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Sunday, July 18, 2010

To my IACOPS... with L.O.V.E.

Ok, so I haven't done much today but fiddle with my camera and computer (and chase the puppy)... but I was thinking of each of you.  Hope you like it.

You are more than welcome to use this ... without alterations. 

This one, you are also welcome to use - respective of the original photo owners copyrights. Compilation by Cali.
(Comments from the Legal Department. LOL)


Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Much L.O.V.E.

PS.  Here's chasing the puppy pictures-- and yes, that's about how blurry I see him when he's racing past me.  LOL  I should have named him "Horse"


  1. How beautiful, Cali! And your dog is so handsome! Thank you for sharing. L.O.V.E. and hugs to you and all IACOPs.

  2. Wow!!!!
    Hey Cali your dog is... beautiful!!! So cute and lively... I like it very much
    Have a wonderful day.
    Much L.O.V.E

  3. WOW!...Cali!...that puppet is soooo beautiful!!!,and the pics are...lovely!...that yellow flower...just perfect!, and Michaels...well...speechless!!!...
    Thank so much sweetie from the botton of my heart...( IACOP heart! )...
    Love you more sunshine!

  4. *waves* Hi Cali.. and the legal dept! HaHa!Beautiful pics, Cali. And... HOLY DOG!!! I think Horse would have been a very appropriate name! LOL

  5. Hi Cali

    Cute pics!! Love your puppy (kinda funny that my adult dog is like 5 times smaller then your puppy) :P

    miss you and hope all is well! See you on IACOPS and skype maybe!?

    IS ANYBODY HOME? *silence....sigh*
    *walking away with head down*

  7. KNOCK ---- KNOCK----( nobody answers )...
    RINGING THE BELL ----( nobody here )...
    *walking away with head down...with Volos...*

  8. /quick message here/
    Cali,where are you? I worry about you so much... I hope to hear from you before my trip...

  9. Hi Renata!How are you?Have so long to hear from you!Hope you're doing fine and will enjoy your trip(wherever you may go.Are you coming to Greece?lol).As for Cali we all hope she's ok and her absence don't have nothing to do with the big fires in California!Hey you have that problem there too as i hear in news and that heat in Russia is really awful.42c!!!!wowwww!Hope those fires go out as soon as possible for both countries!
    Goodnight Renata and see you soon!!!!
    Greetings to all the IACOPS!!

  10. ****wondering where could you be ****
    Hope you are well Cali !!!
    Hi Renata!!!
    Hi IACOPs !!!! ;)

  11. Hi Cali! Hi Volos, Hi Velvet and everyone here!
    Volos, I'm so sorry, but I do not travel to Greece...(sigh).My trip to relatives in Poland. Really,in Russia is very hot now. Night temperature about 30C(85F) and a lot of fire and smoke...
    Hope all IACOPs is OK and good mood to everyone.
    Cali, Take care of yourself!
    P.S. I'm worried about Lulu, too... Lulu, are you all right?

  12. Renata i think Lulu is ok except a problem she had with her right hand(too much photoshoping).You can see her post to iacops here at the bottom of the page.This was 8 days ago and hoping she'll write again soon!
    Why don't you join us there too?Write whatever comes into your mind!We'll be there to answer you!LOL

    Cali you're lost again!Someone should write a new LOST for you!LOL
    Hope you're ok and to see you soon.

  13. Cali, where are you? How are you? (banging on door with left hand). Hope to "see" you soon!

    I am fine, Renata. Thank you for your concern. Have to keep off the computer, as Volos said, because my right arm is still hurting. Pls. do not worry, my arm should be back to normal soon. (I really must learn to type with my left hand.) L.O.V.E. to the two of you and to all IACOPs

  14. Hey, Cali how are you? I'm worry...I hope you well and I hope see you soon Kisses
    Much L.O.V.E

  15. Hello hello! I'm back from my travels and missing each of you in a HUGE way!

    Have a few things to do this morning really quick-- then will be back... PROMISE

    I L.O.V.E. YOU ALL!

  16. Great Dogs,,,
    They are cute!!!

    You should named them 'speed demon'