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Monday, February 14, 2011

Update on post, Happy Valentine's Day and spam fun

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.  May L.O.V.E. always surround you, your heart and your spirit.

This "uber post everyone is waiting for:  When it first started, well-- it would be a 2-3 day project.  Sorry, it is taking me much longer than I once thought.  So, to quell expectations, do not expect it before at least Thursday.... at best.  Besides, it gives me some comfort in making a few people who will be the topic of it some expectation of worry.  (Again, NOT the people I have promised to keep their information to myself.  That commitment remains as the day I first promised it.)

In the meantime, for a long time I have laughed at some of the topics within the Spam mail I get.  So here's just a few from today's mailbox, in no particular order.

Crime Lab Analyst:  Learn how to solve crimes followed by a savings of up to 90% with the offering by KGB and then another says I can outsmart the bad guys.  /methinks mealready outsmarted the bad guys but methinks a bodyguard would prove a smart purchase.

Checkout the latest:
Forklift prices
Teaching Opportunities

They have found:
MY dream job and all I have to do is take a Career Quiz first
A way for me to gain new confidence:  Breast Implants.  what happens if I already have them?
A way to get my home healthy, in the privacy of my home

All I have to do is:
Complete a survery to get a free pizza
Send $1 shipping to get 4 movies from Disney Movie Club

In my email, they've sent me:
A WAL*MART Gift card
(A book of) Matches that talk "Communicate with your matches for free" throws out the ones in my junk drawer for being stupid
A check is waiting hopefully not on a corner where the Crime Lab Analyst or KGB are
A way to activate cash I think that one should be first.
An invitation for 2/13 (on 2/13)... Sorry Singlesnet but I think I'll be late to the party
An Award update for a Chevrolet Promo Never heard of this model of Chevy, have you?
A $1000 WAL*MART certificate survey... Hot damn! Wait... huh?
Electronic cigarettes What if I don't have any electricity to light them?
An invitation from some apples to apply to their Orchard Bank for a MasterCard
An invitation to complete a survey that will take so long they've given me 2 roundtrip tickets.

So I am off to eat the 5 large pizzas while having a conversation with my matches, and then to see if the private home health company could coordinate a visit with the breast implant folks for a friend.  Transferable? I hope so.  While they are doing that I'll pick up my new Chevy Promo and head to WAL*MART for the gift cards and ask if the Crime Analyst or KGB will accept them as payment.  The dogs will have found a $1 in my couch cushions so I can get the 4 free movies, so I can watch them while plugging into an outlet to smoke my electronic cigarettes.  If anything happens, then I will have a line of Apple credit to pay for a new house, and the folks at the Engineering school can send some of their students over to rebuild my house as interns.

Happy Valentine's Day ...

I L.O.V.E. you all!