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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UPDATE: Prince 21 Nights Opus

This comment was received here:

"Anonymous said...
Having made a section 75 claim on my credit card against Kraken for the Prince Opus i hadn't received but paid for 2 years ago - I got it today!!! But no ipod, no edition number, no covering letter and not in the condition I would have expected. Anyone else had one?!!"

August 9, 2011 1:18 PM
I will be emailing Prince fans who are waiting for the Prince Opus to confirm if just one was sent or has "you-know-who" finally gotten off his duff (or finally made enough $$ from the Ferrari Opi to) print the Prince Opi.

In the meantime, if you ordered the Prince Opus and have received it, please leave a message below. I would also LOVE to post pictures of the book that took over 2 years to make- and that cost $2,100.

Of course, like MJ Opus customers, Prince Opus customers also did NOT receive the music/video content as described in world-wide advertisements. WHAT A SHOCK!

What makes this more frustrating is the lack of response and action by the Federal Trade Commission after hundreds of complaints were filed. This was the advice I was given by several representatives AND managers during my continued followup with the FTC re: my complaint (and also on behalf of the 20,000 MJ Opus customers worldwide): The FTC will review complaints based on a NATIONWIDE PATTERN of complaints. This means we need to have people from every US state to file a complaint. It would be better if we have multiple people from every state. This does NOT mean that the complaints that were filed from customers/fans from either inside or outside the states were ignored, but it was STRONGLY emphasized to get an investigation started, it needed to have a MULTIPLE NATIONWIDE (USA) PATTERN. This was also confirmed by several State Attorney Generals that I spoke with.

If you are in the USA, and did file a complaint, PLEASE renew your complaint with the FTC. If you are in the USA, and did NOT file a complaint, please contact the FTC and file a complaint TODAY. Here is some information we used in previous complaints dating back to December 2009.

December 19, 2009 File a ComplaintJuly 6, 2010 EConsumer.govJune 18,2010 Did you order the Prince Opus?Much L.O.V.E.

PS.  This is post #666.  How appropriate! LMAO


  1. *shocked* LOL What about complaints made outside of USA? Do they just not count?

    (Sorry Cali, posting as anon cause blogger says I no longer have access to view/sign in to your blog)

  2. I think they doesnt count.....anyway.....what can we do ....more than turn down the page and move on ....
    Happens the same as you Patti...I have to comment as anonymous....

  3. The previous anon was me...VELVET....

  4. you know what is more upsating than receive Prince 21 nights after 2 years... that they could buy they same contents of the book, in a smaller and less heavier version, for 100 or 200 dollars...
    I think we should listen to "You know who" anthem... "F*** You!", by Lilly Allen...

  5. just testing to see if it works and I can sign in....

  6. You could Patti !!! YAY!!!....I will try tomorrow :/....

  7. I'm a buyer and I HAVE NOT received mine - I just started the filing process AGAIN as the current phone number listed on Kraken does not work. I am so angry that KOPUS has the nerve to send me emails about the new Derek Jeter Opus - ARE YOU effing real?