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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kraken Opus/Kraken Media Group's Customer Service....


For almost the last year, most of us have been communicating with the CEO/Founder, Karl Fowler at this email address:   Recently,
I have received word of people getting failure notices for both Andy Clay and Karl's emails (but not the Enquiries and secretary's (Lara) emails).  This is from customers who have purchased the following titles from Kraken Media Group (et al):  MLB Opus, Prince Opus, MJ Opus. 

At first I suspected a repeat of what happened last year this time, their email servers were overloaded.  This now does not appear to be the case.

For those who purchased the above mentioned Opus titles-- mind you, paying good money for them --   there's been a slight change. 

Karl Fowler changed his email address instead of dealing with his customers. 


Class act Karl.  Class act all the way. 

I would suspect that Andy's email is similar.  I don't have his new one, but give this guess a try.

There are still customers waiting for refunds for the Prince Opus, at least one person waiting for the MLB Opus (as I suspect there are more than one), and many around the world still waiting for their The Official Michael Jackson Opus or a replacement which was promised due to damage.

The Prince Opus customers have been waiting now since April 2009.
The MJ Opus customers have been waiting now since December 2009.
The MLB Opus customers have been waiting now since October 2010.

If you purchased by credit card, whether you want a refund or not- contact your credit card company and file a complaint against Kraken Opus.  If it were me, I would be filing a FRAUD complaint.  VISA has been to my blog many times and they have refunded MANY customers.  If your credit card company says the time has lapsed, tell them you want to talk to their supervisor.  If that doesn't work, then talk to THEIR supervisor.  Hell, go up to the Vice President of Customer Service.  DEMAND your credit card company investigate this.

If you need any information from me, you can email me at  I know this information inside and out and can provide you whatever links to adverts from Kraken Opus Group that you need.  You can also direct your company to my blog, suggesting they use the "search" box in the upper left hand corner of the page and use keywords "Kraken Opus" "MJ Opus, MLB Opus, Prince Opus", etc.  "Karl Fowler" is another keyword that will be of benefit.


  1. OMG !!!!!....This man keeps sorprising us !!!...LMAO !!!....
    Coward !!!! that is what you are Fowler!, a huge COWARD !!!....
    I cant even just find the proper words at this time of this process....Im speechless,( not surprised....just speechless ).....

  2. LMAO! They changed their email addresses?? That is just too funny... and so sad at the same time! How horrible that they abandoned their old email accounts... but not surprising considering how they abandoned their customers. :(

  3. New or old email it is the same for us customers,since we had NEVER had any response from them.At least we know now for sure they were/are annoyed by us but NOT BY OUR MONEY!!!!
    You crooks!!!

  4. In this blog I have received word of people getting failure notices for both Andy Clay and Karl's emails. Karl Fowler changed his email address instead of dealing with his customers.

  5. Cali,

    Thank you for not giving up!! I am shocked at the length Karl Fowler and this company will go to NOT do the right thing!!

    Sending MJ hugs to you,

  6. hi cali... no i understand why i am getting all these emails back from andy and karls email with unread status... they closed the account.. and microsoft is poligh to let you know if you asked for a read reciept that your emails where not read

    actually: it said deleted without being read... arrrrggggggg

    gotta love andy and karl

  7. ps. the translation is pretty decent! hilarious but decent!!!

    and sorry for my absence on the blog... have been busy... working on a email to you know... did not forget about you my dear...

    much love