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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NEWS: Burial update

September 1, Katherine Jackson's attorneys filed a request to ask the court to approve the Estate to pay for Michael's funeral and burial expenses. Hearing to be held September 2; funeral September 3.

UPDATE: Sept 2, 2009: Judge Beckloff has approved the Estate to pay for the burial and funeral costs for Michael. The Estate lawyers were quoted as saying the expenses were extraordinary.

Beckloff said normally, costs of a funeral would be paid by the estate after the service. But Jackson's family couldn't afford to pay the costs upfront and wait for reimbursement."

Quoting the AP:
"Few details about the service have been disclosed. Cohen said during the hearing that part of the reason it was so expensive was because 12 burial spaces were being bought.

UPDATE: It appears that the need for 12 burial plots was not an attempt to have Michael's estate to pay for the family's future sites. It has been reported that where he is located is a room of sorts, and in that room contains 12 plots. So in order to maintain his privacy and to obtain that particular room, they had to pay for all 12 so that others not related to the family would be buried there. Ok, that makes more sense.

UPDATE Sseptember 3, 2009: Michael Jackson has been laid to rest at approximately 9:45 pm PT.

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