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Friday, June 18, 2010

Did you order Prince 21 Nights Opus ? UPDATED

Calling all Prince fans who ordered 21 Nights Opus at the cost of $2,100 a book.

EDIT:  Intro to Prince fans: Since December, I have worked on behalf of thousands of MJ fans in 47 countries who ordered MJ's Opus.  There have been multiple issues such as non-delivery of the Opus and other advertised items to have been a part of the purchase and I have worked with many of the executives of Kraken Opus to get this issues resolved before legal action (class action) was/is taken.  As I'm also a Prince fan and have been
contacted by multiple Prince fans for help and guidance, I thought this post might be most helpful to you.  Any questions, please feel free to write me at

One Prince fan was promised a The Official Michael Jackson Opus at no charge as an apology, along with an update regarding the delivery of the final product.  Neither promise has been kept.  If you too were promised a The Official Michael Jackson Opus as an apology, PLEASE contact me via email at

Another suggestion, as Michael Jackson fans have done since December, is file a complaint for false advertising, breach of the Mail Order Rule, and non-delivery of product with the Federal Trade Commission.  You can do so here

Also on the FTC's site is a new link to, to file complaints against companies in countries other than the United States.  You can find that information here (MJ fans reading this-- this applies to us too!)

If you ordered 21 Nights, Prince's Opus, have you contacted Kraken Opus to get an update on delivery?  Don't know how to contact them?

Karl Fowler, President/Founder,
Internet Contact Form here

Mailing and Phone:
Opus Media Group Limited
29 Glategny Esplanade
St Peter Port

Telephone +44 (0)20 7213 9587
Fax+44 (0)20 7213 9588

Prince and MJ fans:  Please share this link with all your forum sites!


  1. YEAH!...You are back!...It still hearts my stomach when I read it...$ 2,100 a book !!!...
    I will check the new link later, thank you CPC!!
    SO, SO, USEFUL!...
    Have to go...( to buy extra-long nails...and scisors hands!! ;) )

  2. The funnier part of this-- is the original content was going to just be a larger, more "popped" version of a book that you can buy right now for about $30 USD.


  3. OH!...yes, I remember Paly told us some time ago!...and well...definetely is the funniest part of all this...
    See this: ( Paly posted on maxjax )...
    Disney ( Alice in Wondreland ) augmented reality launched by a SERIOUS company:
    and ....KRAKEN......:
    ?????????...nothing at all...
    Thanks Paly for this !!!

  4. That's right LPPC! I totally forget sometimes where the information swirling in my head came from. LMAO!! *get Kraken Opus out of my head!* Paly is the one who told us that! (Well, at least I remembered it... I guess that's a good sign my brain still works!)

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Good morning to all my Lovelies out there! Off to breakfast with the girls and then some shopping therapy. Will be back later this afternoon/evening!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  5. Good morning sweetie!!!!...and dont worry!!! haha!!...remember that we are all IACOPs!! haha!!
    Have a good breakfast and better shopping today!!...
    Shopping is the best girls therapy !!!!...
    You will be fine !!!...that thereapy really works!!...hahaha!!!

  6. Greetings to all the Prince fans! An introduction has been added to this thread.

    Much L.O.V.E. in the Purple Rain!

  7. Haha! L.O.V.E. in the Purple Rain! Love it!

  8. Dear all,

    I also paid the full $ 2100,-- in april 2009 and still didn't receive anything. Do they have an office at the adress mentioned? I mean a fysical adress were they work and were I can go to? Please let me know!

    Please contact me by

    Thanx in advance!

  9. Sebe,

    Just to let you know I have seen your comment and will email you the information you are looking for today. I'll come back to this link too and post a link to their address.

    My email is if you wish to write my privately.

    Much L.O.V.E.,