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Thursday, May 6, 2010

MLB and Kraken Opus UPDATED

An interesting visitor to my blog this week-- Major League Baseball.  I can only guess they were interested in looking into other Opus' that have been published in the past, since it appears there is a deal either on the table or in the works based on this page on Kraken Opus' site. 

All I can say is... Good Luck MLB.  You just might need it!

Heartfelt condolences to the entire Yankee and MLB family and fans on the passing of Mr. George Steinbrenner.

July 16, 2010 New York Times and others report on MLB OPUS here

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Coming next will be the announcement of the 'We Are The World-Report'. Stay tuned.


  1. I hope MLB thinks hard before making their final decision. The Opus itself is wonderful... it's the company and lack of customer service (or any kind of service!) that they need to worry about. Good luck to them!

  2. I agree with Patti...MLB have to take care and make a reflexion before give the OK...As a book is beautiful...but the customer service is the worst ever, almost a nightmare to tell the truth...Better for them to see all the comments here, they are all from real customers waiting indefinitely for a product...All the experiences are sadly real...
    Anyway...Good luck to them !!

  3. why did u delete my comment?

  4. Chris Gates,

    I am the only one able to delete comments, and while I didn't see this before, I can assure you, I did not delete any previously either.