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Monday, November 23, 2009

NEWS: Michael's Opus

The AP has an indepth interview and look into one aspect of the upcoming release of Michael's Opus book. Here is the article.

UPDATE 12/23/09 09:38am PT: I just checked the link for this AP article and it is now "no longer available". Here is the same article through

The 400-page, 26 pound book is due for release on December 7th. It is a must have for any serious collector of Michael. If you did not pre-order when the news first broke, you are going to kick yourself.

Now, if you purchase from Kracken Opus direct, the price is $249, with a This is It movie discount. Or from Ticketmaster, for $225 with no movie discount.

You can only order the Official MJ Opus through Kranken Opus or Ticketmaster. Considering they originally priced this book for over $300 USD, you might want to get it before Decembr 7th. To compare the price, Prince has a limited edition Opus (limited to only 950 copies) for $2,100.

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