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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interesting things from around the net

Larry King Live has a poll  What is your favorite MJ album?  10 days left to vote.

Don't forget the CNN poll is going to close soon (on/before August 25th): Who are the top 5 Music icons? We already know who will win #1... if we vote, that is.

Kraken Opus went digital-- a new iPhone app was announced for the Saatchi Opus. Appears they are creating a series of apps for Apple products, actually.   Question:  How many of you have phones that are app-friendly?  How many have iPhones/iPad/iTouch, etc? 

New events have been added to the Upcoming MJ related events calendar here.  If you know of an event for MJ's birthday, please send me a link so I can add it to the calendar!  Thank you!
Mexico City- Hector Jackson's Funk and Drill  Remember his event that made it into the Guinness Book of World records last year?   See lots of video here.

Los Angeles - (Aug 28th) Unveiling largest US MJ Mural
                       (Aug 28th) Fans' trip to Neverland (link coming)
                       (Aug 29th) Film viewing of The Way He Makes Them Feel
                                         Pre-order the DVD here

Trashy rumors:  Mr & Mrs Jackson might be getting a divorce.  UPDATE:  Well, according to Roger Friedman (takes grain of salt), his column reports it as, well, sort of confirmed.  Hmmm. Read here.

Don't want to leave you on a sour note, so here's an ABC report titled How Michael Jackson Won the West.  Pretty great video.


  1. Thanks Cali for all the info! That mural sounds exciting. How I wish I was in LA the 29th.... or any other day.... dream on Goth...

    So finally a divorce... not surprised she finally had enough. But yet so sad when family split up.

    Cowboy-MJ.... Wow! Yeehaaa.

  2. Thanks Cali,, i didn't know about his cowboy career hahaha

    But now i can watch it over and over again!!

  3. Hey Cali! Love your new mural at the top!

    Voted, and voted!

    I do not have an 'app friendly' phone... no 'i' anything here! LOL

    Hmmm... a divorce? Really? Can't say I'd blame Katherine, but will wait and see if this is really true...or just another rumour.

    Cowboy MJ ♥ Woo Hoo!

  4. Thanks for all the update, Cali! The cowboy stuff is new to me. And if you get a chance to go to the mural, pls. take photos and share. I also got a kick out of the mile-long thread for the KF anniv post. (Will comment there.) I hope you enjoyed reading the mags I sent yesterday hahaha!! ♥♥♥

  5. Well obviously no "i" anything...
    Joe and Katherine...time will tell...
    Voted, and voted, and voted, and voted again and again...( dont stop till I get enough! )...haha!!
    Thanks for the "western" video!...I didnt know all of that!
    love ya!

  6. Sorry Cali,no iphone,ipod,ipad or any kind of i here either.Actually many "i"s are coming in to my mind in greek,but i can't say them right here!
    OMG!How that 'coming soon:Opus HD for ipad',scares me and also reminds me of something that we still haven't! :(
    Poor us,"comingsooners!"

    WT....?Another 'divorce'?
    In their 80's?Is that a joke?Who knows!


  7. hey... thanks for all the info Cali... and I have an "i"... but it doesn't work with those stuff... I have an i-pod shuffle... it's REALLY small... at least I can change folders...

    I will some time to see all the videos you're posting...

    I know there are some events here (but I won't be here next Sunday, I'll be running a half marathon)

    I can tell you that Julien's auctions is bringing here some stuf to be hsowed at "Museo de la Moda", if I'm not wrong (must check the dates), it will open between 6-16 september.

    And for Kraken-opus "new" product... argghhhhh