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Monday, September 14, 2009

NEWS: Deepak Chopra

In this UK article, Deepak Chopra talks of his friend, Michael, and societal changes in medicine and outlooks on life that need to occur.

I couldn't agree with Dr. Chopra more.

Here is a snippet:

"There is a plethora of designer doctors who will give patients anything they want as along as they are paid,” he says. “That’s why I’d like to see a criminal investigation. That way some good would come out of Michael’s death. But no one seems to be prepared to do anything about it – even when the drugs these doctors are prescribing are killing people.”

Back in one of Dr. Chopra's first interviews with Larry King after Michael's death, I recall writing a response to Dr. Chopra asking that he take the lead on calling for change. While many of Michael's fans may see Dr. Chopra's responses differently, Dr. Chopra has been honest and direct in his comments about Michael's drug problems and maybe he can lead the charge for as he says, to allow some good to come out of Michael's death.

Here are some other interviews Dr. Chopra has given recently on Michael:
Huffington Post (6/26/09) A Tribute to My Friend, Michael Jackson
Time (Date > 6/25/09) Remembering Michael
Huffington Post High on Fame (w/Dr. Drew Pinsky)(06/28/09): Michael Jackson and Enabling Doctors
The Daily Beast (07/02/09): Michael Jackson could have been saved

Thank you Dr. Chopra and Gotham for your honesty, even when some may not want to hear it.

To quote Madonna, "Long live the King."

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