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Friday, July 16, 2010

The new MLB Opus in New York Times

Very interesting article.  Read more about it here

There are 2 versions:  One for $3,000 and the second for $295.

See previous post for MLB here.   Other press:  LA MLB Opus Warming Party

By the way, those purchasing the MLB Opus, you can get quality customized bookstands to hold your MLB Opus from Bookstand World, who was commissioned by Kraken Opus for another Opus Series.

Hey Karl Fowler,

How about finishing:
1.  The Prince: 21 Nights Opus or refunding the customers $2,100.00 EACH who paid you LAST APRIL (2009) for their orders. 
2.  The deliveries of The Official Michael Jackson Opus from orders made beginning LAST AUGUST (2009) and replacements for the ones that arrived damaged, as promised! 
3. The payment to Mr. Frank Parker for the order you placed with him for CUSTOM BOOK STANDS and then stiffed him!

It seems it would benefit you to complete the outstanding business deals you have before you take on new ones.


  1. Hmmmmm....I will be nice Cali, dont worry...but...
    Hey, Mr Karl Fowler:
    Im not being hysterical, but apart from all that Cali told you above...
    in wich part of your universe have been lost the augmented reality...or reality card...or OR CARD...???...
    Im telling this with would be a great idea to finish previous things before it start new ones!
    ---Michael Jackson Opuses outstanding
    ---OR CARD...( tell us the truth!)
    ---Prince Opuses
    ---Payment to Mr Parker
    come on !!!

  2. Mr Fowler...

    I think that Opus augmented reality is not exclusive... Disney has already released the SAME TECHNOLOGY with Alice in wonderland's DVD...

    So, if Disney already released that, I don't WHY it's taking so long for you too release what was offered to us.

    ANd yes... before you release MLB Opus,, you MUST finish your previous commitments...

  3. the book looks terrific. i know there is a bad press about MJ Opus but the book is so good that its worth the wait.

  4. ^^^^Any relation with Bill Gates? :)

  5. somehow I missed this comment from Chris...

    Not sure which book is so good it's worth that wait.... but I'll say this:
    1. There's no question one way or another re: MLB Opus. That was not the intent re: original reasoning for posting this news.
    2. This post was showing Kraken's continued "business as usual" while not completing YEAR+ old projects...
    3. The "bad press" re: MJ's Opus is not re: the book itself... it is/was/will be the SERVICE (or lack of) from Kraken Opus specifically.

    ...........hope that clarifies.
    Much L.O.V.E.,