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Thursday, November 19, 2009

NEWS: AEG v. LA City Attorney over Memorial

Go back to early July. Michael's fans were welcomed with open arms by the millions to come publicly mourn the death of a beloved world-wide icon that sadly lost his life in their city-- the City of Angels. Right? smacks head Sorry, that was a dream not reality. Well, the saga continues with Los Angeles city government, AEG and Michael's memorial.

It was recently noted that the mourners who did go (and were welcomed outside Staples and Nokia by the boys in blue) brought with them over $4 million in an economic gift to LA. Michael's memorial costs were less than this figure (and would have been less had LA realized Michael's fans were in shock and not capable of damage, thus saving the city at least a million if not more).

Well, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has decided to recoup monies the city spent and they are going after AEG. Read the latest from AEG top dog Tim Leiweke and tomorrow there will be more links and background into this story.

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