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Thursday, August 20, 2009

NEWS: AEG Contract Clause, Tickets for Tribute, Another Delay in Michael's Burial

Today-- hot off the presses:

ET, the TV program, has obtained a copy of a contract with AEG and Aristco (MJ's company). Read the citation regarding his health here. My question, is if this contract is indeed the same one discussed in court with Judge Beckloff, HOW did ET obtain a copy-- or are they just pulling our leg?

Here is the official site for tickets to see the Austrian Tribute being planned by Michael's family, correction-- Jermaine.

Even MORE disturbing is this report, according to Daddy Joe, that Michael's funeral will be delayed for two days.



  1. Where on earth is Jermaine's Earth Care Foundation?
    Simply put, it does not exist.
    So who gets to benefit?

  2. If you want my true opinion-- Jermaine benefits. LOL