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Sunday, September 13, 2009

NEWS: This is It single and SAG warning

According to this story, there might be a new single released around the This is It documentary. The wait for Michael's fans will be ... excruciating.

Ever wonder why many are calling This is It a "documentary" instead of "movie"? Well, for one, it is a look into the making of the O2 concert not an acting gig with predetermined speaking parts. But more recently, the Screens Actors Guild (SAG) issued a press release warning union members to avoid working in the "movie." Ahem, this was filming the making of-- so why does the SAG have their panties in a wad?'s Roger Friedman wrote this article back on August 28, 2009, titled "Michael Jackson Doc(umentary) Gets SAG Warning, Wrongly."

Here is a link to the June 25th press statement SAG issued on the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael.

Soundoff in the comments about what you think of the SAG's warning to the "actors" in the "movie." Will this keep you from seeing This is It or would you be more likely to avoid any SAG sponsored events?

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