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Sunday, November 22, 2009

VIDEO: Conrad Murray cries in church

There is something amiss with Dr. Conrad Murray. Earlier it was announced by (one of) his attorney that Murray will be returning to his practice in Houston beginning tomorrow. Then shortly after, a video hit the net of Murray in a Houston church, surrounded by perishiners and a few (crocodile) tears rolled down his cheeks. According to this, apparently the congregation was teary eyed as well.

Why would Murray spend all this time since MJ's death in hiding, go to court in Las Vegas last week, and then SUDDENLY decide he can still practice medicine in Texas. His hospital privildges have been tarnished for overprescribing a patient prior to Michael's death. Now, unless the city of Houston has been living under a rock, they know Murray has CONFESSED to ADMINISTERING and obtaining Propofol that resulted in Michael's death which has been ruled a homicide.

Here's what the Houston Chronicle has to say, but what will the Texas Medical Board have to say?

As a reminder, here are a few of the words Janet had to say about Murray recently. The picture is worth the vist alone.

In the meantime, here are the crocodile tears. Thanks TMZ! Source

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