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Thursday, February 17, 2011

MJ's Opus... is the time drawing near?

Many of you who have been involved in, or following the Kraken Opus/MJ Opus story since the beginning, especially those who are members of, will remember many of us vowing to not read our delivered MJ Opus until all of the others were delivered.

In the wake of the shocking (and quite stunning) developments over the course of the last 24 hours, it leaves me wondering if the time for joy and celebration is drawing near?

With much reservation, but a hopeful outlook that promises made to you and me (on your behalf) by Kraken Opus UK are about to (possibly, and until it actually happens, allegedly) are about to finally be kept. 

If this holds true, I think we should have MJ Opus reading parties around the world! 

But with baited breath will I remain until I hear from each on my list, and not until you confirm to me that you in fact have your hands on your MJ Opus will I celebrate.   A tiny sliver of hope shines through my heart.

Translation: Don't count your chickens before they hatch, but make sure you keep them warm and safe in case they do.

KEEP THE FAITH.................

Much L.O.V.E. to each and every one of you!


  1. Love the translation, Cali! *giggles*

  2. Absolutely...and for certain. I have been waiting with anticipation of my "sister" receiving her copy. I ordered her a copy, in good faith, and she did not receive has been over a year now. Will she finally get her copy? Our Michael "family" wait in anticipation of all who did not to receive theirs as well. THEN WE WILL DEF HAVE THOSE READING PARTIES. Be blessed. L.O.V.E. GBY

  3. Yeah, I have ordered for my friend for more than year now the Opis - never received. So, hoping we'll we receive it now. Thanks Cali for your hard work!

  4. still havent read mine... would be lovely to do ir this summer... would be about time!!! its getting a bit snowed in by dust.....

    and why is patti special in the other post.... could have written IACOPS :P:P

    love you dear and we miss you in our skype orgys!!

  5. I think I'm 'special' cause I've been telling her just how badly I want to see the 'uber' post.. LOL She's trying to ease my anxiety!! LMAO!

  6. lol Chantal... ok ok I'll make a minor change.. give me a minute after this is posted.

    Patti is ... uh, special.. uh, because, uh, she rides the short bus? *ducks*

    Honestly, I know you are ALL waiting for this.. but Patti gets the prize for the most times asked and commented.... roaring laughing.

    Love you all.. and truly hope this "project" (not just the uber post) is coming to an end. I can't wait to be a peoples again.

  7. Translation: Patti is the most annoying.
    LOL! ♥

  8. No no.. endearing, not annoying.


  9. HAHAHAHA!!!!....Patti the annoying!! Patti the annoying!!...someone wants you happy Patti....thats why you are soooo special....
    Chantal: LOVE YOU little dirty!...LOL!

  10. lolol @ LPPC... Patti the annoying. SHE said it... NOT ME!

    hugs and love to all.. ok, seriously, now back to editing.........

    ...da Prez

  11. i would urge all of you, when and if you receive your books to check the numbers on them as some may be duplicated...................

  12. Thank you Anon... are you referring to the Artist Edition? or the "number" the ISBN, since the stand MJ Opus is not numbered.

    Thank you for your kindness.

  13. Sadly, i see Kraken have still not delivered all of the books.

    No shock i guess for most of us. Lets hope the $275,000 Ferrari books get delivered a little quicker! $275,000 for a book.

    GET REAL Kraken. Surely there is no one stupid enough to fall for that trick