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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

June 14th - Message from Joe Jackson and Majestik Magnificant

I strongly support this message below.  Thank you Joe Jackson!  Items of importance, I have highlighted in red below.  Thank you to my friend in NOLA who forwarded this to share with all of you. 

MAY 10, 2010

It has recently come to our attention that Conrad Murray supporters will be demonstrating at the preliminary hearing, June 14th at the Superior Court of Los Angeles, much like Michael’s supporters have always done. This is their right just as it is ours.

We would like to urge fans that are planning to attend to please do so in peace, unity, and love for Michael. There should be NO violence, NO slander, NO yelling, and NO bad-mouthing or name-calling of Murray or his supporters. This reflects negatively on Michael. He would not support this type of behavior. The press called Michael names that were undeserved and hurtful. By acting out and creating chaos, our message can not be heard or is overshadowed by our behavior. By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level. That would only contribute to the filthy tabloid gossip. Michael deserved better than that. We must honor him, his wishes, and his message of peace and compassion, even in the face of opposition. Both sides can peacefully co-exist and let the justice be served inside the courtroom, just as it has been before.

Please ignore their signs, actions and words. DO NOT acknowledge their presence, IGNORE them completely, and certainly do not respond to anything they have to say. DO NOT let them bait you into an argument or lashing out to defend Michael. That is what they want. Our protest should be silent. We do not want to draw any attention to them at all. The world needs to see Michael’s light shining through all of you instead.

Our message is much bigger, better, and more dignified by not using slanderous or vulgar words. Your respect will make a much larger statement that will be revered instead of criticized. Their behavior toward a silent prayer vigil will only make them look bad. They cannot fight if there is no one to fight with. Do not give them the fuel for their fire.

Please do not even acknowledge their banners. Our banners will stay the same: “Justice for Michael”. We all have a common, unifying mission, which is JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL. We do not have to respond to them at all, because Conrad Murray supporters are not on the side of righteousness or justice, they are wrong, and right will prevail.

This is much deeper than just a demonstration. This will go down in history. Whatever your actions are that day, will be part of Michael’s legacy. When people look back on this day we want them to remember Michael, not Conrad Murray. Michael Jackson supporters are not to be looked down on as crazed fanatics, but as crusaders for peace and love. This is what Michael Jackson is, was, and always will be. It is what he believed in and stood for. We are HIS voice, representing HIM.

Martin Luther King Jr. said,
“A riot is the language of the unheard. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity. Importance should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. We must love our enemies - or else? The chain reaction of evil - hate begetting hate”

MICHAEL IS LOVE AND PEACE, NOT HATE! This is the message we must unite to send to the world.

You have caught the attention of the entire world; you represent their conscience and inspiration. This is your chance to impact Michael’s legacy and reputation for generations to come. We must stand together to honor him. We can shut them out completely and let our message speak for itself. The most powerful impact you can have in carrying on his legacy, is spreading his peace and love. Our silent protest and prayer vigil will be seen and felt the world over. Make Michael proud!


Mr. Joseph Jackson, and Mr. Majestik Magnificent


  1. For once I agree with Joe. I was saddened by the comments of some at the last protest. I thought it was going to be a SILENT protest. So many have their own agendas, and being in front of cameras for the first time-- well that can be overwhelming.

    But they need crowd spotters throughout the fans to quickly identify issues and make sure that the fans are unified in their silence this time. The world IS WATCHING. And... each of those fans represents each of us when they make comments, whether they believe it, or agree with it or not. The press only looks for the most outrageous thing to put on the clips they show on the nightly news. THAT is what the world will see.... not the rest of it.

    I am somewhat terrified as to what might happen this time. I do hope everyone, no matter their personal feelings will act with dignity and silence.

    *prays some more for peace*

  2. I agree with Joe, too...what a beautiful message to us !, this is what Michael would wish, Michael was that respectful, so humble, so peaceful and full of love...
    I hope all the fans understand this message, no matter what everyone feel inside...we must show respect and peace,no matter what we listen, no matter what we see...a silent huge prayer would be accurate I think...all united asking justice in silence...
    The truth will prevail, just because there could be lost of lies...however there is always only one TRUTH...and we, who LOVE Michael, know it...
    So, lets make that day a peaceful and respectful journey,show the world who we are, show the world what kind of human being our Michael was...

  3. For once, and for the first time, I agree with Joe Jackson... Michael deserve that we behave in a way he will behave. We must show love, respect, peace... because that's the only way anyone can beat the enemy... and we never must act like some crazy fanatics...

    And his children (Prince, Paris and Blanket) must see in MJ fans what Michael means to all of us...

    Michael... I miss you a lot...

  4. Great words from Joe! I agree wholeheartedly.

    I hope that the fans who are actually able to attend keep this, and Michael, in mind. I'm sure it will be an emotional day for all the fans that are there, but am hoping that they can keep their emtions in check... and show the world what MJ fans are made of... L.O.V.E. ... and justice!

  5. Those are words of wisdom from Joe Jackson. They remind me of Michael’s consistent reminders which he expressed in so many ways – in his songs, his interviews, his writings: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN TO HATE, ALWAYS EXTEND KINDNESS, and GIVE L.O.V.E. RELENTLESSLY. That they now come from JJ proves Michael right about their tremendous power. How happy Michael must be to see how his consistency has paid off in helping change someone who caused him tremendous lifelong pain.

    This trial is not only Conrad Murray’s and whoever else may have been involved. It is as much a trial for each one who knew and love Michael, i.e. EACH ONE OF YOU and ME. To honor his memory and what he stood for, our words and actions should be what Michael would say, what Michael would do. A silent protest will be the loudest and most eloquent expression of what Michael was truly all about. The power that is greater than all of us will surely take care of the rest. If we succeed in allowing genuine L.O.V.E. to fuel our quest for justice for Michael, I guess we will have Michael smiling from ear to ear and dancing with joy because we would have shown the world what he tried so hard to throughout his lifetime.

    It won’t be easy because we are human. We will forget, we will seethe, we will want to get back. So what can those like us who claim to be his fans do, especially since we are separated by distance and unlikely to be physically present at the trial? Perhaps we could individually take up what Michael himself proved to be the strongest weapons of all – to stand firm for what’s right and just BUT to stay positive and to “keep the faith” AS WE DO. Then we could remind each other of these from time to time in every way we can. (But, gee, how I wish there's a way of uniting since there are so many of us.)

    On a more personal note to Cali and to each one in my MJ family, a warm hello and sorry for the long silence. Just know that I have kept each and everyone in my thoughts, wishing you all well. Though not quite up to communicating as often as I used to, I never left, have always been here, keeping track of things and how Cali has been recovering, laughing at your comments, thrilled to “hear” familiar voices...

    Loads of L.O.V.E. till I am able to write again.

  6. OH! Lulu !, you are a wise human being!, so accurate words, and so glad to see you here again!. I hope you and all your things are right and always remember that we are in some way your family and we all L.O.V.E you here !
    You can come here also ( our second home )...

  7. Hello lulu,

    Good to see you!!1

    As for the post- For the first time i actually like what Joe is saying. I guess this goes for everyone. I would just like to add, i will be lighting a candle for MJ and will do so with love, not hate against those that have hurt Mike in the past and future. Hate just makes things worse.

    I love you all for being the great people that you all are!

  8. Hello Velvet, Chantal, Cali and everybody,

    I am happy to be able to drop by today and touch base with you guys again. I couldn't help but share what I felt about JJ's message. I too see him differently now. I think I will join Chantal in lighting a candle for MJ in thanksgiving for the wonderful person he was and is and who, beyond his passing, continues to teach us the right way to love and live.

    Thanks for the invitation to your other home, Velvet. Will visit soon as I am able.

    Love you all!