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Saturday, August 29, 2009

TRIBUTE: Happy Birthday Michael!

Events held around the world August 29, 2009

* Story on Mexico City's attempt at Thriller Guinness Record
* UPDATE: Video from Mexico City (12,937 showed up to dance!) 50,000 showed up.
* UPDATE: Video Part I and Part II

* Video summary outside USA
* BBC's report around the world
* Another compilation of around the world events
* BBC's report in pictures
* India's NDTV special report on Michael's bday. (20 minute video below article)
* UPDATE: Rolling Stone's compilation of videos around the world
* UPDATE: Bucharest 3 Flash Mobs, Outdoor Gathering.
* UPDATE: Bucharest Unveiling of Monument, Outdoor Celebration

Events inside the US

HEY UNITED STATES... Where were we?

AP Report on Spike Lee's Brooklyn Bash (7-10k attended)
* Hawaii will pay tribute Tuesday.
* Gary, IN (still looking for)

Los Angeles Flash Mob


* Palms Casino in Las Vegas dedicates star. Video of event here

* Brooklyn's celebration in video (apologies for advertisement)

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