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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Sun Shower of MJ's Happy Flowers & Roses

After reading this story this morning on TMZ about Lisa Marie Presley's (LMP) visit to Forest Lawn, and LMP's MySpace message, I got an idea about her request to shower MJ's grave with his Happy Flower... the sunflower. (EDIT:  See bottom of this thread for another flower campaign for June 25th).  (Thank you from a IACOP canook for the info-- sorry for the delay in posting).

Please view Forest Lawn's rules about artificial (plastic, silk, etc) flowers.  In short, they aren't allowed.  (EDIT:  I have since heard that the artificial flowers for Michael have been allowed, since they gifts left are later taken to Michael's family-- so it sounds like you can send them).

Since it may be more costly for fans in countries outside the US to send the actual sunflower, I am going to talk to the fans at MJFSC who deliver cards, letters and flowers to MJ's grave every month to see if there's something we can arrange for those outside the US -- and maybe they can purchase the sunflowers for you.  I'll keep you posted. 

I'll also look into some florists in the area who you might be able to purchase a flower from directly and have delivered.  Perhaps a deal can be made with one or two florists who can host international sales.  Keep you posted on that as well.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if millions of sunflowers arrived?

In the meantime, if you want to send them directly to Forest Lawn, here is the address:
The Holy Terrace At Forest Lawn
1712 South Glendale Avenue
Glendale Calif, 91205

If you want to send them through MJFSC, here is the address:
PO Box 575
Atwood, CA 92811-0575
Notice address change.
Here is a past-thread of some of the other videos from MJFSC's monthly visits to MJ's grave at FL.

Here's a video from one of our Opus friends in Russia, Ekaterina Kofman, who recently visited Forest Lawn.  What a beautiful video. 

EDIT:  Another group is gathering donations for One Rose for Michael.  Latest count is 985 roses have been paid for ($3 each).  These will be delivered to Michael's grave at Forest Lawn on June 25th.  Visit their Facebook pages: Main Page   Topic page


  1. What a beautiful video !!!...I read the note from LMP last night ( Paly found it ) and it would be a great idea to give Michael millions of "happy flowers"...he deserves to be sourronded by his favorites flowers!...
    I hope we could find a way !
    Thanks Cali for posting this sweetie!

  2. LPPC!!!! Where there is a will, there is a way. After all, look at what each of you have accomplished with Opi. Amazing. Just think back to December when no one was aware of what was going on, no one had information, and now... thousands of Opi have been delivered. Remember that always. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN NOT DO!

    By the way, I've updated this post a bit. Have to get back to work...

    Will be back later.
    Much L.O.V.E. and MISS you all!
    IACOP President (who needs more time in a

  3. I miss you too sweetie !!!...all your IACOP OPI family miss you much Cali!!!!...
    You are right, thanks for your sweet words!
    L.O.V.E YOU CALI !!!

  4. Oh!!! I wanna send happy sunflowers! I already purchased some roses... but Love Love Love the idea of sending sunflowers!!!

    Let me know what you can find out, Cali, about having some purchased ... either through MJFSC or elsewhere.. I'm in!

    *hoping my credit card does not let out a squeal when I make ANOTHER MJ purchase!!* LOL

  5. I think this is strange. Were are all those gifts and flowers sent by fans? Why haven't the family arranged something in those huge vases etc. And if this wasn't a closed place I can guarantee that that place would be showerd with flowers...

    BTW - Missed you a lot sweet Cali!

  6. Hi sweetie!...see this!

    Finally! seems that Michael will have his " happy flowers "...YAY!...He deserves the best!!!

  7. Thanks sunflowerguys!!!

    Beautiful " happy flowers "...and plenty of them !

  8. That is SO awesome!! Now he is surrounded by his happy flowers!! Yay for sunflowerguys!

  9. How are you, Cali?

    I have read Lisa's blog. How lovely she is!
    happy to send one flower to him...

    don't forget to take care yourself


  10. sunflowers for Michael Program