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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NEWS: Jermaine's announcement of the Vienna tribute



"Exact details of the Michael Jackson's appearance were not revealed, but concert organiser Georg Kindel said, "Michael will reappear onstage and sing a song together with Jermaine."" Source

August 7, 2009 - Jermaine announces Tribute on Larry King Live.
August 13, 2009 - Shawn King cites "prior engagement" as reason for pulling out
Aug 20, 2009 - Katherine Jackson writes letter of support
Sept 8, 2009 Jermaine and event organizers release press video
Sept 8, 2009 TMZ reports Jackson family not in support of Vienna tribute.
Sept 9 2009 - Rep for Chris Brown denies attendance
Sept 10, 2009 - Video message from Katherine Jackson appears on Tribute page
Sept 10, 2009 - Natalie Cole denies attending-- Schedule conflict
Sept 10, 2009 - Mary J Blige apologizes for not being able to perform
Sept 11, 2009 - Jermaine announces the Tribute will move to June 2010, London.

What do you think about it?


  1. My view, Jermaine should not have had to obtain a note from his mother to move forward with this. Something doesn't sit well about the whole thing, especially that the rest of the family does not appear to be involved with it.

    In the first video here, Jermaine stumbles over Michael's children's names and makes a grand point of their attendance. In keeping with Michael's love of chess, I hope the children are not the pawns in the tribute.


  3. i think what jermaine is doin is not ok. The children should not be move out of the country now they star school. This family is ruining this children's lives. Please please...we the Real Fans of Michael Jackson do not agreet with this. Jermaine just want attention, he just want to be like his brother. sorry Jermaine but you will never be like Michael Jackson.

  4. If any one should do a Tribute- it should be Michael sister Janet---
    Disappointed in jermaine-

  5. Jermaine Stop using your brothers name to get fame that you didn't have while he was alive and making money of his name. please leave his children alone Michael would never aprove of you using his children for profit. You have done enough damage to Michael in the past so now what ever you are doing it is so FAKE makes me sick i hope there is one normal person in your family or one of Michaels Lawyers that can stop you. You will never come close to michael and with all the media coverage you are getting you are becoming more and more disliked as a human being, the more i see you the more i am disappointed and i start to understand Michael and why he did not want to see most of his family and you are one of them you know it you tried to stab Michael in the back many times that is not brotherly so stop dancing on His Grave now !!!!

  6. This is turning into a fiasco. I was hoping that it would be a great tribute (and still praying for it to be) but it is clear that one does not need a career in event planning to know how disorganized this thing is.

    They are throwing out names of artists that have not been confirmed. For example, Mary J. Blige just told MTV in an interview on their website that she cannot go. So why is her picture still on the website? And Chris Brown and Natalie Cole are not going either. Throwing out names like U2, Madonna, Stevie Wonder and Beyonce??!!!!! Wow!

    They should have done a better job in organizing this. Why rush? Either do it well or don't do it at all.

    Personally, I cannot stand half-baked tributes to Michael when he was a perfectionist on stage. Which is why the BET awards received so much criticism. His memorial was great and I have high expectations for the MTV Awards especially with Janet performing.

    Jermaine has built a reputation on not being professional, organized or efficient. Here has tried to organize events in the past that have backfired. Get it together. And please leave the children out of this. Michael never paraded them on stage or in public and this must be respected.

  7. I think Jermaine's intentions are genuine and a good thought. However, i think the tribute should have started in the United States back to Michaels roots. Michael had an audience of black Americans and other Americans long before the Thriller bandwagon. When someone dies they come back home. Home is America. Micheal Jackson is an American. I think it's unfair to deny Americans the pleasure of celebrating Michael.