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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cali's back... and Opus issues are top priority

I know everyone has been frustrated with the issues that have yet to be resolved with Kraken Opus re: MJ's Opus.  The most frustrated people are the ones who have yet to even receive what they paid for... and I don't mean not getting the 2nd glove, or the OR card and technology.  I mean the people out there who paid over a YEAR ago who have yet to get their MJ OPUS.

I had to step away from this because I was physically sick.  I'm not 100% but I'm well enough to take this up again.  But I also had to mentally step away from it because of the pain I felt with every email and message I get from you.  My heart has been broken since December when this started. 

Someone (an IACOP... kisses, you know who you are) recently brought something to my attention that has encouraged me.  If you know what I'm talking about, please do not mention it here .... YET.  Just know that the fire has been ignited again and there might be some awesome news shortly.

In the meantime, I have seen your emails and while I haven't read them all, I will be doing that over the next few days so many of you will be getting replies.  To AJ-- yours is at the top of the list to get a reply.  I've never seen a more humbling email in my life.  Thank you.

Anyway-- as far as day-to-day MJ news... I'm turning all of that over to MJTKOP-NYTram.  He has a blog which is beautiful.  He has his own style and I think you'll really love his blog.  So please be sure to sign up to support him.  Visit his blog here 

My blog will continue with Kraken Opus issues as well as focusing more on international issues and things that we, as MJ fans of the world, can participate in to Change The World in MJ's honor.  Saving Whales and Dolphins are a current issue and the videos and images I post aren't pleasant to look at. 

In the last 24 hours, 8 more dolphins have been taken out of the ocean for captivity- to entertain you at SeaParks.  Ripped away from their mothers, their families.  2 were drowned by trainers holding them under water to make their jobs easier.  Even more were slaughtered, with their babies and family  swimming in their blood.  Those that weren't killed or taken, were sent back to sea, covered in their family's blood.  The Japanese government is currently feeling the pressure from people in over 151 countries right now, and we can NOT wait until tomorrow to raise our voices as one. 

I will also start including different issues.  I've waited long enough to start the WATW-R and I can multitask... so can you!  Many action items will not cost you a penny, only a few seconds/minutes of your time and a few words.  No excuses. 

As soon as there is Kraken Opus news, I'll post it.  Be sure to sign up for my Facebook page (to the right here).  Comment & share issues.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Teach others how to make change by becoming the mouthpiece for change.  Be a role model for change.  Don't worry about what others think of you (hell, MJ didn't and I don't).  Just reach out.  Speak up.  But most of all-ACT.

Much L.O.V.E. as always and from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you,


  1. Hey Cali.. some awesome news would be great to hear!!! This mess has just gone on toooo long! But take it easy! We want you well!!! ♥

  2. As Patti said...we need some good news here!, and we are here to follow you as you already know captain!....but...Patti is sooo right!: TAKE IT EASY !!!...We want you well and safe!♥

  3. Hey Cali sweetie, I agree with PattyAnn and Velvet, You're right about everything but I wish you well, then... take it easy. You have our support ever. A lot of L.O.V.E

  4. Cali I just sent you a copy of an email I received from Lara Allen stating that refunds (I purchased the PRINCE OPUS) were being issued at the end of November. Since sending my wire info. over I have not heard one word in 2 weeks. It's time to start filing complaints people.

    Be well and know that truth with prevail ALWAYS!

  5. Hey Cali.... any news on the Opus front? Deliveries, donations, AR?? Or is it just 'radio silence' from them as usual? It's almost a year since I received mine.... just disgusted that there are fans out there still waiting.... :(

  6. My dear IACOPS ... I L.O.V.E. each of you so much and dearly. You're wonderful.

    I was having some problems with this blog and being able to subscribe to comments, so many of the newest posts I missed. So sorry. I think it's fixed now .. .we'll see. LOL

    Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!