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Thursday, August 20, 2009

INTERVIEW: David Nordahl, artist

Some of the pieces commissioned of David Nordahl are reconizable. How can they not be with Michael in them. Here is an incredibly interesting article on the artist and his friendship with Michael.

This painting is called The Triptych. Read about the meaning here.
Will try to find other links with his art online and post them here. If you have any, feel free to put them in comments.


  1. Michael wrote the poem in the center panel. Where I can find it?

  2. The poem reads:

    "I am the thinker, the thinking,
    the thought
    I am the seeker, the seeking,
    the sought
    I am the dewdrop, the sunshine,
    the storm
    I am the phenomenon, the field,
    the form
    I am the desert, the ocean,
    the sky
    I am the Primeval Self
    in you and I"

    Michael Jackson