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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Showbiz411's affectionate term "Jacko" UPDATED

Maybe I ate too many Wheaties this morning, or one of my dogs peed in them while I wasn't looking, but the comment below in an article about Ne Yo, really made my blood boil.

"Ne Yo likens the two videos–which clock in around 8 minutes apiece–to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” (Michael, whom we affectionately call Jacko in headlines because it’s short and snappy, folks.)"
Of course I responded! (even though I am subject to moderation and either their moderator has been on a month-long vacation or I'm banned from commenting on his blog now because of this post (after Roger visited my blog site-yup).  Well-- here's what I wrote in case it never appears:

“Michael, whom we affectionately call Jacko in headlines because it’s short and snappy, folks.”

In the same affectionate spirit of the above quote, we can begin to refer to you as Pr*ck. Short and snappy. L.O.V.E.
Keep in mind, after MJ's death, I really supported Roger and his blog.  As time's progressed, there have been occasion where a little venom spews from his fingertips and daily visits now have turned to weekly checks, but this really gets under my skin.  Michael didn't like Jacko when he was alive, and his fans sure don't like it now that he's not.

BTW:  Here's just a few screenshots to show the thing about my comments (notice the one on June 28th-- there's plenty of comments before and after-- and even a test today to show it's still not on there as of today.

Whateve's Roger. 

Today's comment on this post NeYo's post
Comment still not appearing from June 28th on Mrs. Jackson, the money- The Real Story
Notice the test comment to show today's date (highlighted)


    M-I-C-H-A-E-L J-A-C-K-S-O-N
    6 ways to call him...the shorter : MJ all the world would know who MJ is !!!
    Come on !....stop calling him names !!! , please, with L.O.V.E...

  2. LMAO Cali! I LOVE your response!!! haha! It doesn't seem as if they will ever approve it... but love it all the same! ♥