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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

KRAKEN OPUS: re: Prince 21 Nights Opus Refund

The following is an actual email between a Prince Opus customer and Lara Allen, of Kraken Opus.  The issue is the customer is trying to get a refund for the not (read: never) printed Prince 21 Nights Opus.  The price posted online is $2,100.  I have obtained permission from this person to post this online, with personal information redacted, as you will see below.  However, I do have the entire email.  This is yet another customer who has written me re: the Prince Opus. 

I have also confirmed with the customer that there has been no further contact, and definitely no refund, to this customer as promised below. 

So, Karl Fowler... where are these people's money?  How much of it did you use for other titles?  Do I need to contact Prince or his attorneys to get them to remove the Prince Opus adverts from your website, and demand that these customers who paid you beginning in April 2009, get their Two-thousand-one-hundred dollars back?  After all, Prince is a stickler for his images being used.  Normally, he doesn't even like the fans to use them.  I wonder what he'd think of you using them to continue to sell a book that is almost 2 years overdue.... and it appears, will never be made.  Did you get authorization to put Prince's music on that special iPod as advertised or is it another blunder like MJ's intellectial property rights with the Opus Augmented Reality? 

Well, at least this time they didn't promise the customer a free MJ Opus as an apology.  (Of course, that customer never got that either!)  Whoopsie.

Make everything right for these people Karl.  That's the only thing that will make us all go away.  The only.

From: *redacted*
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2010 8:12 PM
To: 'Lara Allen'
Subject: RE: Prince Opus - Refund

Hi Lara,

I replied back to your email (11/9) with my banking information and wanted to follow up to make sure you had received that.

Do you have all the information you need to process the wire transfer?

From: Lara Allen []
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 1:12 AM
To: *redacted*
Subject: Prince Opus - Refund

Dear *redacted*

Thank you for your email.

I understand your most recent email was your third attempt of contacting someone.

Unfortunately I have only received the email dated 3 November 2010. I have been on leave and only got back yesterday.

I have spoken with my management this morning and have asked that your case be dealt with. I have been advised that our accounts department is next making refunds at the end of this month.

In the meantime please may I have the following details from you so that we can make the transfer into your bank?

AMOUNT PAID Inc Currency.

Kind regards,

Lara Allen

Opus Media Group

Opus Media Group
Esplanade House
29 Glategny Esplanade
St Peter Port

Tel: 01481 700223 Tel: 0207 213 9587
Fax: 01481 700887 Fax: 0207 213 9588


  1. I think contacting Prince is a great idea. Karl obviously is not going to make this right on his own.. perhaps a little push (or a big shove!) from the right people would help the scumbag make it right.

  2. I agreee with you Patti... I think that's the best idea for how the things are developing now...

  3. I also agree with Patti.....Karl is not going to do anything....maybe Prince himself could do sth....someone must stop Karl Fowler....someone must put this thief behind bars!....
    Sadly funny how all the emails from Kraken are so much alike....same excuses always...."at the end of the month","next week", bla....bla...bla...

  4. I agree, Prince must be get involved in this,

    The sentence that bothered me is the following 'that your case be dealt with!!!

    No offend to this customer, but why is his/her case so special that it can be dealt with?

    What about all the other people who've paid a huge amount of money for the Prince Opus!!!

    Ps Cali ( i see that the read more option works ;) )

  5. In total agreement with everyone. NYTram, the comment Lara made is one that has been repeated throughout this entire endeavor- with MJ's Opus as well as Prince's. It's just customer service trying to make things appear to that one customer they are being handled with gloves. Usually this type of comment has been seen to those who have written either over and over again, OR have either threatened legal action OR their attorneys have written on their behalf-- at least that has been MY expereince from the countless copies of email communication I have from customers worldwide who have written Andy, Karl, Lara and anyone else at Kraken Opus.

    The only problem, is that the promises are usually empty... as we all know.

    PS. giggles. Yes. :) Will get to reply to that email today... hopefully. lol *wink*

  6. I'm STILL waiting for my Mj Opus!!! I have received my confirmation email order last July. Since then the Opus never arrived...i dunno what to do, who to contact. I just want my Opus, simple as that. After that, no more business with these people. Kraken is not a serious company.

  7. Someone must contact the Estate of Michael Jackson They need to now this mess!!!!

  8. Luca,

    I'm sorry to hear you still haven't received your MJ Opus. I don't recall your name (off the top of my head) from my lists. Have you contacted me via email before for assistance?

    Please write me at so I can discuss this with you privately.

    I have been working on this for a year now. I can assure you, the people who need to be aware of this, are very aware. The Estate can be of no assistance to the customers because we purchased through a company not associated with MJ's Estate. This is between us, the customer, and Kraken Opus... and the appropriate legal entities for consumers in our representative countries.

    I hope that helps answer your question. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Much L.O.V.E.,

  9. Cali please check your mail!

  10. so sorry to hear that others are suffering from Opus like us.... it's no kidding, 2,100 US dollars! why is there such terrible company on earth? so sick!

  11. Cali, check your mail please, Daniele must have wrote to you thanx!

    Let's this nightmare to have an end please.

  12. Luca

    I haven't received anything from Daniele yet. I will let you know when I do.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  13. Cali

    thanx for the info, he must write you soon, keep me informed please!



  14. Having made a section 75 claim on my credit card against Kraken for the Prince Opus i hadn't received but paid for 2 years ago - I got it today!!! But no ipod, no edition number, no covering letter and not in the condition I would have expected. Anyone else had one?!!

  15. Dear Anon,
    I am completely flabbergasted and shocked that someone is actually confirming receipt of the Prince Opus. You are the first to confirm so I will be sending out a message to others I know who have been waiting to see if anyone else has gotten theirs.

    I would love to post pictures of the one you received, especially since it sounds like it might be damaged (by your description). This was a problem with many of the MJ Opus' as well of which I believe only some people received replacements.

    You can email me at and only the pictures will be shared with the public.

    Thanks for the update... .more to come as I learn it.
    Much L.O.V.E.,