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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MJFSC offers to clean up Holly Terrace defacing

Major credit really needs to go to MJ's fanclub -- MJFSC (Southern California) - not only for their initiave back in September for offering to take letters and gifts to Forest Lawn on behalf of MJ fans around the world (at their expense for the PO Box), for creating videos to show each of the visits and keeping us updated on news (not media spun) about FL, but now for this:  becoming our heros in immediately stepping up to the plate to clean up the aftermath of a few rotten apples among us.

7/14/2010 12:20 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

An MJ fan club is on a desperate mission to clean up the recent graffiti onslaught outside the King of Pop's tomb -- claiming a few bad apples could spoil everything for MJ's non-vandal followers.

The Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California have extended an olive branch to Forest Lawn Cemetery -- where MJ is buried -- offering to clean up the recent wave of hidden vandalism outside the singer's tomb ... before the cemetery decides to ban MJ fans altogether.

A rep for the group -- which organizes a monthly pilgrimage to MJ's burial place -- tells TMZ, they want to "fix this mess" so FLC doesn't associate MJ's upstanding fans with a bunch of sharpie-wielding hoodlums.

As TMZ first reported, Forest Lawn is currently on red alert over the illegal doodles -- hunting down the artists responsible ... and threatening to ban any potential copycats for life.

No word if Forest Lawn will take the fan group up on their offer.


  1. Well done MJFSC !!! the name of all of us, who loves Michael !

  2. MJFSC have been amazing these past months.
    I'm not surprised that they have made this offer. If I am upset about this possibly harming my chances of ever paying my respects at FL, I can't imagine how they, a group who visits monthly without fail, feel about it.

    Way to go, MJFSC! It's all for L.O.V.E. ♥

  3. Great! But what about Neverland?