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Monday, May 10, 2010

Outstanding Opi as of April 22, 2010

original post date:  April 22nd.  Repost date May 10th.

Let's see-- deliveries were PROMISED by Christmas (12/25).  Today is April 22.

I am going to keep a tally here of the Opi (Opuses) that are still outstanding with shame to Kraken Opus UK! 

The Iceland volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, erupted on April 14th-ish. Just for the record.  *note correction to date. 

These will be by country and initials (so I can keep track).  So expect to see this thread updated as I get through my emails.  If you haven't emailed me, please do so at and let me know what country you are from.

Australia: LY, EJ
Bulgaria - AS
China - JW, V, WY, DL
Ecuador - AS (1st contact January 14th)
Hong Kong - CCY, CC, LAV, CTKL, XC, PWY, TW,
India - VR
Isreal - MC
Japan - YU,  YS
Malaysia - CL, AK
Netherlands - CS-S
Philippines - LL, MH, HA (1st contact Jan 26th)
Puerto Rico - CT, JR
Russia -  JS, FV (checking), SB, I
Saudi Arabia - JS
Singapore - JN
S Korea - PY (1st contact Jan 18th)
Spain - MR, RO
Switzerland - SF
Thailand - CD
Trinidad - GB
Ukraine - JS, OK, all outstanding as far as I know. (1st contact Jan 6th)

*still updating via emails 4/23*

Damaged Opus replacements still needed:
Hong Kong - MN, Mip (waiting since DECEMBER 30TH for replacement!)
Netherlands - CJ 3rd Opus is the charm!  FINALLY.
Russia - Y (5/7/10- still hasn't been contacted by Kraken Opus)

Below is the last update I received April 9th from Kraken Opus.  The ones that are still listed above as not received will be in red.  The information in (xxxx) is verbatim reply from Opus on April 9th.

Australia: LY (I have informed Australia to deliver next week)
China: WY (Deliver next week) 
Ecuador: AS (Will update on Sunday- April 11th)
Hong Kong: LAV (Delivered next week)
Hong Kong: CC (Delivered next week)
Japan: YS (Have sent request to Japan to make this delivery)
Puerto Rico: JR  (Will be sent out next week)
Puerto Rico: CT (This has been attempted twice from USA. I am going to send directly from here) 
Russia: I (new Opus already in transit)
Scotland: GT (Will be delivered next week) DELIVERED!
Singapore: JN (Will update on Sunday -April 11th)
South Korea: KIB (Delivered next week) DELIVERED!
Spain: MR (Delivered next week)
Switzerland: SF (Will update on Sunday- April 11th)
Saudi Arabia: JS (Will update on Sunday - April 11th)
Ukraine: JS (and others) Already in transit to h**


  1. Hi there CPC !...
    Im almost 100 % sure, that Lulu from Philipines,havent had her OPI yet. I think you know it but as I read it in a post here, I just wanted to tell you, just in case,sweetie...

  2. Thank you Miss LPPC! Huggggggs to you my dear! CPC

  3. I refer you to my March 24 email which was my last update on this, Cali. But no rush. Just the same, loads of thanks and L.O.V.E. for your perseverance in pursuing our case/s.

    Lots of L.O.V.E. for always having me in mind, Velvet.

  4. @ Lulu : Thank you !, and Lots of L.O.V.E for always share that beautiful thoughts and your wisdom dear!, you are a treasure!

    @ Cali: Have I told you...that Im sooo happy that you are back again...???...HAHAHA!!!

    Hugs and Good night !!!...( at home,resting, drinking a coffee and watching This is it !!...envy me!!) HAHA!!!

    How are you today?
    Velvet too much coffee.Not good!
    I know its good for the brain-to get it started-but take it easy.I've quited coffee and that's why my alzheimer has increased.
    Have a beautiful day to all of you.
    Ooooops!!! forgat to say goodmorning to our president and hostess.
    GOODMORNING CALI!!Feeling strong?

  6. HAHA! Volos you always makes me laugh!!...( I know coffee is not good, but I think I have coffee instead blood in my veins) HAHA...besides...Im trying to stop Mr Alzhaimer!...HAHA!
    Naw: Good Morning Family here !!!
    Good Morning President !!!, How do you feel today CPC ??...
    Send you bunches of L.O.V.E and have a wonderful day !!!

  7. Good morning all you lovelies!

    I'm working on emails right now and if you look at the list above, it's growing... fast! There are many new people who have written me and I'm only at the end of March emails.

    UGH! Bad Bad Bad Kraken Opus UK!

    Back to emails-- only another 45 minutes to work this round-- then I have to rest.

    L.O.V.E. to you ALL!

  8. SHAME ON YOU KRAKEN !!!!...I cant believe what I have just seen !!!...There are lots waiting their OPIS, yet !!!...These people have not shame, really!...
    And you Cali...really!, you deserve a PRIZE for all you are doing sweetie !!!...
    Bad--Bad---Bad Kraken Opus UK !!! UGHHHHH!!!!

    Your bed is complaining and at the end someone is gonna take your computer away.I can see that coming.
    Take it easy.

  10. Ha ha to all of you. I'm ok. I promise. I have worked a little.. then rested more.. then worked a little.. then rested. I promise I'm taking it easy.

    @Lulu-- I loved the email Lulu. (as you know from another post...giggles hehehehehe) Thank you!!

    VOLOS .. I promise!

    @LPPC-- you are so darn cute. Bad Kraken Opus.

    I am so happy to be back too everyone and I think I missed each of you more than you missed me-- if that's possible. Thank you for being such a joy in my life and such beautiful souls-- inside and out.

    Much L.O.V.E. to all of you!

  11. ....such beautiful souls-- inside and....OUT?
    Have you seen us?MUAHHH!!!!:)

  12. @Volos

    Don't have to see you on the outside.. it's the inside that comes shining through... even for you, grumpy VOLOS...

    *ducks and runs*


    Get out of here!Go to your bed!!!
    Love you.

  14. @Volos!, she is our president!, she knows us inside and...out!...shhhhh...dont tell anyone, but she has this power!!!...HAHA!!!...
    @Cali: LOVE YOU...LOVE YOU...LOVE YOU !!!
    Volos is right!!! go to bed !!!...
    We missed you much sweetie!...and we wont missed you that much again!!! to bed and rest !!!...ok??...
    And another MUAHHH!!!!

  15. @Volos: Good night grumpy Volos!...HAHA!!
    Grumpy Velvet Love you !!!...Muahhh!!!

  16. Cali, I can't find a word to describe my gratitude to you. Thanks again!!!

    Waiting for my good news :-)

  17. I don't like at all this silence in here today.
    Hope everything is ok.
    Hello to everyone,and take care.

  18. ืำI wonder how long of a week in Kraken?
    Is it mean 1 month in our world?

    anyway, very thank you so much for everthing, Cali.

    Don't forget to take care yourself first....

    with care

  19. @Volos, Im worried too, I dont like this silence,but I think Cali is resting today, at least I hope that!...
    @Cali...are you ok sweetie?...please, please take care, be good and rest !!!...( Volos and I are like your mothers !!! HAHA!!!)...sorry dear!, but we L.O.V.E you!!, please rest and get better and better everyday!

  20. Dear MJwithYOU:)
    From calculation that i've done 1 kraken day is 15-16 to us.So don't worry.
    Velvet how are you my friend?
    Thank you for the last night's goodnight.


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  23. @ Volos...Im worried about you dear!...are you ok?? HAHA!!...or is it the Alhzaimer attacking you??...HAHA!!...What happens with your comments??...haha!!
    @MJwithMe: Volos is right, Krakens time is not our time, they manage an unreal time( just like the unreal Augmented Reality)...lots of unreal things WEEK could be...1 MONTH in their crap unreal time!

  24. Don't you worry my friend.Just my comments don't appear right away,they're taking some time to do so.I don't know why!
    Cali not again.
    I told you so last night.:(

  25. *waves* I am taking it super easy today everyone. Don't worry-- I'm ok. Promise! Some friends came by to see me and then I took a nap. So I'm going to grab a bite and then watch a movie today.

    Love each and every one of you!

    VOLOS... what in the world is up with your computer? LOL After you save the comment-- try going to a new page and seeing if it shows then. Not sure what's on your end that makes it do that-- but we'll have to try and figure it out ...somehow.

    Ok.. hung-ary.... back later!

  26. Don't touch anything on your PC.
    I can handle it.
    See you later.

  27. @Cali, ok, then, Im glad that you are well, resting and surrounded by friends, so,again,continuou like this,and enjoy the movie sweetie !!!
    Super huggies !!! LPPC

  28. What a relief to see your comment, Cali. I think we're becoming paranoid when we don't find anything from you in a day. But pls. continue taking things easy. More L.O.V.E. for your complete recovery and to everyone too! And to Volos, hope your computer woes are gone.

  29. Goodmorning Lulu.
    Happy to "see" you again.How are you?
    I had began thinking that only me and Velvet were left in here representing our IACOP.
    Ooops! and the president.Sorry Cali!
    -Goodmorning,how are you today?
    (I'm always forgeting you!Wonder why....?)
    Where are the other members?
    My friend Russia,you're lost.
    As for my computer dear Lulu,it has its flashes as its owner.I forgat to give it,its pill yesterday so....
    Hope everyone is ok.Today are closing 10 months since Michael's passing and remembering him with much love and much "invincible" music.(I have began appreciate that album due to my age,i guess.)

    Have a beautiful Sunday to all of you.
    Cali you owe us a visit in our new home.
    After all you're a member of it.
    Patti has joined the family.


  30. @Volos - Good morning, dont worry we are all still here! 10 months sometimes still feel like 10 minutes too me! I still cant quite adjust to the idea but oh well!

    You have a wonderful sunday :)

    @PattiAnn- where are u?? I miss your great sense of humor :):)

    @Cali- I wrote you an email this morning about the ash cloud- and i'm keeping my promise see- taking it easy :):) glad to see you are too!

    @Everyone else- Hope you all had a good weekend and enjoy your last free day while it last's!!!

    Much love to you all


  31. Cali,

    I'm MN from Hong Kong who received the damaged Opus. I know from fellow MJ fans here that you've been collecting list for those who havent received Opus yet. Just wanna stop by and say --


  32. @Lulu, Good Morming!!!, good to hear from you!,
    and as Volos said...glad to see here other member of the IACOP !!! YEY!!!
    @Volos, Good Morning my friend!,give the pill to your computer today please!...and take one you too!...just in case!! HAHA!!...( Im about to take mine...haha!!)...
    Oh!,yes, our family is bigger naw!Patti has joined it!!
    And thats true...10 months today...I cant even believe it!...and as Chantal seems like yesterday to, sad...but as Volos said, Im going to honour him, listening to his music, and thinking in his humanity...with L.O.V.E...
    @Cali, how are you today?, Volos is right you owe us a visit in our new home!,but always taking it EASY!!!...What we only want here is that you get better everyday !!!...We LOVE YOU sweetie!!!
    Everyone here in this beautiful family, have a beautiful day today!!

  33. Am fine, Volos, thanks! Hope you are too, no more flashes that could affect your computer too.

    IACOP should be around until we know that Kraken Opus has completed its delivery. And at the rate it's been going, I guess we'll be here forever. That means Velvet will have to continue keeping track of membership. And president Cali must really brace herself for the long haul. (Perhaps she should have a VP or a Deputy while she is recovering? And also send Kraken Opus her medical bills, likewise those among us who have been requiring medication for hypertension, etc. caused by Kraken Opus' "terrrrrrrific" handling of the deliveries.)

    Hi Chantal, I hope you had a good weekend yourself.

    And to our honorable president and gracious host, Cali, I hope you are resting well and getting better and better. Cheers and L.O.V.E to you and everyone!

  34. A beautiful morning and day to you too, Velvet.

    I feel nostalgic too now that Volos and you pointed out MJ's passing is exactly 10 months today. We are fortunate to have his music, videos, photos, books, and all the wonderful stories about him to go back to.

    Anyway, cheers and L.O.V.E, again to everyone, of course a big portion to Cali for continuous healing.

  35. Hi everyone!!!
    My dear friend Volos not worry. I'm here. Just this weekend I have a lot of cases. As you know I have a problem with memory! But I have not forgotten my good friends. Volos Velvet Lulu Patti Chantal and of course our President Cali and others (sorry, I hope didn't forget anyone) I think and remember all of you, always! Every Time!
    Today 10 months (sigh)and... I’m silent...
    LOVE and good Sunday to everyone!

  36. Cali, good to hear you are resting and taking it easy...and feeling better, I hope.

    I laugh every time I see IACOP. Ha Ha! I a Cop! Makes me think of the fan who threatened to call the police.. and me who actually did (Oops! mis-dialed! LOL)

    Hope everyone is having a great day! I've been tweeting #fight4MJ for the last bit.. my eyes are about to explode from staring at the screen.. all my twitter accounts are in jail now! But it trended so YAY!

  37. Good Morning dear Cali!!!, how is our IACOP president today?...
    I hope you are taking all really EASY !!, and that you could be better everyday!...
    We miss you CPC !!!, and love you!!!

  38. Hey everyone!! Yeey i have finally finished my acount so now have a picture too!!! jeej! Hope everyone is doing great, my weekend really sucked and especially yesterday (My 2,5 year relationship ended yesterday of all days)

    Anyway, also means more time to focus on my World Cry event.

    Cali- Hope your OK!!!

    Well gotta go again, gonna call my friend karl tomorrow, kinda curious to see how that goes!!!

    You all have a wonderful monday!!

  39. Chantal...Awwwww....of all days for that to happen... the 25th! That just makes it even worse. Like it wasn't already a crappy day.

    Let us know how your call with Karl goes... and good luck with that! LOL

  40. Well, I'm STILL updating this list... and as of the time of this note, there are 42 customers without their Opi! Many who first contacted me in JANUARY!

    I just went through a list from March 18th, and there were 25 customers on that particular list. Of those, there are still 6 still waiting-- another who now needs a replacement (the one from Russia) and another one I'm waiting to see if they got theirs yet.

    Now I'm going back to my list from January... to see how many are still on THAT list.

    BB can KMA.


    *waves and goes back to emails*... down to 259! YAY!)


    BB can KMA too!...and...

    MORE...SHAMEFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. andy,karl wont call me back. fed up