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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

'Allo 'Allo

Summer has created some beautiful distractions as well as travels.  I'm back ... and missing my IACOPs as never before.  Emails... and catching up with you all is my first priority!

How is everyone? 

Much L.O.V.E.


  1. Hi cali... I think we are all nuts here... but, we're ok, addicted to Skype... so I must keep skype closed, because I can be there hours and hours...

    Hey girl, miss you...


  2. Hi Cali! Hi everyone!
    I'm so happy that you're OK. I sent one little message to you now... LOVE YOU!
    Volos, thanks for the invitation. With pleasure, I will join to all of you on the forum... thanks!
    Lulu, take care of yourself and your GOLDEN HANDS too, please.

  3. Hi Cali !!!!....welcome back! travelling!,haha!!!...well done girl! ;)
    As Paly have said...we are all nuts !....addicted to Skype...Patti, Volos and me are the three stoogies ( Skype-addicted )...and as you saw our IACOP house is bigger...more rooms...a chit-chat bathroom...( Volos fault ) usual...and with bathroom staff and everything!...haha!
    Glad you are back CPC!!!!
    Renata....come to IACOPs!!!, you will have lots of fun there!
    Lulu!...take care sweetie!, and rest that arm!

  4. So glad this site is back to "normal" with your return, Cali. So how can I keep from typing to rest my arm?!!!@?? Besides those wallpapers should keep coming (will email Cali one today). But am taking good care of my arm, Renata and Velvet. Hugs and L.O.V.E. to you all!

  5. LOL Paly! We are all nuts here. Skye is fun! I can see how you all have become addicted to it! Miss you too!

    Hello Renata my dear! Yes I got it and replied. LOVE YOU TOO!

    lol LPPC. The IACOPs house is getting bigger! I see all the newly remodeled rooms. How wonderful. I'll have some pictures to add to our gallery soon too!

    LULU! Oh so happy to see you! Have been worried about you! How are you doing? Your arm? What happened (Cali needs to get caught up). Yes, I miss your wallpapers! They are so beautiful. I tried my hand at it, ewwww... lol. Not so good. You make beautiful ones. Not sure how to tell you how to type with one hand-- all I could say is use small words. LOL

    Much L.O.V.E. to each and every one of you, the IACOPs... and all of the MJ fans here!