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Monday, May 10, 2010

Conrad Murray ... and church.

I have been tossling with the thought of not even mentioning this story-- and had decided I would not give it any more press than it's already received... until THIS part of the story came out.  So here's the past TMZ stories ... and the newest one hot off the presses.

TMZ - May 10 (2) UPDATE
TMZ - May 10
TMZ - May 9 (2)
TMZ - May 9 (1)

The question is, who do you believe....

Pastor Joel Osteen  (Murray invited himself)
Conrad Murray  (Osteen invited Murray)

Does anyone else think that Osteen looks like Martin Short?  LMAO  Sorry Mr. Short! 

Sound off below!


  1. Hmmmm... I just question why Osteen waited till today to say what he did about Murray-- but at the same time-- why would Murray's attorney's PR team set out such a story in the press if it weren't true. This is a tough one... but I'm going with Osteen.

  2. Hi there CPC!!!...I dont know Osteen, but there is something that I do know:

  3. OMG.. Ha Ha! He DOES look like Martin Short! LMAO!

    I don't even know what to say about this..... other than... BULLSHIT! hmmmm.. not for PR, but lets make SURE the whole world knows about it. Arsehole.

  4. mmm... I don't know... but to me, Osteen doesn't look like a very honest person, but I'm not saying Murray is telling the truth... well, I don't trust any of them... and who cares who goes to church or not and why...

    Cali... glad to read you... ;-)

  5. btw... I don't think Murray will be forgiven just because he goes to church... first, he needs to accept what he did and regret about it..

  6. That's new!Going to church with his lawyer?
    Maybe that's how he talks to God.
    "You'll talk to my lawyer!"

    Hmmmm...ten minutes in private!
    Wonder what they were talking about?
    Maybe about his defence?Who knows! ;)