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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NEWS: Items held at Juliens

In other news, it is being reported that former manager, Tohme Tohme, has 'neglected' to sign the release papers for Julien's Auction house to release Michael's property from the auction previously scheduled for earlier this year. An agreement was reached between Michael and Julien's back in March/April. The last step to release everything now rides on the defunct Tohme.

Connecting the dots, as reported so far: Michael met Tohme through his brother, Jermaine. Tohme is how billionaire Tom Barrack was introduced to Michael. Barrack (Colony Capital), if you recall, purchased Neverland in a joint venture with Michael and Tohme still has something to do with that.... I think.

Who is behind this? Joe Jackson? Jermaine? Barrack and Tohme? Why is Tohme even being allowed legal rights over this? Does not the Estate own and have legal rights over all things Michael now?

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