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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"When the slaughter was finished they drove the rest of the pod out, but the two babies did not want to go, they were looking all over for mom. So the evil men slaughtered them too."

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.... For those of you who just read this and did nothing... imagine this.

You just walked by a young baby laying in the street or sidewalk.  The child was without its mother or father.  You kept walking and said nothing.

Mortifying thought, right?  Well, that's what you just did.


  1. Sad, Cali, so sad....This is not the first time that I feel ashamed to belong to the "human race"...what is more, most of the time I feel like this...
    I dont know why, I cant understand, I dont approve, I cant stand this kind of behaviour...
    I just dont know haw ia that a person could do such a thing...when I cant kill even an ant...
    Well, this kind of people dont care even about humans...
    Anyway, ( and this is personal ), I feel more sorry for animals than for humans...cause animals cant talk, they cant tell you when they suffer, they cant stand up for their rights...they dont have bad feelings in their hearts....
    This is a cruel world Cali...humans are cruel...and money rules the world...and there are more people interested in making money than in saving animals...unfortunatelly, because this brokes my heart...
    Thanks God there are people like us, that cares about it, and keep fighting for their rights...and there is sooooo much work to do yet...
    Sorry for this so long post sweetie!
    Thank you for this home dear!
    LOVE YA!!! ;)

  2. May you all be blessed with a very Merry Christmas full of peace, love, laughter, and joy! ...

  3. Thank you Skeptikos. Many blessings to you and your familiy.

    Much L.O.V.E.


    I know. This is horrible. Truly. I hope one day (soon) these horrible murders will end. We must continue to voice our contempt until it stops. One day it will.

    Much L.O.V.E. and Merry Merry Christmas my dear,