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Monday, May 3, 2010

Friedman not with THR anymore?

*originally posted March 22, 2010 16:36*

Has anyone noticed that Roger Friedman's column, Showbiz 411, is now in WordPress, and there's no mention of The Hollywood Reporter, who I think sponsored him after he "left" Fox last year? Also of note, all of his old Showbiz.411 (2009/10) columns are no longer linked to this new WordPress blog. Kind of like his old Fox ones.

Check it out here.

On his Twitter page, March 19th there is a mention of the server being down - see also , and then a tweet on March 20th saying the server is back up and running. Well. The format is completely changed and the history IS out there on the net (see below) but now no mention of THR.

Keyword search: Showbiz.411, Friedman with Michael Jackson, Branca, etc. The articles are still out there.

Verrry interesting, indeed. Anyone know anything? Just morid curiousity.

UPDATE:  (May 2, 2010) Not sure what made me look, but I did find several articles on the web from March 19-25 talking about Friedman no longer being employed with The Hollywood Reporter (THR).  I also rechecked the old site and yup-- they are posting articles from Associated Press. 

To quote NSYNC... "Bye Bye Bye"  Karma?  Yup, me thinks so.

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