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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You-hoo. Mark Skelly.

Buried back in my blog, on a post re: Fowler, I have received the following, to which I am replying to here. 
Anonymous *YOU* said... Marco, please don't mention anything about the MLB Opus. your information is inaccurate and you're speaking out of your ass. My name is Mark Skelly, and i head the MLB Opus project and have from day one. I'm also President of Opus Americas. There are no dissatisfied MLB Opus customer. if any MLB Opus customer had a concern or discrepancy it would be taken care of immediately. i would fly on a plane to my customer's residence and hand deliver their MLB Opus - and than take them to meet their favorite player. You loose all credibly when you throw the MLB Opus into the mix when you try to blast Fowler. Call me and quit hiding behind your computer. if you want to talk about morals and ethics, I'll take you on anytime. do your homework and quit being a lazy ass potato chip eating couch rat.  September 6, 2011 9:30 PM
*** For those who are confused why he is calling me Marco, well- I ended the post with "Marco....." as in Marco-Polo. Since Mr. Skelly has not done *his* homework, he should find I am far from a Marco.

Read on... it only gets better.........

To: Mr. Mark Skelly,

Allow me to introduce myself.  You can call me Cali and I live, like you, in the United States of America, where I am fundamentally guaranteed, as a citizen, free speech, as are you.  Using that right, I will most certainly say anything I wish, if I wish, when I wish and where I wish.  It appears you have not done your homework about me or you would know (unless in jest) I have done my utmost to ensure that what is posted here can be backed up, and the delay in delivery of the MLB Opus to some customers is included.

You are quite rude for someone who is partnered with Major League Baseball and your ranting comments very easily could become a permanent testiment of your professionalism on this project.  What a way to represent MLB!  Perhaps you should add *cyber bully* to your Linked In profile.

This is your SECOND comment on my blog re: MLB Opus. At least this time your left your name.  The first however you left your coroporate IP address in LA and I DO my homework as evidenced by my comment the following day naming you specifically. 
The MLB Opus is the most definitive sports publication ever produced! it's sensational...every customer that I've spoken to is thrilled and incredibly satisfied. The staff at MLB Opus work 24/7 - with a goal to make sure that every customer is pleased with their purchase and the lines of communication are wide open. Operations, administration and marketing & sales are executed entirely different than the MJ venture. I highly advise customers and vendors to call Mark Skelly, the Executive Producer, of the Official Major League Baseball Opus, with any concerns, ideas or suggestion. they will be addressed immediately.  February 8, 2011 4:44 PM
Cali MJ Fan said...

Thank you Mark Skelly for stopping by. Be sure to check out the front page so you can see my reply to your comment here.  The thread will be up within the hour.  February 9, 2011 11:51 AM
As a "corporate professional" or "President of Opus Americas" as you state above, one would expect an email from you rather than two infantile practically anonymous comments on a blog.  However, neither of your comments supply any contact information to contact you nor did you contact me via email.  My email information is displayed quite clearly on my blog.  Karl Fowler and Andy Clay have had no problems in communicating with me via email all the way from the UK since January 2010.

Perhaps you should have asked Fowler and/or Andy IF there had been any customers forwarded by me to them re: non-receipt of their MLB Opus BEFORE you shot your wad on my blog.  IF you had, you would have been notified that in fact I had.

Customer received this October 14, 2010 *after paying $430 for the MLB Opus*

Dear Customer,

We just wanted to update you on your order for The Official Major League Baseball Opus.
This title is now ready for shipping and deliveries will commence very shortly. You should receive your Opus within the next six weeks.
We will ship the Opus direct to you using the delivery address supplied when ordering, and will send you a tracking number so that you can monitor the progress of your order once it has been dispatched.
We hope that you will be pleased with your copy of The Official Major League Baseball Opus when you receive it. In the mean time, if we can be of any assistance please email us at

Thank you

Opus Media Group

Opus Media Group Limited, 29 Glategny Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1WR. Registered in Jersey under company number 103152.
On January 5, 2011, the customer sent the following email (notice that Karl Fowler, Founder of Kraken Opus.. cough cough- your boss is cc'd):  

I am writing to you for an update regarding my order, reference number **REDACTED**. I pre ordered the MLB Opus on 8/*redacted/2010 through the Kraken Opus website ( and as of today 1/05/2011 I haven’t receive my Opus. I received the e-mail below on the 10/*redacted*/2010 updating me that the Opus were ready to be sent and I was to receive an email once my copy was posted with a tracking number and would receive my Opus within the next 6 weeks, but I still have not received my Opus or any other communications regarding my order.

I have tried to contact the company directly through the websites contact us form and the phone number supplied on you website but I have not received any replies. So I got your contact information from Cali.


On January 20th, this same customer confirmed that they had in fact still not received their MLB Opus, nor any further updates from Andy. By early February, their MLB Opus did arrive.  Finally.  But your comment of this being handled "immediately" is abolutely false.  It is my belief, that it took comments re: MJ's Opus and a few visits from Ferrari Corporate to my blog to actually get the last of the deliveries made earlier this year- after complete silence from Karl and Andy. 

Karl Fowler promised me (on behalf of several customers) that his own father would be flying to hand deliver the MJ Opus to one customer's doorstep and an associate would do the same for a US delivery.  NEVER HAPPENED!  I've heard all the "Kraken Opus" horseshit already.   Remember, you are speaking to the MJ community liasion re: MJ Opus deliveries from December 2009 through 2011 (and some have yet to receive replacements for their damanged items reported in December 2009!), as well as the Prince Opus' where some have STILL NOT received their $2,100 PAID FOR PRODUCT!  (Pre-orders began in April 2009!)  Because of the MJ Opus, people from around the world have contacted me with their horror stories re: Kraken Opus. 

The next time you sit behind the computer flexing your dick muscle on the keyboard, perhaps you should take your own advice and "do your homework and quit being a lazy ass potato chip eating couch rat."


PS.  Since you wish to 'take me on", and  are incapable of locating another means of communicating with me outside leaving anonymous comments on my blog, here is my email address:
Unless of course you wish to continue this on the internet-machine, where it remains VERY public, and on a blog that is followed in over 50 countries and serves as great entertainment for all Kraken Opus customers who have had less than stellar service, and missing advertised product not to mention, for some, almost two years delay in delivery. 




  1. Thank you Velvet. I have had it past my eyeballs with the whole Kraken group. Perhaps my reply is out of the norm for me but I don't take kindly to being threatened nor bullied as Skelly is clearly trying to do here.

  2. Your answer was PERFECT *Marco*...They threatened you because at this point they dont have any logical explanation, and the lies have "short legs"....

  3. Wow!! It's been so long since I visited here! Did you ever hear from Mr Skelly again, Marco? LOL

    1. It's been even longer since I've been here Patti. Haha no. No reply from the dork. How are you? Xoxo Much LOVE--Cali