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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Showcase 3: Nate Giorgio... Videos & Did you know...

... you can connect directly with Nate on most of the social networking sites? 


I'm checking to see if he has a Twitter account-- stay tuned on that front.  In the meantime, be sure you show Nate some MJ L.O.V.E. and add him as a friend on his official accounts above! 

Let's venture deeper into one of these sites to see what it has to offer: YouTube

Here are two videos of Nate's art after the jump.  There are 4 others as well posted on Nate's YouTube channel. 

HintThe above sites are all great opportunities to talk to Nate himself!  Have fun!



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  1. Cali you are the best!!

    Am at work so cannot watch the youtube videos!! will add his other accounts!
    thanks for sharing dear!

  2. Cali you are the best-best !!!...( I win Chantal!)...haha!!
    Am at work too, but as you know...lots of things can be done when you are "in the shadows"...and with boss far away!!...yay!!
    So...I sent Nate a message in Facebook, I added his channel to mine on Youtube...and was on
    So...I let him messages here and there cause its sooo amazing what he can do with his magical hands!!!!...

  3. Cali! You are the bestest best of the best!! (I think I win now, ladies! LOL)

    Thanks for the links.. I have subscribed to his Youtube channel, added him as a buddy on, and sent a friend request on Facebook (He'll probably wonder .. who the heck is THAT??) and once I can remember my own log in for MySpace, I'll add him on there too.. LOL ♥ (I kind of feel like a stalker!! hahaha!)

  4. Thank you very very much Cali. You know i like all that you do.
    Love from Spain.
    Velvet, saludos, tu me has puesto en contacto con ella, y por eso te estoy eternamente agradecida.