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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hey hey... I found an awesome new toy for everyone! 

Over to the right here, is a new Translation widget where you can select your language, press the arrow and watch my blog turn into your language!

Please let me know if it does a decent job at translating for you!  I hope it does.  I've been looking a long time for something like this for all of you.  You have been so wonderful to me, patient, and kind when the Google translations were not, well, so correct.

Much L.O.V.E. to each and every one of you! 


  1. LOVE YOU SWEETIE !!!!....well this translator is preety decent !!...good job CPC !!

  2. LOL... I tried this the other day.. not sure why since I only speak/read English... but then could not get the English version back!!! There is no 'English' in the drop down box... thought I was gonna be stuck on Greek forever.... panicked for a bit until I realized I could just click 'original' to get it back.. haha! :)