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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sound off - Disgraceful MJ fans

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope.
In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort.
In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream.
And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

Michael Jackson

The words above sum up the times in which we now live.  Michael saw positive in the negative, and then filled it with his own special kind of L.O.V.E.  Most of his fans take his words to heart and feel them as if a special type of healing medicine that flows in our veins.  There are others, who are taking his L.O.V.E. and turning it back into -- H.A.T.E. 

Part of my morning routine is to check TMZ (I know I know, but they do have many MJ stories before anyone else...) and saw the report below.  My heart broke to see there are fans who say they love Michael and yet act in this most disgraceful way.  This small radical group of fans stand for the exact opposite for what Michael stood for, for what Michael believed and for what Michael would have said/done himself.

This may sound like repetition, but to see there are fans out there legitimately threatening another human, following him/them around and crossing every line Michael would have drawn in the sand, is beyond something I personally can comprehend.

We all know the story Jason had to tell-- he came out last year after Michael died.  At the time, the story went back into the cobwebs, and then for some reason, the people at Extra TV decided to bring it back out-- along with Klein.  (I still suspect Klein's involvement and timing of all this.  Every single time there's a big MJ story, Klein appears).   It is beyond sad that Klein would betray Michael in this way, and the ways Klein has since MJ's death.  (Like saying he might be the donor and then going to court to raise an objection -- of which he had no legal standing).  It is sad that Jason could not just have left this story untold, since I am very sure there are many others in Michael's circles over the years who have many stories to tell-- yet we don't see them in the media.

What is the most disheartening, disgraceful, and most of all, disrespectful to Michael and his memory, is the story below of how Michael's fans are allegedly stalking Mr. Pfeiffer and threatening Dr. Klein.  Hate-filled speech such as the gay threats being directed at these two humans is unacceptable.  Even more unacceptable, these words are coming from MICHAEL'S FANS! 

Here is the TMZ reportUPDATE:  Here is another TMZ report with video from Jason talking about the threats.  There is a quote from one threat, mention of other threats, 10-12 in number, from all over the world, and a prominent mention of threats from fans in Japan.  Jason also mentions that the interview was done 8 months ago, and he had no idea that Extra TV was going to air it now.  That does make some sense, so let's give him the benefit of the doubt on that topic, until proven otherwise.  Here is an article dated August 21, 2009 from The Sun (UK newspaper) with one of the first claims from Jason.

Since the first suggestions that Michael was gay, I have often thought-- so what if he was?  Would we love him any less?  NO.  Would we have walked away from him?  NO.  Does it really matter in a world he taught us to be tolerant of those different than us, whether it be by race, gender, orientation or looks?  NO, it doesn't matter.  So why would people who claim to L.O.V.E. Michael even consider doing something SO disgraceful to Michael, his memory and legacy? 

Writing comments on a Facebook wall, Tweet, or blogspace expressing disgust for others telling secrets of Michael's in public or airing the story, is one thing.  Spending time and energy physically following someone, making threats of harm, speaking words filled with hate because of who the person is (rather than disagreeing with their actions), and in the end saying it is in the name of one of the most gentle spirits who ever walked this Earth is treasonous to Michael's memory.  I say the same for those who have reportedly threatened Conrad Murray. 

To those fans who are allegedly threatening harm or sending hate-filled messages to Dr. Klein, Murray, and this Jason person, you are NOT acting in Michael's memory.  You do NOT represent Michael Jackson who stood for L.O.V.E., nor me as one of his fans.  You should be ashamed and more importantly, Michael would be very ashamed of you.

Sound off below.


  1. I totally agree with you Cali, I have also read this report this morning...and I felt the same as you : Ashamed...because this is not the way to show our desagrement...Michael showed us a different kind of behaviour.
    Michael was full of L.O.V.E and he would be very ashamed of fans doing this!
    To me is not important the sexual election of a person, or the color of the skin, or the religion, or the appearance... "what is essential is invisible to the eye"---Saint Exupery----, and this is the only that matters...
    To sum up, Michael deserves fans behaving as he taught...JUST LOVING THE OTHERS

  2. He Cali,

    Funny (Well Not, but you know what i mean) thing, we talked about this on our other home Yesterday.

    My own quote: GRRR I get so upset thinking about how they treat all of us, just so Un MIKE Like! I wish there were more Cali's and you guys out in this world!

    I am sure we talked about all being one and the same also... Can;t find the post's (To many to go through) Ohhh well,

    I've learned to live witht he fact that unfortunately not a lot of people care as much for others as they do for themselves.

    That's why i am also very happy, that i got to meet such a beautiful group of people through you Cali

    and i do believe that we can make a change!

    ps. You should come say hi to us on max jax:) we are so funny and sometimes serious, and it's goth;s bday- we are having a e-party!

    Much love to you


  3. Oh my! Definitely NOT something Michael would approve of! He always set the best example by ignoring the media stories... or only speaking about them when he really needed to. It's too bad that not all MJ fans have learned to follow his example. *sigh*

    Glad to see you back in full force, Cali! Have you had any further contact with Karl.. or Andy? (I think Andy has been abducted! LOL)

  4. Well i don't agree with the actions of those fans either if they are true!
    Have we considered if he's telling the truth and just throwing things to the air for more attention?Just a thought!
    Another question that i have.
    That Jason guy has a bodyguard now?
    Wonder who's paying for that?
    Maybe mr Klein is an open-handed boss!;)
    Also he hides and runs from place to place but TMZ seems to keep find him for some chit-chat!Hmmmmmm.......!!!!!

    Goodmorning Cali!!!