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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kraken Opus: Prince's 21 Nights Opus

For the past few days, I've been working on an uber post re: Kraken Opus, Karl Fowler, specifically re: a comment recently received here on my blog.  (Also have been entrenched in watching the international news re: Egypt.... CONGRATULATIONS EGYPT !!!)

A moment ago, I just took a quick glance at some incoming emails over the last few days, (I have not paid any time/attention to my email inbox because of the above) and am shocked at what I'm seeing.

A sudden surge of emails with specific details and correspondence with Kraken Opus employees re: Prince's 21 Nights Opus titles from around the world.

These are NEW contacts.  People I've never heard from before. 

To those who are following this blog re: the Kraken Opus issues, re: any of the titles where there are customer frustrations, please know I DO SEE your emails.  I will reply as quickly as possible.  Be patient as I am prioritizing many things at the moment.

Thank you to the Prince fans who are contacting me.  The more information you share with me, especially with details and/or actual written Kraken communications, the more we can make these issues public.  The more public pressure will force Karl Fowler to resolve these issues. 

Update on one MLB Opus customer who had been waitiing for their MLB Opus.  This customer has confirmed to me via email that their MLB Opus has finally arrived!  YAY!

As quickly as I can get the post I've mentioned up, I will.  It is very detailed, and I will be discussing a few things I've never made public before, therefore my attention to every detail and ensuring its 100% accuracy (along with my commentary/opinions) is critical.

To those who have requested their stories/information remain private, I re-emphasize my commitment to you, to never share your informaton unless you give me express permission to do so.  I will always protect my sources, and the information shared with me.  You know my track record.  You know I can be trusted. 

Karl Fowler will want to be far away from two things:  anything expensive and anything breakable.


  1. So happy for Egypt.. and the MLB customer who finally got his Opus. Frustrated for all the Prince fans who are still waiting. CAN'T WAIT for your uber post, Cali!!

  2. Did everyone know that Max Jax is down for upgrades? lol Eeek. Hope they don't delete all our Opus comments!

  3. Yes, I was aware of it ;) a few weeks ago they were hacked!! some things were deleted, they couldn't restore it, sadly

  4. Wondering if behind Max-Jax is the evil Fouler Monster.....
    Happy for the Egiptians, and for whom have gotten their Opuses......
    Wainting your post CPC !!!!
    Damn BB !!