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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

 2010 is gone. 

Depending on where you live, you could say it was the worst year for natural disasters. 

Think of  Haiti, Chile, China for massive earthquakes, Pakistan and California, where it never rains, or Russia for devistating fires.  If you live near the Gulf of Mexico, you could say it was the worst year for man-made carelessness and greed, courtesy of BP Oil. 

Money. The all mighty dollar, yen, pound, euro. A man-made commodity which has become the worshipped idol of our time. To have it in abundance means you can buy your wildest dreams, even if that means manipulating the outcome.  If you spend your money in the right hands, with elaborate devioius plans, your money can buy more money and more power.  Think Ponzi schemes.  Think Republican elections.  Think ICR and IWC. 

Think about children around the world who are being held captive in illegal slave trading, or working night and day in sweat shops- to make your tennis shoes or clothes.  Women and young girls taken from their families and homes to serve as a sexual slave just because of their body parts and looks.  People are paying MONEY for HUMANS!

If you were a magnificant animal, who happened to be born into a body with organs thought to increase man's sexual desires, meat or fins sought by illegal poaching, parts such as tusks which can be carved into a fireplace mantle piece, or born into your very own skin and hair which is stripped with metal blades in the name of fashion... You might think 2010 was the worst year... Ever.  It was of course, your last.

Monkeys and gorrillas who are hunted for the illegal blackmart bushmeat trade and elephants in Africa for their magnificant tusks.  Sea lions and their cubs, whales, dolphins who are brutually slaughtered in front of their families in their own homes (oceans).  Sharks who have their fins sliced off and left to sink to the bottom of the ocean, just to have their fins (arms) turned into a bowl of soup.  Dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, mice who are killed for mans' experiments or tortured for "sport" as in dog fighting or animal cruelty being left to die on a roadside or set ablaze while your flesh burns.  2010 to you brought you only death. 

What will 2011 bring? 

The power of positive thought and action is a very compelling idea, one that is usually heightened around special holidays and new beginnings.  Each year, many of us leave behind the old and ring in the new by changing a calendar page.  We make resolutions to stop overeating, smoking, or new things on our bucket lists.  All personal short term goals, meant to make us a "better person". 

But, what if we all wished for the same thing at the same time?  Could the power of our collective positive thinking (and actions), actually bring an end of all these things?

World hunger. 
Bribery and payoffs to win favors.
Animal cruelty (as well as slaughter and captivity).
Blackmarket trading of animals for "parts"

There's only one way to find out.  Start today.

So while you are making your resolutions, add a few thoughts of what you will do to bring change to the world around you.  What happens in the corner of the world farthest away from you should concern you.  We ARE connected. 

We are

Elected bodies

Empowered change,


For Michael........... 
The Man in the Mirror begins with Y.O.U.

Wishing you a beautiful NEW Year with Much L.O.V.E.,


  1. WOW,
    Well said, Cali, nothing to add,

    Together We Can Change The World

  2. Awesome and accurate words Martijn previously said ....nothing to add....
    Exept for : "We are what we eat"...
    as simple as that......
    Lets change the world !....and,
    "Think globally, Act locally "....
    L.O.V.E ;)

  3. Hoping that in 2011, together, we can Make that Change. Happy New Year, Cali. ♥

  4. Confronting my "man in the mirror" daily to get my part of the change going. Happy new year, Cali. ♥