages, and fines/penalties lodged against Kraken Media Group (aka Kraken Opus, Opus Media Group, et al). 

4.  Promptly audit and address the outstanding MLB Opus deliveries which are outstanding.  To date one customer has attempted to contact Kraken Opus via email AND phone, with silence returned on both accounts.  They have now received a more direct means of communication with your company from me and we are all awaiting to hear the outcome.  Of course, as a backup, I have provided them with additional contact information for assistance from the Major League Baseball (MLB) head offices.  In the meantime I will be searching for other MLB customer who still have not received their PRE-ordered MLB Opus. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

 2010 is gone. 

Depending on where you live, you could say it was the worst year for natural disasters. 

Think of  Haiti, Chile, China for massive earthquakes, Pakistan and California, where it never rains, or Russia for devistating fires.  If you live near the Gulf of Mexico, you could say it was the worst year for man-made carelessness and greed, courtesy of BP Oil. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Patti!

Wishing you all the best and great this world and life has to offer... this day and always.

Ok, I'm a little late.... Sorry.  I hope the special wallpaper makes up for my being tardy.