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Thursday, December 30, 2010

ACTION: Discovery Channel re: re-enactment of MJ's autospy


Source: TMZ (Sincere thanks to TMZ for their continued coverage of this subject since first reported re: fans writing Discovery as seen here December 11th.)  Ps. For some reason when I converted the PDF as a JPEG, the watermark was removed.  Not sure what font you use but made sure TMZ was still credited as well as sourced above.

If you want to send your message, you can write a letter to the President/CEO of Discovery.

David M. Zaslav
President and Chief Executive Officer
Discovery Communictions Inc.
One Discovery Place
Silver Spring, MD 20910

You can email Discovery Channel.
Viewer Relations Form
Contact Us (Lists of Sales Executives) Phone and fax numbers.

List of Discovery Channel Brands in the event you wish to be an informed consumer and not view/purchase any items from their extensive brand list.
Discovery Channel's Newsroom to keep an eye for any official comment/press release re: this.
Investor Relations for Discovery Channel, in the event you hold any shares and wish to sell.

Some of the press this subject has garnered:
Death and Taxes December 11
AndJustice ForSome December 12 ** most interesting**
The Associated Press December 29
Forbes December 29
LA Times December 29
Wall Street Journal December 29
BBC December 30


  1. I always enjoyed watching Discovery, but not anymore, it's Disgusting!!!,

    Even if the cadaver is synthetic, the process of repeatedly associating the name of a recognized person — is a violation of their name and memory.

    There is no respect or inherent value in this type of programming. It disrespects all peoples. It violates the sanctity of family, of life and memories, of everything we hold to be precious about the lives we are given. It violates humanity, the humane, and every sane thinking person.

    This program will be duplicated and parodied on Youtube, and Discovery is culpable and should be held accountable for any damage in the aftermath.

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