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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Opus News and Cali update

Hmmm, which one first?  lol

Opus news--
I received an email from a fellow fan in Hong Kong who reported she FINALLY got her MJ Opus today!  YAY!

I hope I have more of those emails like that!

Cali update--
I'm a girl who loves to shop ... and find great deals.  That includes food.  LOL  I found some GREAT deals this weekend for peaches, blueberries and strawberries-- I mean GREAT deals-- so I went back on Sunday and bought them up.  (2 lbs strawberries /$2, 3 full pints blueberries /$3 and 1 lb peaches /$ .77).  The blueberries were easy to take care of-- put them in the freezer.  LOL  The peaches and strawberries needed to be dealt with-- so that was yesterday's project.  From sunup-- cleaning peaches and strawberries to can.  Oh what fun (not!) and then making preserves with the strawberries and something new this year-- pickled peaches.  Haven't a clue what they will taste like (will find out in 2 weeks) but dang, they are pretty! LOL

So I am sorry about Sunday and I hope you'll forgive me.  I think we still need to plan on all of us meeting up somewhere-- and then we can bring all our foods with us-- LPPC's cakes, my jams-- what else does everyone make?  It would be like a World Fair.  LMAO!

Love to each of you.. I miss you so much!


  1. Owwwwww!!!!...Cali! much I love you!!!...haha!....I love jams girl!...Im a jam piggie!!!...haha!...and you are so right!, we should meet somewhere...sometime!, and we dont have anything at all to forgive you!...we absolutly love ya!, and want to have you in Skype with us when you can, because we do guarantee so much fun there!...( we are all absolutly crazy !!! ;) )...regarding foods...Patti makes chicken wings with bacon!...ask her!...haha!...Volos a rosty fish...delicius!....
    You can also mix blueberries with strawberies, or strawberies with peaches in a jam....cause you will have a mixture between the sweet and the bitter of the fruits...
    To sum up....we all loves to shop...( A SECRET...)...I bought a shirt...on saturday...1 am by internet !!!...and after a shopping day... bad Velvet!...haha!...if not...ask Patti...she also loves to shop!!!...haha!...;)
    Love ya CPC !

  2. VELVET!!!! You are giving up all my secrets!! haha! Actually.... I admitted to Cali that I am a shopaholic months ago, so no surprise there!! ... and... it's not chicken wings with bacon, silly! It was chicken wings AND ceasar salad.. with real bacon bits! LOL

    (better get back to work.... I'm in the shadows again!!)

    Now I want some jam.....

  3. Owwwww !!!!!....haha!!...sorry Patti!!:(, chicken wings and ceasar salad with real bacon bits !....haha!!...
    Hmmmmm...I became a gossip Velvet !!! LMAO!...
    We are the ones in the shadows naw!...
    Cali: Send us some e-jam please!...ha!

  4. Oh.. YES!! I want e-jam! Actually.. think I'll have some real jam now that I'm home from work.... Darn you Cali!! There goes the diet for another day! LOL

    HOT DAMN!!!!

  6. and.. what exactly is a pickled peach??

  7. ^^^^ Preserve peaches in pickle? OMG!!!!

  8. L M A O at VOLOS! Now I can't stop singing that song! I'll have to make it a ritual to play it every time I make jam now. LMAO

    Pickled peaches-- I know it sounds gross. That's what I thought too! Apple cider vinegar and sugar, with a spice bag with pickling spices and cinnamon sticks, then pierce each of the peach halves with a few whole cloves. A few other spices-- but that is the basis of it. I can't wait to try them (two weeks!) BUT... the liquid smells AWESOME!

    Made strawberry preserves & jam (started with about 10 lbs of strawberries! lol).

    Have some pickled veggies to make this week too but those should be small batches so nothing like a whole day's worth of work. LOL

  9. Pickled peaches don't sound so bad, I guess.

    I had toast and strawberry jam for supper. Hmmmmm.. not sure why I was craving it so bad! LOL

  10. I have an opened jar of fresh peach preserves a friend of mine and I made a few weeks ago. Those are yummy too.


  11. OK Cali... now you are just being nasty!!! LOL

    .... I'm sure I have a can of peaches in the cupboard though... now calling my name...

    Darn you, Cali!! You better duck! HaHaHa!

  12. Im about eating some peaches...( your fault Cali !!!! )....
    My name is Velvet and Im a peach addict naw !!!

  13. Muah? Nasty? Naw. A brat? Yes! lol

    I want just a plain peach. No added anything. LOL I can't remember if I have any left, after almost 8 pounds of peaches. ha ha

    I really think we need to have a World's Fair type meeting. We will all bring dishes we make from our countries, of course we will need to have drinks too-- so wines and/or liquor (lol) Also desserts and cheeses.

    Oh I am hungry now. Off to get dinner and then also try and figure out Skype. I swear I'm going to get on there! I can't wait to hear all your voices. It is going to be so fun!


  14. Peaches and strawberries and fruit in general, are all good for you. Don't stop (till you get enough). LOL

    Yes the Bon o bons are soo awesome. Just the perfect amount of filling and peanut butter creme with the chocolate and cookies. I may have to have you send me some more. LOL I bet they are cheaper there!

    I'll get the right name of the other ones (they are SO awesome, especially if you like creamy gooey caramel in the center). Same with the cheese. The cheese was awesome. I love different cheese. (cheese snob).