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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who is still missing their MJ Opus?

Sigh, I can't believe it's August-- 10 days short of ONE YEAR since we started ordering-- and I'm writing this, but...

Who has still NOT received their The Official Michael Jackson Opus from Kraken Opus / Kraken Media Group?

There are still more emails for me to go through, but if you have gotten an email from me today, then I have you on my list for follow up.  If you haven't heard from me today or are new to this blog-- and ordered an MJ Opus more than 2 weeks ago, and still have not received it from Kraken Opus, please email me at  (MJ OPUS in subject line)

Please include the following in your email to expedite this process.  (Please do NOT leave this information in the comment section of this blog for your privacy).

Your/customer's name
Date of purchase
Purchased from?  Ticketmaster or Kraken Opus.

That's it.  Your information will be added to a list I send to UK to check the status of your delivery, and I will continue to follow up until you write me to confirm you have received it.  Every last one!

Here comes a rant:

In case anyone wants to ask the question... YES, there are still people who are waiting for their MJ Opus.  As a matter of fact, one ordered hers in AUGUST 2009!!!!!  You would think since Kraken Opus now has financial backers an office in Dubai, they would be able to get this one to Saudi Arabia in less than a year--especially since there was to have been a shipment taken by plane to the Dubai's office in April ... and then the deliveries made by ground.  I guess by ground, they meant they would walk it to Saudi Arabia?

While this entire experience is beyond unacceptable, the upside is we have had action-- unlike the poor Prince fans who paid $2100 EACH for their Prince 21 Nights Opus... in April 2009!  Maybe they could read it Kraken's new Reading Room here

As for the newest book: Good luck MLB Opus customers!  Hopefully your delivery will be shorter than the 1920 game between the Brooklyn Robins and the Boston Braves... a whole 26 innings!  If you're in the US, you'll probably have no delivery problems.  Everywhere else?  (see above)


  1. Guess who, Cali? Order no. 24-36480/NTL, through Ticketmaster, Nov. 25, 2009.

    Here's a toast to Kraken! And to you, Cali, my sincerest appreciation for your continuing hard work on this very challenging, nerve-wracking endeavor. MJ is surely smiling down on you.

  2. Lulu is that what i'm thinking of?Is that possible?
    Are you getting your opus?If you do then
    Sorry but,what do you mean by saying "here's a toast to kraken"?The one with cheese and ham?Me gaga a little bit!
    Well give the toast to kraken but we'll open a champagne for Cali.Deal?
    I wish all the luck to those who still waiting their opis and to the future ones!

  3. I am answering Cali's question, Volos. No sign of my order yet. I am toasting Kraken for getting away with the missing orders. Have not heard of anything like what they're doing! But you are right -- champagne for Cali! Now! She's been working so hard on this.

  4. Lulu !!!!!!!!!....really ????....finally girl!!!!
    hmmmmmm....a toast with cheese...YUMMY !!!!...
    hmmmmmm....champagne...yeah !!!!......
    Hoping that all those MJ fans still waiting their OPI could get it ASAP !!!!...
    Morning Volos, love ya crazy girl!
    Lulu...hope your arm is better sweetie...( you will need it strong to hold the OPI ! )...LMAO! are the best-better-best-best-best-best ever!!!...( I won this time Patti!! )...hehehehehehehe!!!!

  5. I'm confused.. (haha! not that it takes much!)

    Lulu did not get her Opus yet.... but I'll take some of that champagne!!

    Cali... you are the BEST x1000 (Ha! top that, Velvet! hahahahahaha!)

  6. Hold the celebrations everyone!!!! Lulu is saying she has NOT received her Opus.

    Remember earlier this week she wanted to thank Kraken for bring us all together-- and I think that is the toast she is giving to them.

    You are all so wonderful, but remember -- this adventure has been on your anticipation and patience of waiting for your MJ Opus-- I was just the megaphone.

    L.O.V.E. you all!

    PS. I can't wait to see how LPPC is going to top PattiAnn's x1000 ... lmao!

  7. OPI for you yet Lulu...
    but...we can still drink the champagne!...right??...I the meantime... ;)
    Pattiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!..... are the BEST x 1000000 and copy it for about 10 times !!!....WOO-HOO!!...( Me in top naw !!!!...hahahahahahahahahha!!! )....

  8. Velvet..I hate to say it, but... you win. :o(
    Now pass the champagne this way!!

  9. Cheers for Cali and IACOPs! (sipping brown "champagne" at 8:40 in the morning this side of planet earth). And for Kraken too (1) for bringing us all together and (2) as outstanding book publisher for all time (hahaha! -- tipsy with my brown "champagne")

    Let's rock this weekend -- though my arm is not quite back to normal. L.O.V.E.

  10. I'll drink to that:)

  11. I don't understand them. So obvious they don't give a damn about me.