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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As this fan wrote, it only took 4 months and 17 days since they ordered The Official Michael Jackson Opus....

but KIB has FINALLY received her Opus!


I am soooo happy!  She said it arrived just in time for Children's Day in Korea.  How appropriate, especially knowing that Michael so very much wanted an international Children's Day.

Another Opus delivered via KOT (Kraken Opus Travel agency)... slow world-wide travel, but it will eventually reach you.  LOL

Keep The Faith!


  1. YEY !!!! KIB... YEY !!!!!!!, so, congratulations for becoming a proud OPI parent !!!!, and in childrens day !!...I think Michael was helping from above !!...yes!!
    HAHA!! Cali !!... KOT:--- slow world-wide travel, but "it will eventually reach you".---
    soooo funny !!!...
    Chantal received an update also today, she was told that her replacement will be send out tomorrow !...
    Cali, I hope you and your babies are doing fine!!
    We miss you at MaxJax home !!
    Send you a huggie!

  2. Sorry Im kinda out of topic...sorry KIB, this post is for you, but...

    Cali, have you seen this ?

    Send you a huggie!

  3. Thank you... Cali, Velvet and PattiAnn
    I'm very(x100) happy...

    I celebrate my children's day with my students.
    It's a wonderful gift for them.
    They all are very interested in someone who shine himself in the book. Lots of questions and the stories go around the place ^^

    MY Opus was sent out from UK on Apr29 and reach to me on May4... Not take much time, ha?

    anyway I got it.... Yeah..~~~~

    Thank you Cali and every one. I'm glad we are MJ's FAN ^^
    now i'm going to work on lots of MJ projects, @Korea @Thailand and everywhere I can join, as we know it's coming next month >_<

    Chocolate cake for everyone, the middle is for Cali, please ^^

  4. ***May4 ... Korea Time Zone ^^'

  5. 4 MONTHS AND 17 DAYS?
    Another patience award for our dear KIB please!
    Congratulations KIB!
    Enjoy your OPUS.


  6. Congratulations KIB! YAY!!! It’s stunning!

    VOLOS my friend, how are you? Riots in Athens, are you OK? I hope you're far away.

  7. HI RENATA.Is nice to hear you again.
    I'm ok but in the near future i'm afraid,we're not going to be.We're in an ugly situation here.
    And help us God!
    Hope you're doing fine and remember us from time to time!
    Goodnight my dear friend
    and greetings from the rising Greece!

  8. Oh my dear Volos
    I'm so sorry what happened in Greece now. Greece(my Love)is a beautiful and prosperous country(I like to talk about politics sometimes).Please hope for the best! Everything must be good and...SMILE, PLEASE...

    If you smile
    Through your fear and sorrow
    Smile and maybe tomorrow
    You'll find that life is still worthwhile
    If you'll just Smile...

    OK? These words a few days in my Alzheimer head.

    PEACE LOVE KINDNESS to all of you and Greece too!(especially)

  9. CALI goodmorning and sorry for being wayyyy out of topic here.

  10. Good morning Cali!...How are you ????...
    ( as Volos said...sorry for being out of topic ), miss you sweetie!
    Huggies, LPPC

  11. Good morning
    Sorry Cali KIB and Volos too. Don't take it amiss, please... no offence was meant.