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Thursday, November 5, 2009

NEWS: Dr. Arnie Klein sits down with TMZ

This interview segment is a 1 hour and 45 minute full interview Harvey Levin had with Dr. Klein today on TMZ Live.


Other than tuning out when Klein goes on and on about himself, there is one specific topic that is brushed over a few times during this interview. The revelation of who introduced Conrad Murray to Michael.

Wait for it.............


If nothing else is important, that alone should raise the roof on the controversy surrounding Michael and his relationship with his father, not to mention Michael's death.

If true, how in the world can Joe live with himself?

How can ANYONE in Michael's family still talk to Joe? How can the media not confirm this and report it as the most viraled story of ALL time? And, towards the end of the "how" questions is how can Joe ever earn any money off Michael's name from this point forward?

Don't know about you, but I for one am horrified... and not in the Thriller kind of way.



  1. (my comments as posted to TMZ after watching the interview)

    Dr. Klein-- Keep in mind, the part you mentioned about Michael going around to say good-bye to everyone in your office-- MJ was about to go to London for 9 months. In THAT context, it does not seem odd that he would go around and say good-bye rather than twisting it into a premonition of something such as his death. Fill in the blanks so you don't add fuel to all the crazy stories out there.

    It makes no sense that you are asking for the money for the services you performed on Michael, yet you are going to give it all to charity. Also, it sounds as if you need to shorten the leash on your attorneys if they are submitting public documents without your knowledge and also ensure they update their knowledge of submitting procedures codes into public documents.

    The comments you made about Debbie Rowe are very directly vendictive. To believe that jealousy is the reason she doesn't like you is utterly stupid. Spilling the beans about pictures in your office, blah blah. Sad-- really sad.

    I'm sure your other patients don't appreciate you giving their names out in public. Maybe they want to keep their doctors' names private. This is referencing the part of the interview that you discuss Michael dancing for other patients. And stop name dropping-- Carrie Fisher, Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Penny Marshall. It lessens your credibility.

    Again, the story about Prince (the singer/artist) and Michael meeting and working on Bad together is not a secret. Not only did we, his fans who listened to him during that era, know that story but ther eis also an interview with Quincy Jones discussing it on one of Michael's albums. So that is *not* a secret.

    If you're going to say Michael was wearing 2 of your jackets, why didn't you tell us which 2 were yours. THOSE are the things we want to know about-- not what a self-proclaimed wonder-doctor you think you are.

    Ok, those are the criticisms. Here's the compliment-- thank you for doing the interview. It is great to hear some of the stories that you told and clear up some of the rumors that surround Michael.

    HARVEY-- Please dig more into the claim that JOE JACKSON introduced Conrad Murray to Michael. The claims in past were more directed at Albert Alverez, the security guard. Also find out how Joe Jackson feels about introducing Michael to the man who killed his son. After all, it's bad enough that Joe abused Michael as a child and was an ass, then has done nothing but try to make money off MJ's name since his death-- but now to hear that Joe is the one who introduced Michael to Murray....... OMFG! Someone needs to ask Joe if HE feels responsible for Michael's death!

    As for the drug addiction specialist, it was referenced some time back that the dr who has "Wonderland" is the doctor someone contacted to stage the intervention. Also the reported name of the supposed estate he was 'going' to purchase in Las Vegas.

    Harvey-- Klein said at least 2 or 3 times in this interview alone that he had NOT seen This is It. The Twitter page is Klein's official page. There was no confusion on your part.

  2. Just as mentioned above, albeit a very few lines of the entire interview-- here is the 'twist' people will take from Klein's words about Michael saying good-bye to Klein's office staff--